I hate guys who consider themselves deep or intellectual...

I hate guys who consider themselves deep or intellectual. Most of them are just as misogynistic and dickish as gymbro fratboy Chads. The difference is Chad is actually fun and attractive and makes me laugh. Pseudointellectual guys are boring and hate women and have small penises.

Lets save our pussies for Chad, ladies.

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LOl total larp

Get off this board you traitor

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YOU contribute nothing, so shut up

Also, deep down, you wanna be with that pseudo intellectual guy. You wanna marry him and give him your virginity.

On behalf of my gender, I apologize for our insecurities which make us adopt toxic and unfair attitudes towards women. Just because I'm not physically fit or good at social experiences doesn't mean I must be smart and it definitely doesn't give me a pass to treat women badly

If us males were actually smart we would realize we need to go the extra mile to please women given how physically inadequate we are.

Nerds always get shit on for misogyny but most sexual harassment per capita occurs in industries like retail, restaurants, and hollywood. High school never ends.

i totally agree. i used to like these smart types but as i got to know them they are insufferable misogynistic cunts. you try to at least have some dialogue with them and they make it their job to berate you for not knowing the things they do. at least chad is charismatic and knows how to have an actual conversation.

>smart types
>misogynistic cunts
signing in, where do I go to find a qt who needs patronised and told what a massive fuck up she is in life?

no where. i don't want one. fuck off.

True intellectuals should understand that not everyone can know anything and everything.

Okay, I give up. I know what I am

>she doesnt want somebody to tell her when to stop being an annoying brat
checks out.
im sure this will work out for you in 15 years time, when you still refuse to change anything about your attitude, personality or life because muh vag knows better, and are a 34yo roastie larping as a teenager, who cant figure out why all your friends are happy while youre addicted to your phone, with the only people interested in talking to you being ugly betas who see you as an easy ride.

i don't mind when someone points out my flaws and gives me constructive criticism. but, the way these types of pseudo intellectual cunts do it is very rude and dehumanizing. they try to make me feel like i am beneath them on purpose and i don't have the time for it.

This, ya'll! So much this!

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Everyone says they value honesty until theyre faced with the realities of it.

Youre right to say youve no time for >pseudo intellectual cunts but I suspect your definition of what counts as intelligence or intellectualism is probably skewed.
Partners should always be iq matched, if youre stupid then get a stupid partner. If you just want what you call charismatic and making you laugh, ie telling you things you want to hear at all times, youll stay a child forever and always be half of whatever you could be.

you are 100% right. that is why i pretty much gave up on the whole intellectual men realm.

Most men that are X are misogynist cunts
Most men that are Y are misogynist cunts
Most men that are Z are misogynist cunts
They all exhibit traits that at least make me feel mildly insecure therefore they are manipulative ploys into having sex with me, the ultimate bastion of virtue.

They dont make me feel insecure. The type of boys who do this are usually overachiever bougie whitebread guys from nice cushy backgrounds. Its obvious that no one has ever told them to shut up before and when someone does they completely sperg out.

I think you just don't get them. You don't understand when people are being intellectual because they use big words and it is a cerebral activity rather than a visceral one; this engendered in you confusion and resentment.

I mean this is a troll but you're right to a degree. 99% of the guys who are following the new "facts and logic" train are just wanna be bullies who were too small and weak to do it in high school. I should know because I was that guy until about a year ago. Letting go of my weird anger issues and doing something besides posting on the internet saved my fucking life, man.

You can tell somebody what their flaws are without dehumanizing them. The problem with the new wave of "intellectuals" is that they're just looking for an excuse to bully people to feel big. So they hide behind the veil of being smarter than you and use it to bully people when they can get away with it. And if somebody decides not to take their bullshit and walk away they can keep their pride by deluding themselves that they were just "too smart for them, anyway."

In reality they're just cruel, malicious, weasly cunts who missed out on the chance to be bullies in high school from being too small or shy, and are now taking out on their girlfriends or people on the internet.

Wanting to win arguments all the time is just the ego needing validation and reassurance. Learning to let go of that shit will bring you peace of mind.

shut the fuck up roastie lmfao

I knew a guy like this in high school. He was Asian and super smart, but physically weak, a manlet, and skinny as a rake. He loved being really snarky, bullying stupid people to feel superior and having long drawn out debates over meaningless shit with people, but deep down he was a total coward. He made the mistake of openly talking shit about this Chad once and got his ass handed to him. I think its a biological thing for women but they really cant stand guys who will talk shit but get hit and not be able to defend themselves.

Not a roastie, I'm a reformed "facts and logic" guy.
100% truth.

I don't know if it's biological, it's just these people tend to be no fun, obnoxious bullies. Nobody wants to be friends with some fucking loser who's picking fights constantly over stupid shit so he can feel big, and since nobody wants to be his friend it only makes sense that nobody wants to fuck him.

>In reality they're just cruel, malicious, weasly cunts who missed out on the chance to be bullies in high school from being too small or shy, and are now taking out on their girlfriends or people on the internet.

100%. The revenge of the nerds is not parody. Thats why society is increasingly apathetic and selfish, because the evil strategist geniuses behind huge corporations and governments are high IQ psychopathic misanthropes. And the Google/Silicon Valley nerds at the top running the tech industry are also misanthropic bugmen intent on getting revenge on humanity. Its high school shit.

Insecure guys with an inferiority/superiority complex are insufferable and should be avoided.

Once again fembot you bait for you daily dose of internet points

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I find a lot of the time the kind of people who try and be bullies later in life are not actually that smart. I was bullied a lot in high school and middle school. A lot of my formative memories are centered around being bullied. I do not like people any longer and in fact despise most humans. However I do not lash out to hurt people. Why would I inflict on other what hurt me so much? Why would I lower myself to that level and turn into what I despise? No, I prefer to simply despise them and try and find the few good people out there.

The world is harsh enough as is. Kindness goes a long way and most people are thoughtless and not actively malicious. I have no reason to be cruel when that takes more effort than simple courtesy.

Opinion has been thrown in the incenerator, where it belongs

do you think a chad is honestly gonna want you?

if you spends time on Jow Forums your either a laper/tranny or your insanely ugly and or autistic. Attractive socially well adjusted people dont spend their time posting on Jow Forums

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