comfy weekend edition

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What music do you listen to while tripping on psychedelics?

but nobody knew he was a conceptual artist

any opifriends around tonight?
hope youre all comfy
>i think he gets shitter shattered about sourcing
well duh user
thats how these threads get deleted
its not hard to find this info

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The first time I took LSD it was 1p-LSD so I know it was good shit, blacked out and went to space listening to pink floyd. was amazing.
If only I could re-experience that. Or the time I watched Fantasia on LSD for the first time, and took ecstasy a couple of hours in (and watched the new fantasia).

>thats how these threads get deleted
maybe if retarded fags didn't report them...
then again this new wave of jannies is too new and enthusiastic, probably browse threads just to look for shit to delete, gotta wear them out.

Anybody in Colorado Springs area can get acid or shrooms pls im so bored

it could all be avoided anyway if people didnt post links and stuff
point them to dread or something so they can ask there
i like these threads desu
dont want the jannies to get a purge boner for them

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i'm taking a slight bit more than needed of the benadryl i'm taking for my allergies and smokan weed all day. gonna get proper space-y and play some vidya and watch some trippy shit later

yeah haha gonna take opis or whatever haha
just got off my shift at pizza hut
opis are gonna be my evening tonight haha
got some heroin gonna take fent and heroin tonight or whatever haha
real comfy lol
yeah gonna take opis
here cum opis boy i take hard drugs like opis
its time to inject heroin into my body its a good idea i guess or whatever opis or we haha

dread can be slow and also full of faggots, this is more of a chatroom.

haha ebin :DDD

So is my best bet on DNMs just buy coin, mix a few wallets, and just keep it under 1k? Also powders vs pill form for benzos and the like

Wich drug Is worth giving a try for my broke ass?

epic post friend!
yeah dread can be pretty cancer but most of the common questions are already answered
got links to all the popular markets and so on
its also not watched by overzealous janitors like here
just worried about the threads getting removed desu
this is like the only decent place to discuss drug shit

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>Also tumbling bitcoin is kinda worthless is it not? What kind of fees do they even charge?
Really depends on service. It's not really worthless I'd say, no. It adds a layer of obfuscation, which is always good. Plus it protects everyone else in the chain by adding a more confusing history to the coins. Ultimately you should where possible try to twart ALL Feds, not just those trying to track you in particular.
>he biggest privacy problems are at either user end, buyer and seller(eg picking up and using, and the vendor getting busted, storing info in plaintext, giving out account details/passwords to feds).
Very true.
Buy coin, tumble coin, exchange coin for another coin, send to DNM, use a new wallet address each time you top up (that's standard for Empire btw).

>Powders vs pill form
Depends on what exactly you're trying to get. IIRC Xanax it doesn't matter since a LOT of pills are bootleg powders. For others you'll be dealing with stuff that got diverted and thus is pharma grade.

>any opifriends around tonight?
yeah I've been doing some h today. opioids aren't my favorite kind of drug because of the nausea, plus I hate how I can't even watch an episode of a tv show or anything because it's hard to keep my eyelids open, but they're still nice to do sometimes. I just wish there was a drug that would get rid of this damn loneliness

I wouldn't bother mixing, just send it to an intermediate wallet first, not directly from the exchange. I know some exchanges "froze their accounts"(took their btc) for sending to known RC websites or shit like that, anyway addresses associated with drugs. I use electrum, seems to be the most popular.
And yeah keep the orders to "personal use" amounts, especially if ordering internationally. Should just avoid ordering internationally if you don't know wtf you're doing.
>Also powders vs pill form for benzos and the like
pill - easier to dose, easier to carry around, but a lot more expensive, and can be fakes (since you're supposedly paying for a legit "label" this is the worst). like i said go on ecstasydata and try looking up by substance to see examples.
powder - cheap but might(depending on country) have to come international, probably from china. more likely to get intercepted, but can be legal benzo in your country, especially the usa. but you'll have to buy a scale(cheap 30 dollar one can be fine) and graduated cylinder and propylene glycol since benzos don't dissolve in water (look up the psychonaut wiki guide to volumetric dosing). Also you have to carry around a bottle of some sort and either a dropper that you know drops a certain amt of mls per drop or an oral syringe, so its more of a pain.
you can dose candies or blotter with isopropyl alcohol tho i think theres a psychonaut article on doing that.

>just worried about the threads getting removed desu
fair enough, i miss the al/ck/ threads on /ck/ from back when i was a drunk.

