Masculine Chad vs Pretty boy

Who's more attractive to women?

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Both are attractive to women you fucking nonce. These two get could basically any girl.

zayn is better looking

probably depends on women's taste. but the muscular chad has an advantage on the long run after male pattern baldness hits.

Men that are both musculine and pretty at the same time get the most pussy.

damn dude who is on the right that guy is beautiful no homo

popstar zayn malik

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He looks awful in that pic. Why are zoomer haircuts so tasteless?

>Baldlet cope
Grandfather still has most of his hair at 68.

Super interested in the answer. Used to be pretty boy, than shaved my head when my hair fell out.

Fucked me up to lose my confidence so much.

its definitely the pretty boy. i used to have hair like zayn and was a chill skater dude. i got pussy effortlessly. it started thinning on top and now im just another old fucking loser

I personally prefer pretty.

Younger girls would choose right while older more mature women would choose left

My maternal grandfather has all his hair too but I'm balding. :(

do you have stats to back that up? boyo

The one in the right picture

>guy with a good chin and short hair vs guy with a good chin and long hair
>who's more attractive to women?????

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Women quite literally only care about men who hit the crack rock.
Cracklets were cute for the first 14 millenniums of civilization but it's time to move on, hit the rock already.

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IT depends on the woman its Luke Saying what do you prefe ass or tits

They have completely different phenotypes.

Both of my grandpa's kept nearly all their hair well into their 70s. I'm in my late 20's and balding worse than they ever did. Never thought it would happen to me. Currently saving for a transplant in my early 30's.

Yeah. I just don't want to look like the Coomer meme.

Both look stupid and gay

They both look super gay.