TFW No /ss/ bf (1)

>TFW No /ss/ bf (1)

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Straight shota?
Because if yes maybe I fit your criteria...

that's illegal OP!

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I'd settle for a babyfaced 18yo
I'm listening.

I'm 18(...) And I look boyish and young
If you care about personality too I am kinda childish and very needy in terms of affection.
I am easy to fluster and blush really hard
There's also some other stuff but it's embarrassing ///

out of curiousity, what are your pros and cons OP?

ahh i see. i miss the mark, i'm an ancient 19 year old. you do have a patrician tier taste though

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Does being Asian help? People have said I look 15 although I'm 21.

Also I've always had the fantasy of a nice warm motherly woman giving me her soft love////

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Own income, no (major) debts, fertile, few partners (3), own hobbies, weeb
31, short (4'11), depressed, degenerate, weeb.
Sounds perfect.

Are you fat, though? You guys are always overweight :/

Since you think I'm perfect for you would you want to get in contact..?

where application forms

Yes, it does.
I'm overweight for my height because I'm so short but I think I carry it well. No face because, well this is Jow Forums.

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If you have an email, we can start there.

Uhm, i have a discord if you want
Capital K

Also you look really nice///

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Here I guess. Origami

I don't know, couldn't hurt.

are you op ill post quick and delete

Sure, absolutely original.

Hey, I'm the pros and cons person. Thought I'd list mine since you gave yours.

18, 5'5, average weight, going to college, young face, music hobby
very introverted, some acne, most likely live far away (uk)

you have a nice figure btw.

>you will NEVER return to your shota-tier high school freshman body and get ara-ara'd

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