i'm tired of women being praised on this board non stop, no one ever calls them out on their bullshit around here. this thread is dedicated to exposing them for the shit humans they truly are

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fucking dumb cuntss

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You're right. More men need to realize the path to becoming gay and forgetting about women.

>roasties roast
>get called out on it
>wtf im going to blame you for my own poor decisions

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they are not to be trusted anons

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>Father ruins sons life
>Woman hate thread

>posting low quality obviously made up reddit post

>dude just date a pure virgin she will never cheat on you

women are the reason for all problems in the world. what the dad should have done was raised a gay son.

This is the most redpilled piece on female sexuality ever written. Poor guy.

Virgins will start to wonder how it is to fuck another dick. l o g i c

Shut up retard nigger suck a shit out my ass cretin faggot

Every whore started as a virgin user.

holy shit this one actually made me angry. if i was in his shoes i would be seeing red. I get people make mistakes. But to betray someone you love like this..

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You type like a whore.

Women break up most marriages in first world progressive nations. Look it up. Then look up if broken homes make children impoverished, then look up if impoverished children break the law more often.

They're the pickier sex. Don't bait every fucking second fucknigger. There were gender roles to hold back their bullshit but no more.

>a women hate thread happens finally
>it's a redditor post screenshot


Post mountain top or something next time.

>Be girl
>"I'm lonely"
>Approach girl
>Try to talk
>She ghosts
Every time. Acta non verba, you just can't have any attachment to these people.
>Be girl
>Verbally abuse guy or even physically abuse guy
>Guy takes it, it hurts but don't show it
>Be applauded
>Guy has enough
>Backhands the bitch, she falls to the floor
>Everyone mumbles "he can't do that"
Honestly just look at r/trufemcels or some shit to see the duality of women.

The true gender roles that work best is when men marry each other and never think about women.

>I baited the thread TWICE

Stop spamming gay shit homo, I'll rip your asshole in half and stuff your jaw up it.
Fuck women
Fuck homos

You're doing gods work, you just need more material like in the old days. Seriously for all the people bitching about how there are too many wamen here now its fairly easy to get them to fuck off.

Lol you type like someone who is in denial

Anyways I love you too

A virgin woman can always become a whore, after all, no woman was ever born as not a virgin.
A whore cannot become a virgin, they have thrown that away forever and now they are permanently damaged.
The best course of action is to disregard women entirely, because they're a meme gender. Fuck that shit.

How are they permanently damaged tho
Im genuinely interested in your explanation

Whores should be forced into prostitution desu

You really can't understand how being a cumdumpster is something you can't come back from? You will ALWAYS be the town bicycle, and any guy that settles that low is a fool, a total and utter fool.
You will ALWAYS be damaged. There are studies showing how damaged your pair bonding is after every different partner.
And then there's miscegenation. Which, yes, also has studies proving that every load you've taken has altered your genetic structure by a small amount each time, so the kids you have will have those other men's genes as well.
No self respecting man will date a slut. The men you want will only use you as fuckmeat and leave, and the men you get are spineless wastes of skin that should have been left in the forest to die as infants.

What about a man who has given up his virginity? Is he a damaged whore as well?

Nope whore is gendered sry hon but it ai

You'll have to look up the studies yourself, I can't find them on hand. But here are a few things:
>It's been shown that women with larger partner counts progressively lose the ability to pair bond
>Women will always compare you to everyone else they had. (This is the same for men). When you know you have options and start comparing for better things, you will more eagerly monkeybranch and jump the ship if something goes wrong even remotely.
>Women start developing a certain mentality and physical features as they gain more and more sexual partners, which also influences traits preferably to monogamy like kindness, empathy, loyalty, respect, and so on. One of the terms used for this is "the thousand cock stare", a lifelessness in the eyes that can be frequently seen in porn stars, as well as acceptance of degenerate behavior.
>In general, humans are encouraged to continue the behavior they have acted on in the past as long as they didn't get significantly punished for it. This is part of biology and nurture. So if she sleeps around and doesn't get punished, it will become a staple.
>The first guy to fuck a girl is the one that imprints on her the most. The second most is the one who gives her the best emotions (often best sexual encounter). If you're lucky, you can be both and she's much less likely to jump ship. If you're neither, she will always be comparing you and you're fighting an uphill battle.

Aint great in some respects

Of course he is, but that won't stop women from wanting him over a virgin guy. Women constantly talk shit about virgin men and would rather take a losing gamble that the player with 1000+ bodies under his belt will commit for you for some reason.
In the end those players either find a virgin to settle down and make some kids with or never settle down and keep fucking around until they die, which is probably early due to other risky behaviors they tend to engage in like doing hard drugs and drinking until they black out.
But no, fuck those virgin guys right? Nobody wants them.

FUCK women
FUCK white knights like you
gay life is the best life.

>I hate women and faggots
>huur u wite nite luul
Chew a moist turd out my asshole faggot

What subreddit is it from?

white knight cunt.

Do you hate women (trannies) too?
We aren't quite as bad right?

