Nofap day 6

>nofap day 6
>cute walgreens cashier says hi and smiles
>I start talking to her
>she's smiling and laughing
>ask for her number
>she gives it to me
>head to her place, have sex
fuck you guys, why didn't you tell me it was this easy

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>no fap 12 years after birth till I discovered my pp
>still virgin
Fuck you op

This has literally never happened to anyone

for my mental health, tell me you've made this story up, right now

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I see girls from highschool at my community college and talk to them all the time, and I jack off twice a day. whats your point

Being completely honest. Nofap is magical

>just stop masturbating and you'll have sex!

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I didnt masturbate for the first 18 years of my life, not once, and I didnt even get a girl to talk to me. This is not how it works.

>nofap day 6
>cut cashier says hi to me
>bust a nut

Sorry mate, you're fucked.

remember, retards! anyone a phone poster says is false!

I am going to start nofap tomorrow, I need to reset my test levels

The exact same thing happened to me, why would op try to trick is like that?

Nofap is only phase one.
You still have to go through hard mode nofap (no casual sex) and then semen retention (No ejaculations during sex with your girlfriend) and finally monk mode (No ejaculations, sex, or lust whatsoever. You can't even look at a hot girl in lust.)
Good luck OP it's worth it.

I'll do that after I have sex for a few decades with my newfound power.

It must be so good to be black.

That looks just like my little bro's dead bunny! That's so crazy! Same scowl and everything! Are some rabbits born evil?

I'm a white guy. I'm not exactly a Chad but I am 6'1" so that might have helped.

I did no fap for at least a year and it did nothing
Stopping to watch most 3d porn made me feel better though but no progress in anything else

nofap only works if you're a failed normalfag. if you're an autist you will just get the balls to be even more autistic and people will dislike you more

nofap is a terrible idea. i fap constantly and get laid all the time. without fapping i would do some weird shit

>t. never did nofap for more than a few weeks
it takes about three months for it to truly kick in.

no it doesn't here, gave up fapping for 2017 nothing changed