"Good morning user. Would you like to plunder my boihole before or after breakfast?"

>"Good morning user. Would you like to plunder my boihole before or after breakfast?"

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I would like to plunder it before and after breakfast please.

*sticks gun into his asshole* BANG!

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This. Go back to /b/ now yes?

SOrry I dont like men user and you shouldnt too

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Originqlly based

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If only even 5% of 'em were like this.

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who is butt is that??

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I need a source, I love latex and dicks
Call me a faggot all you want

Ella Hollywood

Why yes, certainly, how did you know?

That is the issue really. Ella could be 1 in a million.

is that yours

Literally her fucking twitter.

okay buddy

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>"she's" bisexual
>vid of them fucking pussy

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Functionally is female. I would just fuck that ass and forget the whole thing. Not into lgbt politics.

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The tranners fuck kinda everything and that is the problem. They are the most prone to STD and drug addiction.

Why does anyone even bother with that board? You get more than enough trolling based on your flag on Jow Forums already.

Her sissyclit should be locked in chastity

whata shame tbhh

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It even looks like a guy. Look at his fucking face

You can fuck the boy out of her. That is the charm in it.

>even looks like a guy
i'm not gay. i dont wank it to fags, but how the hell does that look like a man?

No you can't you fucking faggot
Yes it does, you delusional fuck
Fucking asshole is gross too that's where shit comes out of. You're gonna be prodding your penis into a big log of shit

that's a transformer mah nigga

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Um actually it's not called an asshole, it's called a boipussy and it's primary function is a pleasure organ and not for waste.

>tfw no gf (male) boihole to plunder constantly

I'd rather watch you take a massive dump in front of me so I can jack off onto it.

How did she even get in my room?

If it was a boy that knew he is a boy I would be happy but he is mentally ill but not in an acceptable way :c