How big of a fee do the tumblers charge?

sorry for the stim fueled text wall

>How big of a fee do the tumblers charge?
Not sure, there's a shitton out there. 3 bucks is considered expensive.
>sorry for the stim fueled text wall
What you on, fren?
Just alcohol and cigs (ngl probably the drug I'm ashamed of using the most, it's such a racket) for me rn. Used everything else but the full gram of MDMA crystal I'll gift my brother. I hope he'll like it.

the nausea at the start of using is pretty rough desu
i found that the pepto bismol tablets work really well for it
and the headaches and wobbles are solved by laying your head down
i love being able to fall asleep to stuff cos i usually have bad sleep issues desu
id buy the shit out of an anti-loneliness drug
thatd be a great robot drug
i finally have a guy to be around 24/7 but thatd be a top seller lmao
yea i spend a lot of time lurking and posting in drugfeel
id be sad as fuck if they got deleted every time
imo tumblrs can be hit or miss
exchanging to monero and using that is still my go to
monero doesnt leave a trail and is easy to get with btc

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>What you on, fren?
got some hexen but it ain't that great, might be tolerance from last week tho. Did 30mg, then tried 40mg, then 40mg again spaced about 2hrs, hard to snort that dry ass powder though so the second time some of it literally fell out of my nose and the third time some went back into my throat. I used to drink myself to sleep every night but now when I touch the stuff I can't stop and end up in the hospital with withdrawals or shut away in my house and lose my job.

>the nausea at the start of using is pretty rough desu
literally threw out some opiates i got cause of this.

>there's a shitton out there.
lol i'd be worried about them not actually adequately mixing them. i dont know enough about how btc works to tell a good one from a bad one though.

What would you be doing if it were entirely up to you?
The end goal is exchanging BTC for something else anyway. Each step of obfuscation helps not only you but everyone else.

>the nausea at the start of using is pretty rough desu
I've always had nausea from opioids even after using them for a bit. guess I'm just sensitive to that or something
>i love being able to fall asleep to stuff cos i usually have bad sleep issues desu
yeah I normally sleep 8 hours a night without much issue so that's probably why getting so sleepy is unwelcome for me
>id buy the shit out of an anti-loneliness drug
I really need something like that more than anything
or just use monero instead of bitcoin. most vendors accept monero as well, so not really much reason not to use it

>What would you be doing if it were entirely up to you?
LSD and MDMA but that's reserved for special occasions. Even some 3mmc would be nice, got some 4mmc in that I'd like to try, but I'm thinking those substances are all better off done well spaced apart. Probably been flooding my brain with random shit as of late, too many dissos, stims, etc. Starting to build a tolerance. At least I cut back a bit on my benzos this week. was down to 1mg of etizolam at night, took 0.5mg of clonazolam last night though cause i drank a bunch of 1,4bdo and was feeling like shit.

>Each step of obfuscation helps not only you but everyone else.
True, but the best obfuscation is to just be another user not worth worrying about :^) Fuck sometimes I get paranoid about people on the internet profiling me and arresting me.

>or just use monero instead of bitcoin.
Easiest way to convert to monero and how large are the fees? Everyone says to use monero and I would but last time I tried to look to see how the fees were pretty large or you had to convert like 0.1btc minimum.

what do you mean convert? you exchange bitcoin for monero and vice versa on an exchange like binance. fees are unavoidable with crypto because that's how transactions are powered
but not sure what exchange would have a minimum buy amount of 0.1 btc, nobody would want to trade crypto if that was the case.

>some homo started a website selling etizolam in canada
lmao wonder how long till he gets raided. he's charging like 4-5x the going rate in the US too.

>everyone went out to the club
ah yes

>Easiest way to convert to monero
Used simpleswap.io/ for my last BTC to Monero conversion.
I'm suggesting to tumble before converting in order to keep everything even cleaner.
>True, but the best obfuscation is to just be another user not worth worrying about :^) Fuck sometimes I get paranoid about people on the internet profiling me and arresting me.
OF course, but the more obfuscated you are the better for everyone because the more it adds to the noise.

When can I have fun with weed again? It just gives me dpdr and munchies.

Today I experienced unique insights upon combining a low dose of shrooms with nitrous oxide, and it all began with a text message.

After finishing my breakfast, I receive a text message from this friend requesting my participation in the consumption of shrooms (which I had). I accepted and met up at his place to watch some anime while the effects took hold. I only ingested 1.3 grams, and when I felt the effects kicking in we departed for a walk. During this walk I remark on the uniqueness of shrooms in that the barrier between one's external perceptual world and the perceiver seems to disintegrate, thus allowing an interconnectedness between things. Later we decide to get some nitrous, and upon arriving in his bedroom after the purchase things take a turn. I had previously tried nitrous in the past but found that it didn't effect me at all. This time on my first hit, I disconnect from myself only to pop back into the world as a different person. In the short duration of time I felt the effects of nitrous, I became flooded with feelings of the present moment. I had gained a new perspective regarding my identity, childhood, and present circumstance. I was initially so dumbfounded at the fact that I was there, that I was experiencing this, that I was nearing the beginning of my life as an adult in University and for once I could actualize myself into anything I so desired. For the first time it hit me that I am an autonomous active moral agent, a complete individual person. Compared to how I took in the world previously, I simply wasn't there. It was as though a fog had overcome me, preventing me from simply relishing the present moment. It was all so refreshing.

