How do i get an art school gf?

how do i get an art school gf?

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Know vaguely about shitty music and art. Neg her with your superior opinons. You dont' want an art hoe.

believe me you do not want one. trust me dude


Buddy dated one and she has borderline personality disorder, 6 months of pure hell

go to art school and pick one up
seems pretty costly for me but i guess to each his own

Dress stylish. Your outfits don't have to be very elaborate; most Americans dress like retards because fashion is gay so the bar is pretty low. Then make a Tinder and upload a picture of yourself playing an instrument. Literally it's that easy. I match with tons of art hoes on Tinder but I don't really care about them because they're not autistic enough for me

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As someone who went to art school, don't. Most of them are probably sleeping with their instructors and have std's.

go to a art school

Go on Grindr but she will will 100% have a penis (boiclit)

chiaroscuro shading

You don't want one, trust me. They're batshit insane with more baggage than a greyhound bus.
>t. Fucked a girl that's pretty well known on the internet art scene.
You don't want one.

Do some kind of art?

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Give me brands to shop in I wanna look artsy.

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Not OP but its not like I am marry her. I just want to make her eyeliner run if you know what I mean. Why should I care if shes crazy if all I am after are her holes?

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Try skateboarding

start going to raves

easy arthoes for days

>live in popular part of California
>raves all the time
>imagining all those artthots at those

Thanks for the advice anonny. Ill put your advice to good use.

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you don't even have to go that far, just wear stuff that fits
and then there's a couple no-go's, like tennis shoes, boot cut jeans, graphic t-shirts
/fa/ has a few infographics, just lurk there for a day

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The only art hoes worth dating are the ones who do have some degree of mental health and those make like 20% of the global art hoe population
Because to be an art hoe you must be mentally fucked in some way, if you can't find one who's healthy you should at least stay the fuck away from the ones with BPD. Dating a BPD woman is hell on earth

>tall, skinny nerdy type with undercut that art hoes love
>impossible to find clothes that fit

Not that it matters since all I can talk about is video games, anime, and Star Trek.

thanks user this is one of those straight up
Solution, Here straight up"

Wew anonny you have been so useful to me. I am in art hoe central where I live and yet they seem the most evasive to try and get a screw out of for me on my account of being inexperienced with women in general. I need to tick every box I can.

How to dress at rave if buff?

i have a neet art hoe gf and im basically her therapist but i just want someone to talk to so w/e

Ever heard the story of the little girl who cried rape?

>if buff?
make sure to leave your shirt at home

Bring them to an art museum on the first date or thrifting. Met my current gf by going to the met with her. Also consider that real art girls may not have that aesthetic and the ones with the aesthetic might be trying too hard.

and to paint something spiritual indian or something like that with glowing paint on your chest and back

Art hoe here that went to art school. Don't be a nice, passive aggressive guy, have a personality, good aesthetic taste, good fashion taste too is absolutely dope, at least for me that's what i look for.

just go to an art school kek

>6 months of pure hell
Sounds like that can be entertaining or at least an interesting experience if you take it as a challenge

>actually went to an art school
>literally all normies
well there was one girl that was very quiet and seemed pretty depressed but that was about it