A big sweaty Saturday night wank edition

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>tfw left eye is watering

wish my fucking dog would SHUT UP

Is it gay if I ship altright guys? For me it's MW and OTO.

What did he mean by this?

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have to listen to this for hours cause he wants biscuits


honestly lad, I'm desperate for a job enough so i'll get what I can take

Do you ever think about your ex?

>Do you ever think about your ex?
what ex? :(

I think about my ex from when I was 15-20 all the bloody time

So just give him some fucking biscuits then?

I think of my oneitis all the time yes.

thank u, next

Weatherfu slapping his forehead in anger over women getting bald treatment on the NHS.

Messaged my Japanese ex happy birthday the other day. She's moving to Berlin with her rich German bf.
Definitely the one that got away and started me off on a yellow fever journey.


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>Why no, I do not take notice of the half plus seven rule, was it really that obvious?

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this is now /normiefeel/. where did these fuggers come from? all of a sudden we've got half the thread spewing their norman problems.

The seethe campaign continues. Imagine seething for months because you were ghosted.

not to worry lad we'll throttle 'em in the morning

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Weatherfu bawling because he broke another Xbox controller during a retard rage.

My inner chad was remaining dormant for years, this week it came racing to the surface

I will not negotiate with terrorists

Will ye now? Fucking dobber

gutted lads, i've been so busy shagging models i didn't have time to receive my knighthood

Why haven't you seen Come and See yet?

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Shut in... cuck

Lee Anthony Hoyland alphabetically arranging DVDs in the 50p section of CEX in Swindon

all I heard was
>my inner paedophile was dormant for years, this week I raped 7 children

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il tap my sword on your shoulder any day me lad

Weatherfu stomping around his bedroom terrified to tell his sick old mother that he's infected another computer while trying to download more hard drive space.

The woman I shagged was 12 years older than me

>If she's old enough to pee, then she's old enough for me

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Sometimes, I try to think about my future gf more often though so I can attract her to me.

It only causes mental issues for people who already have pre existing stuff wrong with them and even they have to usually abuse it.
For ordinary people who abuse it they may become more lazy and spend a bit more pocket money on it. I think that makes it a relatively soft drug tbqh

this reminds me of those old pedobear memes

Does she know she's your one that got away?
Wouldn't like to inflate a woman's ego like that.

this is objectively wrong. i am a normal person and when i started smoking weed a few years ago i started having delusional and paranoid thoughts and it fucked my life up completely. about 3 months after i stopped smoking the problems stopped thankfully but by that point i had lost my gf and my best friends and quit my job. it is not harmless.

you can say ''yeah but you have a genetic disposition'' but so what? what difference does it make? if i hadnt smoked weed i wouldnt have had all those problems and a small but significant % of people have that genetic vulnerability

He likes his billiards, doesn't he

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Certainly feels that way sometimes. But desu when I met up with her last year we did kiss. She was with that bloke at the time so i guess maybe not. She's moving to a country with a bloke she cheated on. So probably I am lucky really.

Went driving in my Chadmobile to get some ciders. Went for an extended drive, belted it around some corners. Starting to really feel the cars limits; when the traction starts disapearing and how it handles when it's very unsettled/losing traction fast.
Also used to the acceleration which isn't too nice because it feels slower than usual, though I just try to carry speed as it hasn't really got much punch anyway.

>yer fookin non....
*gets knocked flying into a pool table *

Weatherfu getting hit by a car because he was looking down while crossing the road when a woman was walking his way.

Yeah all the time. I made the right decision but damn I regret it sometimes.

Backed out of x files. Feel ready for bed.
Looking on prime they've some alright stuff. John wick 3, no country for oldmen. Also saw rocketman and got excited, then realised it was the elton john thing and i may be thinking of the rocketeer. That was a good film IMO


>j-just a crumb

Did someone just delete their comment talking about weed fucking up their life?

Weatherfu wetting his bed after forgetting to put on his TENA for men.

I love Chianti.

For me? The Moon and Antartica

Just lol at the fact that this is an original comment on Jow Forums.






Temporarily ceasing from revealing more Weatherfu facts in honour of Timothy's release.

Got to put deep hest on my thigh. It's newr the willy region.
This may not end well


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wonder if he's still gonna act the same

Someone bring Shippy back right now


How about you just stop? You're pathetic.


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This was already my best week of 2019 by miles, and tim being released was the cherry on the cake

I love tim

Nah Iad

>sucks duck
>gets ghosted
>seethes for months
Yeah, you're pathetic.

Put the phone down Reese before you run away crying, I'm not her I just think it's funny.

My name is RHYS and the person I sucked off was actually a female trapped in a lads body OK

>I'm not her
Even more pathetic in that case.

why is there such a social pressure to be 'fun' and 'happy' and to have friends?
maybe i want to be lonely and miserable and i should be allowed to be

yeah I do. I idealise her a bit, we would never have worked out because she's so rude to people.

Nah from what we know about you I'm pretty happy with myself lol

Pigeon orbiter

...zonked...zzz...no ladyfriend tonight kid? ... post by and of my Shipanon in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England on 21 September 2019

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give me one good reason not to cheat on my gf

Yeah it didn't go well. Testicles aren't feeling good. Bloody vapours.

today i played call of duty, ate my din dins had a quick wank and now i'm playing some itch io games

alright day if i can suppress how lonely i am

She's a real woman, not even half pigeon and the love of my life

Today is a good britfeel day

You going to post your dick again shippy?

>what i made up about you
fixed that for you
>I'm pretty happy with myself
Are you though?

well we don't know your gf so no comment

That wasn't me last time, probably SIC but maybe someone else

i hate how excited and happy i am about this

give me one good reason that everyone shouldnt cheat on their gfs

Literally my thoughts on this too. State

>>I'm pretty happy with myself
>Are you though?

just as everyone started shutting the fuck up about timmy he comes back

i'm happy for him, though. wonder if they pumped him full of drugs and he's going to be sentient for a bit before spiralling back to his old self

because it will ruin your relationship

Weatherfu playing Pokemon Go on the bus to knitting class

Anti timmy brigade BTFO
Vile construction workers BTFO
Stoke mandeville BTFO

not if she doesnt find out

What is behind this anti weatherfu spam

Didn't think so

if you cheat on your girl you are a morally bereft piece of shit and karma will come back to get you

Forgot he was even a poster on here lmao

How unusual is it to be a 25 year old kissless virgin if you are a white British Male?

First time you've made me laugh lad, apart from at something you've done.

Basically he hasn't been mentioned in a while so he's started spamming the thread about himself because he desperately wants to be a personality like his hero

I can understand the virgin part but kissless? cmon lad kisses are easy

*kisses your leg*