Where does the phrase" all women are whores" come from? What's the basis for this or is it just anecdotal evidence?

Where does the phrase" all women are whores" come from? What's the basis for this or is it just anecdotal evidence?

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>Where does the phrase" all women are whores" come from?
The only reasons I could think of that someone would genuinely ask this is if they were a woman, a bluepilled, whiteknighting soicuck or just woke up from a very long coma. So which one are you?

It's ancient wisdom OP. Even the bible implies that all women are whores.

>What's the basis for this
their social media accounts lmao

Most men are done with women because gay sex is just better. Women really are whores

All women engage in transactional sex in more or less abstract ways. All women are whores, it's just a matter of negotiating price.

>Women really are whores
and yet we still crave and need them.

Most if not all cultures in the world hint of this. Ill quote a based montenegrin man:
"All women are whores, sorry mother, you are a woman"

Not really. If you can crave a whore you will be surprised at how much better it gets with another man

In the past men were allowed to tame the whores and suppress their true nature.
Women nowadays think this is "oppression" and now have the right to whore around freely and without repercussion.

>twice as many female ancestors as male

I think its a bigger problem that I cannot make some beta weak male a slave or kill him for being socially retarded anymore

Give it 40 or 50 more years

It comes from 250,000 years of human observation. They were always like this. Men have just always wanted them to be something more.

Nope. You should all be directing your replies to me , because my post is the best in the thread. OP is an idiot, and so are all of you. Please discuss this. Please bask in the revelation that if any of you were as half as smart as you thought you were, you'd be twice as smart as you are. Repeat after me: "I don't have to be a stupid moron! I don't have to be a stupid moron!"

All women are whores, even virgins. You see a 10-year-old girl, she's a whore too. All women have an urge for sex. Even the purest girl you know has fantasized about her dream guy busting a nut on her face.

The Madonna-whore complex that the majority of men suffer from.

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>he doesn't know...
You innocent fool

It's really the whore-whore complex. There's no such thing as a Madonna

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WRONG AGAIN, CAPTAIN. Here is the post that you should be replying to: Did you know that you and OP have something in common? The clinical term for it is "stupid".

Here's the idiocy in action. Men project hard as a motherfucker this image of women as pure angels. And yet they want to have sex with them. When women show themselves to be sexual beings just like this porn-addicted dipshit, it should make them happy. But no, it causes cognitive dissonance. The pure goddess becomes a vile demon.

Those are the words of a cynic and cynics are often disappointed romantics. The before/after (or "lie-truth") split of these webms actually exposes the crippling Madonna-whore complex its creator has. He can't handle a complex reality, which goes beyond his childish good-evil split. Men like that don't even understand themselves.

How is this a contradiction if one image tells of a sheep while the adjacent shows the true nature of the bitch wolf? If anything, these webms demonstate the truth of whore-whore complex .

It's a cope for incels who get rejected by women.

>one image tells of a sheep
>while the adjacent shows the "true nature" of the bitch wolf

In reality, the only difference is the woman having sex in one of them. Why does the idea of woman having sex bother you? I'm certain you don't hate sex, you went out of your way looking for that material. Sort yourself out.

quite frankly women having sex doesn't bother me, but it makes it hard for me not to sexually objectify them if they have 10+ partners and see them as a whorish.

LMAO how about finding out your girl ate a dudes ass and drank piss? Now I'm a fucking pervert so it doesn't bother me as much, but the mental image of being a princess and "my
special girl" really doesn't exist anymore.

The only way i see the relationship working is i embrace the whore you are within reason. and glancing at you sideways. Cause despite being a pretty, beautiful and nice person, and the end of the day you're still a fucking dirty bitch.

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I don't care about the thread topic
Post more of this

It's a life lesson. All women are whores

There's a lot on gif back i nteh day

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another example dada

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>You see a 10-year-old girl, she's a whore too.

If only you knew what those 10 year olds get up to now that everyone has a smartphone and the ability to do a videostream just by pushing a few buttons.
Most of the video streaming sites/apps had big troubles with young girls streaming themselves naked, masturbating, sucking dick, etc. (even youtube way back when)

>What's the basis for this or is it just anecdotal evidence?
It has quite literally been common knowledge since at least ancient Greece, but I guess you could call it "anecdotal" if you wanted to.

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