What's the problem with cuckolding anyway? It's a sex act between consenting adults...

What's the problem with cuckolding anyway? It's a sex act between consenting adults. Who are you to say men who take part in it are weak beta pussies or not real men?

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an unpopular fetish and a poltard psyop is what

It's fucking pathetic, that's the problem.

>Who are you to say men who take part in it are weak beta pussies or not real men?
A cuck. I can honestly say you only get into this if you don't respect yourself.

at first i didn't think that was a fan in the back and i thought he was doing curls with a dumbell behind her back

Me and my gf have done it. I was nervous at first because of how it would make me feel but after seeing the difference between how she fucks me and how she fucks her bull I honestly don't think I could go back. It's saved our relationship to be honest

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Cucks should get the rope

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It interferes with government's business and aspirations to become and remain the GOAT. So the people who are into that kind of game get mad because their game gets derailed by people who want to have maximum pleasure on individual basis here and now. Same thing goes for drugs.

And then there is also a religious stance on this. And then there is also a combination of players from the above category having religious stance on this.

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all hail the BBC.

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how it saved your relationship you pathetic bitch

No self respecting man should want to get cucked.
Is also has all the dangers of causal sex, STDs and pregnancy.
Try telling your wife to have an abortion, I dare you.
What would you do if you wife said she wanted to keep his baby?

Cuckolding is cuckolding.

But why do Murricans make it about racial bullshit?

Its rayciss because its always based on some racial stereotype. You rarely see someone with a cuck fetish involving a bull of the same race

I would raise the baby as part of my own family. I have 2 children already and love kids. I'm also against abortion for moral reasons. It would be no issue at all to have the child as part of our family.

Even if you and your partner were white and the child was mixed so everyone knew?

>I would raise it
You really are an insect. I bet you called yourself that when your wife that you were too cowardly to break up with first cucked you.

>It's a sex act between consenting adults
It's a sex act that a beta male is coerced into under the guise that he will never have ANYONE else "love" him, so he has to.
9 times out of 10 cucking is done by a slutty cunt who is bored of her current boyfriend/husband but is getting something else of tangible value out of him (Be it money, an easy life or just attention), so she convinces the poor sap into going along with it because he has no other choice in the matter

Please, lord, rid me of this fetish.

As someone with a not big enough dick, cuckolding simply makes sense.

I DO want my partner to be happy, and I'm aware that I can't do it sexually so I devote myself to making her happy in other ways, ways that I'm able to

All this anachronisms about how my wife is my posession and should only be fucked and have an unsatisfying sex life because sucks for her are so lame

is cuckholding not the best test if your chick is a whore. just ask her if she is down for it and if she says yes just ditch her ass

I really want my gf black bred, idk why but i think of it alot.. She know too which is a major turn on, she just says im crazy for it lol

Cuckolding is honestly where I draw the line on all of the things people "*finger snap* get used to it" at you for not embracing.
I can respect anything else, if someone I care about came to me and told me anything from "Yeah I'm a woman now" or "yeah I'm a gay bottom now" or "Yeah I race mix now" "yeah I'm celibate" none of that would get a reaction out of me (I'd probably wonder why the gay felt inclined to mention being a bottom) but if they told me "yeah I let other people fuck the person I'm in a relationship with but I also stay in the room SPECIFICALLY WITH THE HOPES OF BEING SHAMED", I'd definitely berate that "lifestyle" """"""""""choice"""""""""" and look down on that.
There's enough loser cunts who just sit there and take anything they get as is, we need people to at the very least fight back. Cuckolds can't even be trusted to do that meaningfully so yeah, fuck cucks.
It's just like "fat acceptance" it's greatly more dehumanizing than the bigotry we're supposed to stop exuding.

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cot dayum i neeeeeeeed the s a u c e

It's the new hip thing people are pushing that betas are peer pressured into doing. While it affects normies too, even I don't wish for them to get cucked.

Promotes niggers and cuckholdry to a mainly white audience

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