I am seriously thinking about this yang 1000 bux a month thing

I am seriously thinking about this yang 1000 bux a month thing.

This will be revolutionary for robots, no not you fuckers who ruined the board and have a functioning life and a car and a gf I mean actual Doomer robots who are on the verge of needing disability benifits but are not quite disabled enough to get it. 1000 dollars is not enough to live on your own in most places in the US. But if just two NEETs became roommates they could afford to get out of their parents house and live together. If I need to get a NEET roommate here are my prerequisites.

>no smoking, drugs or alcohol
And thats litterally it.

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>no drugs or alcohol
Wtf do you do all day

If yang gets elected I will personally make it my burden to assassinate every neet leech in this country. You guys are worse than welfare niggers

>not american so I can never get yangbux
fucck friends how to cope

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>likes doomer meme
>thinks yang could help actual robots
He'll probably give it out a single time to anyone that votes for him.

Cry about it miga shill

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Prices go up when the amount of money people have goes up

Retired people suck more than neets do out of the budget. Stop virttue signalling when cops and soldliers, dick opposites of robots, get paid more than even a grand a month when any lucky bot gets only 750ish as it is.

Lots of people get free rides, beyond that of what they need too. The grand is a bit much. Humans should have like a 50 usd allowance just for being human and free health and food too. But not a random grand. That's silly.

If you live in Europe NEETbux are better there anyway

How is a NEET that keeps to himself worse than a nigger who will rape and kill you? I think you just want easy prey.

he's literally the only candidate worth voting for. everyone else is either dumber than him or doesn't give a shit about you

Time's up moosenigger

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Here's the thing though: A lot of people try to find work that makes them happy so that they can get both money and feel fulfilled. It's about balancing.
Everyone fucking knows that 40 hours a week is horrible, nobody likes it, but people are trying to find some fulfillment in what they do and make a living for themselves.
Thinking that you deserve special treatment over others just because "Ummmm sweaty did you know that u work for 40 hours???" just means that you're selfish. You talk about having """""""freedom"""""""", but all neets ever do is sit on their ass all day and do the same thing over and over.

TL;DR: People hate neets because they're lazy and selfish, get over yourself

>he thinks that the government would be able to give people $1000 dollars a month
>he thinks Yang has a chance to get elected when that's literally the only point he has
you people are so fucking dense.

Cuz pappy done tol' him a man that ain't work his life away ain't no good. *Spits tobacco
If'in you ain't workin' hard hows you gonna look the baby Jesus in the eye when you gets up ta heaven?

It'll never happen because it's way too good. You really think people that "worked hard" want to see poor people get ahead in life?

Everything you said is true, but it would even be good for a lot of people on disability. The problem with disability checks is that you CAN'T get a job and a disability check. If you can work at all, the government treats it as proof that you're not disabled. But for a lot of disabled people, they only have the ability to work part-time or low-income jobs that don't pay the bills. Because Yang's $1000 per month is unconditional, you won't have to jump through all the hoops to PROVE you are disabled and will even be able to look for part-time work to make a little extra cash.

>when that's literally the only point he has
You couldn't be more wrong. It's a policy he emphasizes a lot, but he actually goes into more detail on more policies than any other candidate at his website.

He has 100 policies: yang2020.com/policies/

coom so much

Despit ur rage u just cagie wagie