Had trip planned to go to London

>had trip planned to go to London
>was going to go there for 2 days to get out of my comfort zone
>was going to see my favourite musician at an amazing gig and go to my favourite arcade too
>all my helpers/therapists encouraged me saying it was a good idea
>cancelled all of it today
>cancelled my AirBnB and gave away my ticket to a friend
>just completely unable to make any sort of big step or have any motivation
I haven't felt so down and out in ages. I wish beyond anything that I could just do something. I'm going to slowly regress into an empty husk before long.

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It's fine user, I'll always love you

Damn go get your boipussy pounded

You're fucking useless. I despise people like you who grew up in such abundance and such easy and comfortable conditions that something this fucking basic is not only a "task" for you, but a task you can't even complete. And instead of killing yourself or actively trying to stop being a pathetic waste of oxygen you come here for internet pity points.
>waah arrninekay give me e-hugs, because I'm such an incredible failure that I couldn't even get on a plane and go to a music gig
>waah, even though I have professionals helping me I still can't perform basic human functions that hundreds of millions of people do every single day
I wish I could kill you

Your post actually made me feel a bit better, user. Because even though I failed to make my trip, I won't ever reach this level of spite.

I'm the same. The solution is to stop trying and just give up. That is what I did.

Not him, but he is right. Except for the killing yourself part.

>even though I'm so pathetic that I need therapy to leave my house and I STILL can't do it, I'm somehow still better than you because ur a meanie
This delusional mindset is why you'll never improve. You have no good qualities and you need to stop thinking that you do, and that these perceived good qualities somehow make it okay for you to be a completely non-functional failure of a human. Once you acknowledge it maybe you can start catching up and learning things like tying your own shoes, buying your own food and not having a psychotic breakdown when you need to reply to a text message.

You're just driving my point home even more, user. You're making giant assumptions that I could only chalk down to... hmm, might it be projection?

This is your brain on being a neurotypical normalnigger
Insane hatred for all that is different under the disguise of social norm
OP. Cheer up. London is still standing in two years. You will make it someday

have you tried something maybe smaller? like... going to a concert in your city for starters?

i don't understand why this had to be an all or nothing thing, and why you felt the need to wrap up all these different anxieties (of travel, of a new city, of a concert, of not staying at home) together. if i was your therapist i would encourage you to start small and build confidence, rather than making this giant plan and then getting cold feet, which is totally natural, and losing all confidence.

if you can bring yourself to try again, i'd start small.

>giant assumptions
Mate, you literally had a flight and an airbnb scheduled and you just cancelled the whole thing because of "social anxiety". If anything I'm being generous in assuming you've ever learned how to walk or pick up a spoon.
>for all that is different
Absolutely pathetic attempt at deconstruction. It's like saying you hate eating because you don't like the taste of shit. I just hate self pitying fucks like OP who unironically think they have it hard because of some non existent condition they thought up. It's 100% the result of being pampered and spoiled, and instead of realising that there's something wrong with being a grown man who can't even leave the house and having to "work his way up" to trivial tasks, he expects to be further babied and consoled on the internet. He wants you to tell him it's all right, that there's nothing wrong with having the mind of a small child, that it's not his fault and he doesn't need to change or make an effort. He's not ashamed of himself at all, not even one bit.

I traveled to London for a week a few years ago by myself. I was so hesitant to actually going through with it that someone else essentially pushed me through the ticket buying process.
At the airport I almost broke into tears before crossing the gate after being taken by a family member because I was so anxious. I just wanted to run back home and forget all about the trip.
In spite of it all, I made it and didn't break down. I didn't have any plans of seeing any bands, but I figured I'd do something worthwhile with my summer. I did a lot of walking and sight seeing, but ultimately didn't "find myself" or any of the sort.
You'll do it user, maybe not this time, but probably the next.

Pic related. Something I photographed on my trip. Don't even remember seeing it.

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Aaaand you've proved me right in no less than six words by assuming it was a flight. Try again next thread.

I hate London but I'm sorry you couldn't go.

