Time for a /nightwalk/ thread, don't know where this one will take me lads

time for a /nightwalk/ thread, don't know where this one will take me lads.

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I cant nightwalk because my stomach wont let me. feels like its rotting or something

>tfw want to nightwalk
>only nightwalk with cigarettes
>tfw poor apprentice
>next pay comes 27th
>tfw no depressed lonely nightwalk while blasting metal

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cant even. im sick and tired. feel like im going to collapse when i go out

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>he doesnt smoke cigars
Cut out the soi

>nz fag
>decided to start smoking
>didn't realize how much a pack was because of tax
>spend $220 on smokes second week smoking
>fucking poor now
at least I can still nightwalk, perhaps soon the lung cancer will kill me. I wish it would

>220 on smokes
no way taxes are this high , what bran you're smoking?

>used to be an alkie
>want something to fill the void sometimes
>non-alcoholic beer costs more than regular beer
it's like they want you to stay drunk

$30nz a pack give or take smoked about a pack a day
I've cut back to 3 packs this week. All cheaper ones as well

This is pretty much accurate as far as pricing goes
discountt.co.nz/Price List/Cigarettes Price List 2019.html

Sorry meant to reply to
I swear to fucking god I hate this country so much everyone here just goes "well it doesn't effect me so I might as well not worry" for every single issue short of them being shot in the head. The fucking taxes on booze and smokes here is insane and it makes me want to die more every single day and the only thing that happens is they get taxes get fucking higher and higher while the amount that I earn does nothing I swear to fuck I'm going to blow my brains out in front of fucking Jacinda.

Nightwalk is meant to be comfy, don't go and edge it up

>Apprentice pay
I think I'm about to know this feel, at least I "hope" I am, currently unemployed, better a thin paycheck than no paycheck.

I'd like to nightwalk but I'm not that suicidal yet.
t. lives in a big city with loads of niggers

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OP here didn't mean for it to be edgy, just meant for it to be read as "going on a journy into the abyss" kind of feel.

Sorry, I started writing and just went on a rant by accident. On another note went through a different park the other day this one leads by a river I found a really nice sheltered area to sit thats out side of the street lights glare but still gets enough light that I don't need to bring a torch.

Ah ok, just got that vibe from the OP pic.

No worries. That sounds nice. I got this forest trail going by a lake just a few minutes outside my apartment. Gets pretty dark without any lights, but the light from the city on the other side of the lake is enough to see where I'm going. Never anyone there at night either.

Nights are really starting to get cold here over the past week or so. So I went on a /daywalk/ recently while running errands and intentionally got lost in an unfamiliar part of town. Figured I'd either find my way back to some main street I'd recognise or I'd have to ask for directions. Wanted to feel a new kind of anxiety and manage it, and it actually worked. Stopped worrying and let my legs take me. Eventually found a small store I was looking for in the first place (photography stuff). Greatly enjoyed seeing streets I've never been to, although I was a bit stressed pretending to know where I was going. Overall a comfy experience. I'm planning on more daywalks soon.

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I don't /nightwalk/ I /nightrun/

same here there is just no one around at 2am where I live anyway sort of nice when I do see the one or two other people up at that time. One of them is a dick head dole bludger. But the other is just a schizo that likes to collect cigarette butts and take the last little bit of tobacco out of them to roll new ones. I feel sorry for her as most people assume from her appearance that shes just another meth head, I saw her collecting butt by where I like to sit once and sometimes when I know shes about leave her a whole one.

I stopped doing /daywalk/ because where I live isn't very big and the only shop I go to is the all night servo and supermarket sometimes. I also find that the cool air and darkness to be sort of relaxing.

nigga if you spend 200 and how you're poor, you were already poor.

Rolling your own is usually cheaper. Or you could grow your own tobacco if you've got the space for it


For some reason during the day I always feel like I have to have some set place to go to (e.g.: supermarket, hardware store, etc.) or else I'll look like an idiot.
Then again I stopped doing /nihgtwalks/ because I always felt like I looked like an idiot doing them. You know, during the night there aren't many places to go to.
Every time I saw someone in the street I always thought "That guy/chick must think I look like a fucking creep, walking around at night aimlessly."

Maybe the problem is that I always think I look like an idiot.

Anyway, it's almost October so it starting to rai more frequentlyn, maybe I'll start doing some /nightwalks/ in the rain.Less chance of seeing other people.
Time will tell.

I spent over a third of my income on cigarettes sounds sort of poor to me

>tfw nightwalk on LSD

true comfy