How do you approach women in public?

How do you approach women in public?

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>be Chad
>just be myself
It is that easy

Only if you look like Jeremy Meeks, otherwise approaching women in public is sexual harassment

You don't. We want to be left alone.

amen sis so true

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How am i supposed to socialize
I just sit alone in bars

Women will approach you if they want anything to do with you.

t. someone that is approached often

"excuse me"
Then tell them that they look pretty or that you like the thing they are wearing. Then you start up a conversation either about that or something related to that. If she's interested, she'll keep talking, if not oh well.

Do you have any idea how fucked up our lives are?

Im usually a pretty anxious guy but i sometimes get way too self confident randomly

How do i face that type of fear and just do the thing

Wait nvm she just left

If you don't have much to offer then don't approach women in public. Betas have to get a partner through mutual friends or mutual hobbies or responsibilities. If theres not an excuse to talk to her you'll come off as a creep (unless you are Chad)

Don't be compact

Ask her what her favorite anime cartoon is. Girls love that stuff.

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you don't, try to become good at something like head of accounting and fuck your secretary or learn surfing and start running a surf group, bitches will come to you (given you brush your teeth, shower etc.) getting ripped also helps.

if you're a manlet there is no hope, either aquire as much money as possible and get hookers or end your life desu

Jerma is a nice human. Thank you for posting his lovely face.

How will women come to me when i dont leave my house

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The key is to treat all women like your sisters.
if you don't understand what I mean by this you are hopeless.

Men who have chance get approached by women.
Most chads don't know a shit about approaching women, because they get approached instead
If you don't get approached than it is over for you. You will never be in a intimate relationship.

Easy. Look them right in the eyes, walk up to them and start spitting on their pussy. Then smack their tiddies while yelling PREDDY GURL MAKE MY PEEPEE HARD! works every time

You just gotta do the thing user, that's all there is to it

Personally, I don't bother. I'm very unattractive, so there's no point.

with a knife


My Minecraft sisters are hoes, so do I beat the shit out of them like I do with my Minecraft sisters

just go outside you retard

I am outside now how do i approach them