A few years ago my anxiety was bad enough that I would manually breathe when on the bus.
But 2 years ago, on a whim, I booked 5 days in New York. Got the coach to Gatwick, flew to fuggen NYC and back on my own

Maybe you will get better

Cheers anons. I tried the whole small steps thing but didn't get anywhere, and I'd told myself a big outing would've been the perfect kickstart to recovery. Guess I'll just have to work on a new plan.

Pissing in a sea of piss. Op is in a bubble he will never break out of unless he does it himself. Anything you say to him will just fall on deaf ears cause he doesn't want to hear anything of real value that challenges his self constructed reality

You missed out. London is hella comfy and there are hella S T I C C girls.

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Do you despise me more or less than OP if I'm just like him but I agree 100% with you? I've been spoiled and I love pity, so now I'm, by society's standards, a failure of an adult, because I want to keep being spoiled until the day I die. If I can live so effortlessly then I will. I will select the easiest way possible, always, because why not? I don't even feel guilty about it

It's no big deal senpai, don't beat yourself up over it.where'd you live anways, bound to be something new to try near you right?

Serious question, what the fuck are you normalfags even doing here?

Lmao, so you couldn't even get on a train or a bus. Neck yourself
Maybe if he gets enough negative feedback he'll start being ashamed which is the first step towards improvement.
More because you don't even feel bad about it. "society's standards" aren't completely arbitrary rules that exist for no reason. Society despises you because you're despicable. There's nothing more repulsive than a man who doesn't even respect himself enough to improve his weaknesses.

I'm really sorry to hear, user. Sounds tough. I've never dealt with something like that before but I know people who have.
Would you like to talk about something?

Why are you even here if the notion of people falling short of "society's standards" is so maddening to you? You must become enraged by 90% of the threads here. It can't be healthy.

There's quite a bit of grey area between being a normalfag and being as pathetic as OP who isn't even asking for advice, just pity.

Gee, I wonder why he didn't go to Jow Forums then. Oh, it's because he's most likely a robot like everyone else.
Your high-and-mighty attitude is the most pathetic thing in this thread, because you think it actually adds something.

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>Maybe if he gets enough negative feedback he'll start being ashamed which is the first step towards improvement.

Good luck motivating people this way.

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>Your high-and-mighty attitude is the most pathetic thing in this thread
You pathetic weasels will come up with anything to demonise anyone who tells you what you are. Anything to avoid facing the fact that it's you who's responsible for your own miserable state. The world might have made you ugly, or short, or dumb, or meek, or socially awkward, and I understand if you don't want to pursue women or an active social life or whatever because those are all rigged games that you'll never win. But being unwilling to even leave your house and take care of yourself, conjuring up meme conditions to coerce people into doing shit for you, and then STILL expecting praise and sympathy is disgusting.
What else do you do with someone who doesn't even want to get better? How can someone simply accept being this way and trying to pretend it's fine? It's exactly the same as that 600 lbs fat girl on youtube who refuses to acknowledge she has a problem and blames her therapist for being unable to lose weight. All she'd have to do is consume like 6k calories a day instead of 9k.

If you really think you can tell Jow Forums to just fix themselves then all I can say is good luck with your little crusade. Let me know also when you've convinced /a/ to not watch anime and /lit/ to burn all of their books.

ABSOLUTELY based my friend, you should be a mod on this board

Okay define what is meme condition and I assume you have some evidence to back it up why op's condition what ever it is "meme"?

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You're the only one being so overtly hostile user. Maybe the problem is you?
Did your mum not love you

Of course I don't expect anyone to fix themselves. But you can always improve yourself. Or don't improve yourself, but then don't whine and start fishing for sympathy and words of encouragement.
Whatever you came up with to justify being unwilling to leave the house and pretend it was inability rather than laziness.
You have two legs and you can walk. If you were dying of thirst and London was the only place with water you would have gone. A schizophrenic for example might have actually been unable to go or he might have been actually convined the water was poisoned and he would have died of thirst. Social anxiety itself is a meme because it's portrayed as this crippling condition when really it just makes things more difficult, not impossible. If no one "diagnosed" you and made you believe that you have this external "condition" that is single handedly responsible for your shortcomings and has nothing to do with what you do, you might have gotten better on your own. Obviously you wouldn't be normal, but you wouldn't be an inexcusable failure.
>n-no u
Dumb redditor pseudo psychology and pathetic cope. Refer back to my earlier point about about doing anything to avoid facing your reality.

