Which girl is the best girl R9K?

Which girl is the best girl R9K?

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I prefer cute boys in my most humble opinion

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I'm just gonna roll, screw the rules

Serious question. How many of these are underage?

But thats homosexual!

Where the fuck is rose? I demand she be put on this list

It's not homosexual if we're both femboys, only the hairy masculine types are homosexual

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You really hate her that much, huh?

rollerino mah negro with some origano

rolling for dubs b4nny nursey

Rolling again plspls

this is best girl, but she hasnt posted here in a while

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Muffy of course. Muffy, always Muffy.

who do they all look a like

Its a shame that these charts are always missing one or two girls. Ive yet to see a satisfactory one that includes all the best girls. You could probably take out 9 and 0 and insert Ashley Jones and crispy

This was based off of agatha2

Because all men want to fuck the same women retard

I don't care for any of these thots but if it came down to the line, I'd choose Ashley

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Ashley doesn't belong in this shit. Leave her alone.

You dont understand, rose is best girl you fuck monkey

Ashley is fucking boring and looks like a typical mutt

Then why do you want to mix her with a bunch of whores?

>Which girl is the best girl R9K?

which one is the one who fucks dogs?

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Glad that you think so, now stop posting her in this shithole of a board.

No caroline konstnar?

Ashley is the best girl.
And she fucked her dog

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>And she fucked her dog

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