Choose your husbando

Choose your husbando

Remember to add 6 years to the ages because I can't be bothered to update it.

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>used to selfie post along side these guys
>used to be just as miserable
>now im married and have a great life

none of them are even relevant anymore, samson posts here like once a week if that, this board is all zooomer fags now who dont even know who they are


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i saw ensiferum and finntroll live once

If you aren't any of them, then you may be Trevor... Who as of a few months ago was a virgin.

Whomst art thou. Can't be bloody Vyro

54m50n has a glorious mane. plus Wintersun is nice although Jari annoys me.

Go away Samson please

Why is no7 deceased? Can someone give me the quick rundown on these guys? I only recognise the 2nd one because he tried to send me pictures of himself killing a dog and told me his dad raped him.

This guy is cute and you can't change my mind. I've saved every pic he's posted and I hope he posts more. I also stalk his Instagram account.

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>tried to send me pictures of himself killing a dog

the best thing about zoomie r9k is the lack of these ugly faggots posting their photos here.....

>Whomst art thou. Can't be bloody Vyro

Could be him.

>tfw older, uglier version of Ricky

I wore cat ears

those heights are literally made up

he has an instagram account? drop the link

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hello ricky
king of manlets

Its private so he'll have to accept you.

Hey S. It's been a while. Very glad you're doing well x

I miss 2012-2013 Jow Forums so much

tears in rain, user. i'm already starting to forget

Not S sorry man. Name starts with a D or just Hg.

yeah man i met my wife here during those days

Then it appears you did not post enough.
Just say. I mean, it's evident that nobody gives a fuck about these people anymore

lol how many people have actually found their wife on Jow Forums. i thought this was my husband posting.

With complete sincerity one of my biggest regrets is not fixing my life years ago so I could get a qt fembot wife. I still haven't fixed it and it'll take years so by the time I'm ready I doubt I'll be able to find one. If this board still exists then it'll be the dedicated Discord drama board or renamed to /teen/ or something.

Seething with jealousy at those of you who got married to people from here but also happy for you.

The only even mildly attractive person is Ricky. Hes alright. The rest of you are ugly as fuck. Ian being the least ugly and the long haired tranny being the most.

Manly tears, because out of all you listed he actually is the most successful, he streams full time on dlive to 400 people :)

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He's Eggy but not ugly as fuck and not a drunk basically.

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Bro no one cares about your beaner ass.

But he's a huge faggot who constantly contraindicates himself and surrounds himself with beta toe licker mods.

He's funny, charismatic and QT what's the prob?

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i get called out by name when i selfie post still so ... yes i did

cared enough to reply apparently

I want to FUCK Eeyore

how in the fuck is that considered a tranny you stupid bitch
he's the best looking one

Sure, maybe if you like to go 5 months without showering.

That guy showers at least every 2 days
look at his hair dumbass.
fucking monkey IQ

Are you a faggot? You seem hurt. Go shower.

>Are you a faggot? You seem hurt. Go shower.
Say that to my face bitch

>all over 6' but one
are these supposed to be robots? lmao

Oh, shit. It's Ivan. Congrats.

>this is Ricky now

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More like report it at this point. If were were to mass report this shit for spam then it'd actually become against the rules to lgbt post outside of lgbt. No point unless you faggots were to all do it though, so I shant and neither did you. Look up on desuarchives how often people sage. They do it at like 2 percent or something silly. Then it's negated by the next poster if people are not all saging. Saging has never done anything for anybody so it's pointless to even have the feature other than a way for le moot to troll you by saying don't announce it. It was his way of telling off the one small guy that didn't agree with everyone, an anti-troll troll.