So you're going down the whole "diagnoses don't mean anything" path. It's bullshit, user, if it weren't then tens of thousands of therapists would be out of a job. You don't look any more enlightened than the last schmuck who tried preaching this garbage.

>tens of thousands of therapists would be out of a job
Which is exactly why they don't want you to ever get better and stop being a customer. I didn't say social anxiety wasn't real, but the fact that they exaggerate it and slap some latin name like "agoraphobia" on it definitely makes things worse. It's very simple really, you're experiencing something that a lot of other people experience and cope with, but the way it's handled by the people around you makes you think it's something super serious and you convince yourself that you shouldn't even try because there's nothing you can do. It makes you think you're a special outlier case that the rules don't apply to.
>You don't look any more enlightened
>being unable to comprehend doing anything for any reason other than "looking" a certain way
What a sad and pointless existence.

Ah, you're one of those therapists-don't-want-you-to-get-better conspiracy theorists. I could go on endlessly about how there's no logic behind creating more recluses/despondent people in society, about how there's no logic behind endless testing of antidepressant drugs that would never work anyway, but no, you're clearly up to your neck in red pills. What irony that you'd then accuse others of coming up with stories to deflect facts. Please, take a good hard look at yourself.

It's not a conspiracy theory you fucking dim witted idiot. It's the natural progression of things. Do you really honestly think your therapist is actively trying to make you better? She/he is just trying to pay the bills and goes through the motions.
>oh so you're x
Weak attempt at trying to dodge what I'm actually saying. Having a mental block about going outside is not real. It's your own laziness finding a convenient excuse that allows you to both be lazy and have someone else take care of you, and also not look like you're a lazy fuck (or so you think, because it's actually very obvious to everyone else).

user, it's incredibly shallow and naive to reduce the entire spectrum of anxiety/depression/whatever to "laziness". There's been decades of pharmaceutical and psychological research into the topic, it's not just them fucking inventing a cash cow to milk. If it were, you'd think someone would've debunked it by now, surely?

Listen user I'm really sorry to hear that you went through that. It can feel really debilitating cancelling something you've had planned for a while, especially when you feel you just can't do it!

I've been there and it's horrible but I really want to help you through this, I want to show you that you're not alone user. I'm living a few minutes from London and would love to speak with you.

Message my kik: LSSilver69
I'm not going to try and convince you to do something you don't want, but maybe having a friend near where you were thinking of going will help you out or just having someone to talk to. I hope you do message me user because I really want to help you or just chat to you :)

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You are pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

I'm sorry that you're too stupid to understand what I'm saying and have to resort to hyperboles and "so you're saying" type misrepresentation of what I actually said. I already told you that I acknowledge social anxiety as a real condition. I also told you that the specific instance of you cancelling your plans was your laziness getting the better of you. If you can't reconcile the two, then you're not only a pathetic waste of oxygen but also extremely dumb.
>you'd think someone would've debunked it by now, surely?
Not an argument and you know it
>if the lottery was a scam surely people would stop doing it
Of course not. Because people like to choose things that are convenient and don't require any effort. Like going to a therapist and thinking this absolves you of any responsibility. "I already went to my therapist and talked about inane shit for an houe, what more can I do? I've done everything, I can just stay at home, it's not my fault, I'm trying".
You wanted to stay at home and you used your meme condition to justify it. I take pleasure in the fact that people like you will always be miserable because you deserve it, and your misery tells me that at least a few things are right with this world. This one specific thing is exactly the way it should be.

I'm not OP, but do go on more about being extremely dumb.
But onto your point - what gives you the right to decide that a person is lazy vs a person has a genuine medical condition? Yes, there are people who take up the mantle to avoid responsibility, but you're determining that from a glance - and that sort of naivete is why research in the field has taken so long to get going.

Oh, and
>and your misery tells me that at least a few things are right with this world. This one specific thing is exactly the way it should be.
The fact that you had to type this part out made me stifle a laugh. You must be ten times more depressed than anyone here ever could be.

I'm heading off now but leave something for me to read in the archive if you're interesting in continuing this debate.