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Thanks for your answer user

Personally I don't t think it's that bad to be able to make a comparison desu. If someone treated you shitty you will appreciate it even more if someone else doesnt right. How can you truly know what you want if you had 0 experiences. I agree that if a girl has a lot of casual partners it can a red flag but even they can get tired of it and wanna settle down with one person. I see a lot of guys here kinda have the Madonna whore complex and it makes me sad. There is also something in between you know. Why thinking so negative about a girl who is not a pure virgin. Is it that unacceptable that she maybe had a partner that she loved, had sex with and then broke up coz it didn't work out. Again, comparing is not that bad. It helps you making the right decisions.

I promise you not all woman think like that

you're worse

there's probably a reason why the dude has 1000+ bodies under his belt and the other dude's a virgin

Women deserve what they get desu. You only live once and we are left with the choices we make. If you play your cards right as a woman you can live life on easy mode. All you need is a man. Literally that is it...

Let this be a lesson to ya'll
if you get a son and he gets me_too'd, bros before hoes

Jow Forums just can't beat reddit in their women hate posts.

>when Jow Forums hates women so much they become gay
>wonder why there's so many trannies

That's all well and good, I even agree with you to a degree, but you're facing one big issue: Sexual relationships aren't rational. Neither are men, and most of all, neither are women (very much so). You're rational to a degree, but no one is 100% rational. And women, very frequently, are the most irrational and instinctual of both.
Its not like say, choosing food. Person A prefers apples, person B prefers oranges, person C prefers bananas, person D doesn't give a shit, person E hates all of them, etc. You can try each and have no problem, because you're not playing with anyone's feelings, you can easily change between them if you want some change of pace. You can't do the same with people due to irrationality, these things have a permanent impact on you.
There's also a very obvious flaw that is the same as the law of big numbers: you can keep stretching the sequence ad infinitum to justify your lack of luck. "Oh it didn't work out, but it will work out in the future". So you keep trying. When does it end? If someone has one bad experience and she got broken up with, is it her fault? What about twice? 3 times? 5 times? 10 times? Meanwhile, thanks to biology, you keep getting more and more jaded. The experiences subconsciously influence your behavior, your mindset, even your appearance. And unfortunately, these things also correlate: someone who generally picks a bad boy, did so because she prefers bad boys. Her taste may change on the surface, but there is no guarantee it does on the inside. That is how strong imprinting is, and subconsciously, we all know this. That's why inherently we slutshame and avoid women who are promiscuous (even chads).
And that's before you factor in tangible issues. Single mothers and their kids. STDs (also why we avoid promiscuous women). Possible loss of costs. Socially, we are already battling upwards. Now add that you can't deny biology. It's just that simple.

If had two bullets and you and a woman tied up in a room .I would shoot you twice and and then toast the roastie.

Becky pls you're not allowed to call people gay anymore its against your programming

I don't mind the gay but I have to tell you these threads are definitely a slippery slope

these threads are proto-/r9gay/

women(f) are the absolute worst creatures known to exist, the greatest recorded cause of all suffering. it's impossible for trannies to stoop to their level.

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You cant use gay, homo, or any variant of homosexual as a pejorative anymore, becky. Apologise and give all your money to a gay rights group now or be forced to lose your job and your spot on the pity pyramid.

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pfft, hell no fag

To be fair, that specific one, she was apparently conned into doing porn with huge penalties if she doesn't. That doesn't make her any less of a dumb cut for not reading what she's signing off on though.

>these threads are proto-/r9gay/

1) "slippery slope" isn't an argument. "hurr gay bad" is a 2-digit IQ argument.
2) gays are infinitely more tolerable than women. a woman can ruin/end your life just by saying "he raped me", even if you've never met her.
3) these threads are pointed towards restraining women so they can't hurt men, other women, or themselves. women love to be conquered and controlled, they will be happiest as slaves under men.

this is a WOMEN HATE THREAD. anyone posting "hm maybe women are bad BUT whatabout _____" is either a white knight or a roastie, trying to change topic.

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>Conned into doing porn
Unless she was drugged up and didn't know what was going on, that's impossible.

>It's been shown that women with larger partner counts progressively lose the ability to pair bond
I remember having seen that as well but I can't find the paper about it anymore, do you have it by any chance?

>"the thousand cock stare"
Okay that one's pretty funny

why do we waste time trying to educate females? especially college. my sister went into engineering and got scholarships up her ass, she worked for the state for about 2 years (probably doing a terrible job), then got pregnant and ever since has been a "full time mom". ENTIRELY by choice.

there's no point. women don't want to work, which is understandable since they only need to show their boobs to a webcam and "earn" $50k/year+, or just marry a guy. it's a terrible investment. women shouldn't even be allowed to drive.

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I understand where you are coming from and won't deny that it does leaves a footprint when a woman sleeps with a lot of guys and even change us as a person. Therefore I can also understand why girls get slutshamed. I don't approve it, ofcourse woman can do whatever they want but guys have the right to choose not be with a woman if she slept around a lot. Most of the time it does say something about her personality and if I were a guy I would probably also not want someone who had a high body count. If a relationship doesn't work out over and over again Ofc you can question yourself if it's you but that's why I still think experience is so important. You need to know you want and not before settling done. If you don't learn from your early experiences and mistakes then it's your own fault I think.

