Why did the beta snitch on them?

Why did the beta snitch on them?

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now thats a good ass vacation

What the hell is an "ass vacation?"

Because they're both disgusting degenerates.

a coast to coast tour where you offer your ass to random strangers
another common event at comic book gatherings


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I wish I could find more quality CFNM videos

wtf is wrong with his stomach? does he have cancer?

no it's just fat

Incels are jealous that they will never have sex.
Just look at Jow Forums for more information.

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In what world is something like this allowed?

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He was all hopped up on onions

He came is the streets. She didn't use a rag.

>be five year old kid
>See Spiderman mask in the distance
>See this
>be scarred for life

Honestly, if this girl offered to jerk you off in public, would you whip it out r9k?

No I would call the police.

Yes, I love being jerked off in public.

What was the context to this video? How does a situation like this even occur?

Gay pride parades have tons of degeneracy like this.

Wait why would a gay man let a girl do this to him?

most likely a fat low IQ trump supporter

Nope, couldn't get hard in public anyways

because she is horni.

Source? Is there more like this?

There could easily be kids around the area.

Gay pride parades do not just have people who are 100% homosexual. Gays are degenerate AF, and some of them even kiss girls.

>dat belly gut
>dat nonchalent demeanor
>dat fucking LOAD

I wish I could shoot a load like that. At most I get a drop if I'm not edging.

stop being a fucking coomer and cut back on your chronic fapping to once or twice a week

Is she a porn star or do woman just love cock that much?

its when everyone in this thread holds you down and pounds your ass

It's not a porn star it's just some random girl that he got to give him a handjob

Not him, but even when I go weeks without fapping my load is still weak

honestly just become a girl at this point mate

>she doesnt start blowing him violently after he shoots his load, forcing him to his knees as he whimpers in pain.

that's illegal. What if kids are around

assuming you're not trolling and actually trying to learn something
if you use a phrase like "(adjective) ass (noun)" it intensifies the adjective and makes it something like "very (adjective) (noun).
ex: good ass vacation = very good vacation

No I don't want to end up on a list and ruin whats left of my life

>if this girl offered to jerk you off in public, would you whip it out r9k?

Outside? Sure, in a hidden place or something.
In public (i.e.: full view of people)? No thanks, other people don't deserve to see my 5 x 4 inch pussy wrecker.

>couldn't get hard in public anyways

Have you ever tried?
Start slowly, for example, driving your car around with your dick out. Then start upping the ante.

What the fuck is wrong with his stomach? Get that shit checked out Spiderman.

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I'm absolutely not confident enough in either my body (skinnyfat) or dick (allegedly above average, doesn't look it) to get either out in front of a stranger.

>onions defends degeneracy
>shocked when it happens

who's getting hurt?

>women literally gives hj to random people in public
women have no dignity

Imagine being so fucked in the head that public nudity is now just another mental gymnastic game in your head over who's beta and who's alpha.
You're all so fucked up. Get outside and drink some tea. Stop being this way.

the moral fiber of the country.

>>dat belly gut
isn't it from insulin injections?

>drink some tea
Bitch harder, soi.

Everyone's talking about his slight gut and yet here I am being jealous of his body