Literally cannot find at job AT ALL in retail or a trade

>Literally cannot find at job AT ALL in retail or a trade

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Maybe it's because you are cute

Same here man. I've gotten literally 0 responses after sending out so many fucking applications. Had to share so much personal info just for the

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Seriously its fucking absurd. I've applied to fucking dozens online and irl and got 1 interview which was supposed to phone me back 3 days ago. I've gotten ONE ( 1) response in the form of a letter telling me they had no positions available. I'm actually fucking stunned

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Applied for two jobs. Got one interview. Was working the next week. Maybe I'm normier than I give myself credit for. Though to be fair they were hiring people with zero experience. Working 9 months now and I plan on getting another job soon. To get a job you need a job. It's a shit world out there. Maybe move to a country where the competition isn't great?

I'm only 18 user I can't afford to move anywhere yet. And I've worked retail before but the place I worked at closed down. I'm making it as clear as possible that I've done this shit before and that I'm available for any position at any time and just nothing. As far as trades go it seems to be impossible to find someone to hire you unless you're a friend.
It fucking sucks

What country? In the US you generally need to go to school for a trade due to so many industries being highly regulated. We have factories in my town that will hire with no experience, but you have to go in through a staffing agency as a temp worker so they can test you out before they hire you

Ireland and I knew people in school that never passed a test in their lives that were getting work as plumbers and carpenters a couple weeks after they finished school. I've been to the job centre and got nothing and since I don't have a car I can't travel huge distances for work but I'm still applying to places that'll take me hours to get to on a bus to work soul crushing retail, and still there's just nothing

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keep your head up , you live in a first world country so you'll make it . people in other places have it much worse

I have a facetat and was hired pretty easily, at a factory. you guys have no excuse

>You guys have no excuse
My guy did you read the thread at all

why do you think you're better than those people who actually wanted to get a job?

>I did that, so based on my isolated experience, it applies to everyone
normalshits out

>why do you think you're better than those people who actually wanted to get a job?
>Implying I don't want to work
Also because I wasn't getting wasted every day of the week at 17/18. They only got those jobs because they had friends in that sector

I'm Irish tooGo for a Tesco job

Applied to supervalu and dunnes and the closest Tesco to me burned down

Just join the army. Originally

Fedex is always hiring package handlers.
You just move packages onto a belt.
You get health benefits and multiple raises in the first months of working there, even if you're part time.
It's manual labor and you have to watch out for falling packages but otherwise it's not bad. Part time is 25 hours a week I think

Unironically post location and means of transportation. I am great at finding jobs for the retarded.

Cork city in Ireland and no drivers license

Same here.

I recently applied to over two dozen dishwashing jobs in my area and in surrounding areas, basically every one that was available. Not a single response back. I guess I'm not good enough to wash dishes at a Cracker Barrel.

Trades require some form of training OP. What kind of jobs have you worked before?

>What kind of jobs have you worked before?
Just retail, but you need people to hire you to get training which was what I wanted. Doing this without doing a course first was a long shot but I tried for a bit before just trying to get into any job

You're not gonna get into any trade work or apprenticeship without schooling.

Going in without experience is a thing of the past.

Good luck kiddo.

protip: managers prefer to hire foreign workers because they don't complain and are significantly less likely to quit. foreign managers just prefer not to hire locals in general. if the manager is indian, you aren't getting hired as they only hire indians and women they can ogle.

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Because your enemy is in control of the 'system' you live under and they are importing and outsourcing cheap labor to replace you. The nation your ancestors built for you has been seized, and now it is no longer for you.

Bro I got bad news for you, my city has fucking thousands of Irish from cork. Your city is full of intelligent people but has no jobs. It would be easier finding you a job in the goddamn rustbelt.

That seems to be the case, I just don't know what I can do about it

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Warehousing or dishwashing at a pub
Warehouses hire fucking anyone so expect to work with a lot of drunks.