The only thing that I don't understand is that even girls who slept with a few people are still seen as whores. It's not that black and white. Not all girls keep looking for "better" because some understand that with time and effort you can make something good great. You don't have to try everything to know what you. But if you never tried something else you will always wonder about how it would be. I think it's better to have a woman who knows what's she wants based on experiences. If she then does picks you it's a well made decision.

I'm sorry that my reply's are kinda poorly written. English isn't my native language as you can tell but I hope you can also understand where I am coming from

Fuck me, I need a cigarette after that. Perfectly encapsulated rage.
>"Castration Day"
>men become less aggressive
>men lose their drive and ambition
Enjoy your society and infrastructure going to shit, ladies. Pic related is what it literally looks like when women are in charge.

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Why not save the bullets and just beat the two of them to death? Torture is way more satisfying than execution.

>Reference to the office
NPC detected

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Did someone hold a gun to her head when she made the decision? If not, it's impossible that she was "conned".

Fuck off faggot, you think you're better for being a mentally ill fugly man?

I'm a little petty that this thread took off but the women hate thread I started a week ago was instantly killed.
Jow Forums, like the rest of the boards, are simply filling up with npc-brained normalfags. Of course, they get uncomfortable when you actively drop redpills, especially about women. It's breaking their conditioning.

Anyways, here's a massive load of screenshots I've saved up from these threads. Huge dump incoming.

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>Stepdaughter falsely accuses someone of sexually assaulting them

This is why men fucking despise women and why women are treated like shit around the world. No matter how fucking wrong they are about something it's always someone else's fault. "I cheated on my bf/husband, but it's his fault because he didn't pay attention to me". "I falsely accused someone of rape/sexual assault, but it's everyone's fault for believing me".

When women start taking responsibilities for their actions is when they'll be treated better, but that'll never happen because women are inherently selfish, and that's because of years of conditioning. Women have been taught through years of evolution that their own self preservation is far more important than the greater good of society.

>boomer dad has car collection
>two sons inherits the cars
>roastie fiance of one of the brothers can't understand the concept of having a hobby and throws a hissy fit

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>the future husbands have in store for them

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>post wall women doing what they do

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>imagine if a man did this

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>50/50 custody is now bad apparently

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>only less than 50 guys

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>"around 80"

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I propose that we do the exact same thing except with removing women's clits. Take a woman's sex drive away and you solve like 80% of everything wrong with her.

>user's three marriages

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Why do I read these as a woman? Idk why, I know there are other femanons like me. Sometimes they are hyperbolic in describing female nature to a laughable degree, but there are also some hard truths. I self reflect on these, I know there are certain traits to my gender and having the maturity to reflect on that and better yourself is a good thing both men and women need. Women more so in this day of age.
I guess I've always despised and admired certain aspects of being a woman. I'm not entirely sure why I'm fascinated by these threads. Low self esteem and a desire for hard truth I guess? That's the beauty and disgust of this God forsaken site I suppose...

Oh this is a good one
>height is literally everything, even for midgets

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A classic
>the virgin skewed curve vs the chad even bell curve

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>roastie drivers amirite?

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Fuck off. Nobody cares about your cunt-brain attempt at self reflection. You have every other thread on this board to shit up.

>women hate thread
>roastie still wants to be at the center of attention
Kek, you literally can't make this stuff up.

>virgin roastie vs chad kot

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Reee so upset you little faggot

>where father's child support actually goes to

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All these posts are pretty pathetic, about weak males wanting to blame women for their bad decisions and their problems

like OPs post, it's painfully obvious the problem is the father, after ruining his son's life he doubles in on ruining his stepdaughter's because he thinks that is somehow fair. What an idiot.

Decent males never had those kind of experiences, because they respect women, and aren't making stupid decisions to blame things on them for no good reason

>this is the future for all boys

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Holy shit, I hope son never forgives his dad.

Any time I post this everyone claims it must be fake or they just blame the man. Really that's the default normalfag response to any story like this, they don't want to deal with reality.

Pretty sure the son committed suicide. Unfortunately, the dude deleted his account, and since the post is 3 years old, it's hard to find any info on it.

>having fun with your daughter

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>reddit spacing
>"decent males respect women"
bad b8 0/10

>roastie gets board with her bf cuz he isn't an asshole

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>user talks to an old schoolmate

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>user tries to take the normie blue pill, ends up getting redpilled instead

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>most women already have a "backup man"

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>"I'll tell em you raped me"

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>another roastie leaves out her past

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ITT: Anons who got served in Beth's AMA thread.

>classic female empathy

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>he is the pride and joy of my life
>oh but this random cunt who has no blood relation to me accused him of something with no proof and I listened to her unquestioningly
I really hope that kid never forgives his father. what a fucking dickhead

the situation started with the girl accusing the son of rape. the father is to blame here but not fully; he was merely an accomplice in her false accusation