Lose virginity to an escort

>Lose virginity to an escort.
>Average price. Awkward. Cound't cum.
>Get rid of part of my anxiety, but I didn't enjoy it (other guy's saliva smell, she was anorexic).
>A year passes and I choose an ad of a hot, busty redhead 'teen' for a gf experience. Blurred face as usual.

>FF to her room. She looks like the pics, except for what they didn't show.
>She has 8-9 facial piercings, tons of tats, and her boobs are huge but ultra saggy. Trashy.
>She won't shut up. She tells me she went to an anime con last week and how she loves all that suff. I'm not a weeb, but I don't dare say "shut up".
>15 min pass and I force things a bit to go down to business. Those boobs are'nt fun to suck.

>Do a vanilla protocol, at min 37 I can no longer maintain my boner.
>I'm on meds so I still wonder how I lasted so much. I tell I'm a bit tired and would like to cuddle.
>She starts over with all that weeby stuff, but then breaks down and tells that she escaped from her parent's home, that her bf beats her but she still loves him, and that she's unstable.
>Then she questions me for not cumming and asks if I'll post a bad review on that website. Then threatens me because she'd gotten a new alias and couldn't afford more bad rep.
>I tell her I'm on meds but she won't buy it. It takes me 20 mins to convince her.
>Run for my life.

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are there men that truly cant cum with a woman????? lmao

that happened to me ONCE but it was because i COOOOOOMed hard an hour prior for a diff girl

What a sad original world we live in.

shes a literal whore of course she gets her dumb ass beat, what does she expect what a retard.

Circumcision + Death grip kills all sensitivity
Just as Kellogg planned

Despite sex being involved, none of what OP said iswas sexy. I doubt I'd come from some saggy titted trash that still smelled like the last guy she fucked.

Please, please please please tell me there is a way to get the feeling back please tell me

You didnt give her a bad review did you?

I was going to, but I waited maybe a week and by then her profile was gone. The pic in my OP is not her, it's the closest to what she posted I could find.

Hope her bf finishes his job beating her and leaves her like a vegetable

What country, user? It seems to be you are skimping on your research and end up with shit tier escorts.

I could probably do it but I need to feel comfortable first, get to know her and everything. When I'm with a hooker it's difficult cause it's a total stranger you've known for 20 minutes

Spain. I use this site: sexomercadobcn.com
I guess it's my fault because that bitch only had one review (it was positive). The other times I've gone with ones with more (positive) reviews.

The first escort (the one I lost my virginity with) has a lot of positive reviews, I guess some people like very thin women. I didn't find her attractive, but I must admit she was extremely friendly and professional.

>Lose virginity
>Didn't cum

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I didn't either. Also because condoms suck ass.

I think research is crucial with whoremongering. Always do your research, cross-websites (by searching her number or email or any similar contact, or by reverse searching her photos). I wouldn't really recommend going after girls with no or little reviews, only if you like to live dangerously or you are experienced whoremongerere, since it's pretty much 50/50 chance of getting shitty service. Also nigga, don't be afraid to do 360 and leave. If there is anything you don't like just walk the door.

I usually also prefer to get in touch with the girl via some electronic communication like an email or some IM to check who is she and how she acts. You can usually tell a lot from just that. Best of luck, user.

>be a mutt
>can't have nice things like this site
>every site purporting to be the new backpage is far more dodgy than bp ever was
now that I think about it, has there been an increase in mass shootings since backpage and craigslist were kill? kinda feels like it.

I never understood mutt politician logic.
>Prostitution is illegal
>Prostitution on camera is fully legal

There is no way to restore sensitivity

you can ease off on the cooming and get some of it back but you'll never be able to restore what you lost when you were jewed out of your foreskin

If there's anything it's probably no fap. Once a month to take the edge off is probably fine but the less you touch your junk the better. Start with 3 days and try to work your way to once a week from there and then to 10 days, and so on. If you get to a couple weeks or even a month between and lose will power that's fine. Just readjust your goal back to a week and start over. It's all beneficial and you don't have to be perfect so long as you don't return to fapping every single day.

Since this thread is about escorts, I actually resolved my porn addiction with their help. I don't fap at all nowadays, just one or two visits to various escorts per month. Some months I don't visit at all, some I visit more times. I think this is a best and most natural solution for any lonely man who values his sanity and is vary of levels of degeneracy he can fell into just with porn.

Any more escort stories?

Not sure if there is archive for robot that would go deep enough, but there were escort generals here for some time. Plenty of stories there.


Are you guy flooded with south american prostitutes?
I (Portugal) can't fucking go into a whore website without pages and pages of Brazilians.
Fucking hell and somehow they complain that "Brazilian women are whores" is a baseless stereotype.

>not into anime

man i feel sorry for you

Part 1
>from USA
>be 19 on a trip overseas (second time)
>decide fuck it, I'm gonna lose my virginity this trip
>after nights of researching online finally decide on a girl
>nervously waiting in room
>start having regrets as soon as i hear a knock on the door
>open the door and was pleasantly surprised she looks pretty similar to her pictures
>she smiles and pleasantly says hello
>my nervousness slowly starts melting away
>after going over formality and finding out im a virgin she offers to take the lead
>she reassures me that its fine to be nervous also mentions that I'm one of the youngest virgins she's had
>starts kissing me and feeling me up (mind you I've had a boner since opening the door)
>we start to undress and she leads me to the shower
>continue kissing and she jerks me off in there
>tell her im about to cum
>she says its fine
>blow all over her stomach and watch it drip down
>we wash up and head to the bed
>still a lot of time left on the clock
>she's trying to work me up again and I apologize for not being able get hard again
>she says its fine and its normal

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Part 2
>starts asking me what kind of stuff im into
>while talking about it with her I start to get hard again
>she slaps a rubber on me and lubes it up
>she mounts me and looks me in the eyes
>she slowly puts it in and starts riding me
>wtf am i supposed to do.jpg
>just lay there at first then try to match her rhythm
>we're kissing and feeling each other
>she lets out some moans (probably fake but oh well, they sound hot)
>switch to doggy
>start going to town
>trying to push out my second load
>start REALLY going to town
>she moans some more (still probably fake)
>finally unload
>she lays next to me and cuddles close to me
>we just talk for a while
>after about 10 minutes we go back to the shower and we rinse each other off while still chatting
>i get a boner again
>she smiles but says she has to go soon
>i say its okay it has a mind of its own
>we get dressed and i walk her to the door
>she says if I see her again we can try more of the things I'm into
>we kiss and she heads out the door

I know I'm not supposed to fall in love with whores but damn. She knows how to do her job.
I recommend shilling out a few extra bucks for a professional.
I've been with countless escorts since and that's still one of the top experiences.

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I read this same copypasta like a year ago.

My first like 4 sexual experiences where uncomfortable and awkward and I just couldn't get hard. Lucky my gf was patient with me and after I just relaxed and quit worrying about the little shit I was able to enjoy myself and preform very well. Also remember you can pay for sex but not for human connection and genuine intimacy. Love yourself user

I'm pretty sure you have no one to blame but yourself. Poor girl tho. Hope you paid her.

>this is how prostitutes are in countries where it's illegal

dios mios, where I live it's legal and the prostitutes aren't much different from the girl next door

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Damn thats pretty cool user. Definitely a professional

>tfw in America the home of the slaves and can't even get an escort