Women Love Thread

Just a thread for appreciating women and their beauty. Incels and misogynists need not enter here.

Women are precious and perfect.

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How can you hate something this cute?

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Don't you just want to snuggle them to death?

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There is literally nothing better on this earth than cute girls

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Some assembly required.

the way to the sexy wamens is to love the sexy wamens

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That's not the spirit user original

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punchable bug eyed cunt

Don't bully Crispy; this is a love thread is a love thread, not a hate thread

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This is a love thread not a hate thread*

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she's hot you worthless faggot

She is indeed a qt

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just because you love women doesn't mean they'll love you back

Dont mind me. Just reviving the thread original

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dats a strange way to say cuck thred

That's a strange way to say based thread

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I like women too but I find this worship of internet camgirls kinda creepy.

It's insane how much of a putrid cunt a female has to be to counteract the spectacular natural urge of love and protection that screams at men from their every cell, and yet here we are.

Finding a best friend that's also hot and fuckable has to be the best thing to exist, only reason I haven't necked myself

Just let fcktard OP live in his fantasy...

Would Brazilian girls be kind to a tall white guy even if he was an r9k robot?

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I prefer the patrician asmr girl

im retarded

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yes, thats the entire point of their existance

marie curie was based dude, she was faithful to her husband and smart as fuck