How many abortions is too many abortions for a 19yo girl to have had?

How many abortions is too many abortions for a 19yo girl to have had?

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We just vote on it

First ask which specific date she began to menstruate. Do the math on the time of conceiving to the time where a pregnancy is terminated on average. Then keep adding up that amount of time to the current date. If anymore than that, ask for clarification.

Two. After the first one she should of learned her lesson. There's too many methods of birth control out there for excuses.


Except, that wouldn't eliminate her from being someone to sleep with.

it's legit murder

Even if this is true, which I don't accept it as being (also don't deem it false), the value of sleeping with her is still there. Penis in vagoo no condor style.

If you have three or more abortions, it should carry a mandatory sterilization, this person cannot be trusted to make a sound decision about raising a child

This is pathetic. Drop it, Sosa.

what if she was raped?

Depends on your definition of life user. I dont declare life until consciousness.

How many bait threads is too many bait threads for one loser to have made?

you sound like Ben Shapiro

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Move on to someone actually worth orbiting like shooterchan

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Plants and animals arent alive?

>no choice for abortion solely based on the race of the potential offspring
Shitty poll

I've had 4 abortions and I'm 22.

I already added an option for rape user

Based user. But I was also considering the race of the mother

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proof pleze and why so many?

Proof? they don't let you keep them user. I just get pregnant super easy I guess.

Why wont you get on birth control?

It makes me ill.

post emails confirming appointments fat larping sack of shit

Lol ok. You just use that as an excuse because you enjoy murder

I'm relieved you said it user, OP and other anons make bait treads using random girls and ask for mindless insults towards the girl

having 4 surgical abortions is not good for you

This. Assuming the worst case (rape) it's very strange that she didn't develop a trauma against sex. I guess it's understandable if she is constantly abused by her rapist father

Any more than 0 is too many.

Even 1 means she is Chad's whore.

If she's had 1 abortion she is a disgusting used up roastie and deserves zero respect. You can do better user...even losers that post on here can do better than post-abortion roasts.

What is consciousness then and how can you measure it so you can tell when a foetus is "alive" or not?

I looked in the archives and he's made 63 threads with Ciara as the opening picture and with "abortions" in the title, all within the past year. There's probably more as well with different key words. That's absolutely mad lololol, dude has mental issues

I'm not as fast as I would be if I were pregnant.


Yeah, I imagine not.

still fat, and worse, asian

he asked for a picture of your receipts, you sent a picture of a tranny.

Any amount unless it was rape.

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You just aborted my feelings.

I arranged them over the phone, there aren't emails.