sorry for the blogpost this is my personal outlet

>I'm suggesting to tumble before converting in order to keep everything even cleaner.
but that's redundant if you're using monero. monero is still untraceable
plus even if you're not using monero, using "tumblers" or "mixers" can be risky because you don't know who you're giving your coins to. I've heard things about some mixers having backdoors to LE
weed is gay
don't worry fren I do the same thing here all the time

Now combine this with beer (the smallest amount possible to still feel something and no more, for me that'd be three cans), passionflower (Incarnata to be precise) tea (strong, boil down to a shot or so) and one weak joint and report back.

My suggestion would be
-Have Passionflower shot
-10 minutes later take shrooms
-15 minutes later have beer
-When shrooms come on, have joint
-20 minutes later have nitrous

See you on the other side.

i enjoyed your story

>don't worry fren I do the same thing here all the time
we all do

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What DNM do you guys use? All the ones I use to use shut down

Also, anyone familiar with a seller called shroomdude who used toad as his avatar. He was a pretty based seller I bought shrooms from a few times. He was around since silk road and popped up on different markets after it went down.

Empire is the most popular, and for a good reason. Check DNStats or Dark Fail for a current address.

Don't know shroomdude.

ree sourcing etc.

What do you guys think of Kratom? Worth trying or overpriced?

this xanax is covering up my depression way better than the heroin I was doing earlier ever was

Is it normal to think about opiates on a daily basis when you haven't used them in years, and were never physically dependent?
Any time I use (non-psychdelic) drugs, I compare them to oxy and hydro.
I'm seriously considering just getting RCs. Don't care about the health risk anymore.

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how do i cure brainfog?
i have literally tried everything. stopped smoking weed, started exercising daily, drinking more water, eating better foods and less junk, and i gave up fapping. nothing has worked.
3 whole months of this shit and it isn't getting better no matter what i do. any advice?

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why not just get opiates? rcs are mostly shit tbqh.

Oxy and stuff is super expensive, even online last I checked. Plus my bf doesn't want me to do opiates, and I'm really trying not to lie to him.

there are no real good opiate RCs these days. What ones are you interested in? I think there's 2-methyl-3-apsomethingorother that is alright, but that'll get banned soon enough.

I don't know. I never tried RC opiates. I've only tried RC psychedelics.
I should probably just not buy anything. Sorry for wasting your time user.

eh there's odsmt and 2-METHYL-AP-237
Yeah you're probably better of not buying one if you've had troubles in the past, its just the same thing with a new name imo

anybody know a good drug while on parole?

Is it bad to smoke weed? It damages your brain, doesn't it? I started smoking occasionally like 4 years ago and have been doing it more and more lately. Am I fucking myself?

Yeah it's pretty bad. Just do it couple times a month desu.

it takes many years of heavy use for any damage to be noticeable. I heard it mainly affects short term memory and reaction time

Like any other drug it depends on the dose, the frequency and your type of personality and how is your life situation. If you are an addictive type of person or if you are smoking weed to escape problems... If you have your life more or less in order but you smoke some weed in the weekend in a party it won't fuck your brain. That's what I think. If you smoke it every day and you smoke a lot then yeah it will fuck your brain.

I have a slightly addictive personality. I recently bought about 60 1g joints on a trip to Washington State a couple months ago. Since I bought those, I've been having a hard time NOT smoking them. I smoke about once every two weeks now, and it's only getting worse.

Really want to light up a joint tonight actually, but I just smoked like three days ago. Another worry I have is that it gives me something to do alone on a Friday and Saturday night, which will just make me more antisocial.

Don't buy a lot of weed or another drug in one time. Buy only what you are going to consume then. I know what you are talking about. Once you have it there in your house it's difficult to resist it.

1 joint doesn't seem so much for me, maybe it is for you. Just study about the good dose of weed or something. There are some wikis in OP. I suppose that it must be some recommended regular dose of weed in mg or something. Like the normal dose.


Two nights ago I took speed for the first time in ages with my girlfriend, best friend and his female friend. Shit got interesting once we started coming up.

We were watching a movie and my girlfriend started to jerk me off under the blankets. My mate started coming up and then got his cock out too. He asked to suck my dick while my girlfriend was jerking me and I just went with it and let it happen. I then started to jerk him off, trying to get him hard. We fooled around for awhile and kept watching the movie until his friend arrived.

She gets here and is pretty drunk, wearing a skin tight dress that makes her look very fuckable. Literal 9/10 - cute face with a tanned, tight body, round ass and perky tits. Pretty soon she started jerking my mate off and got naked. The girls started making out and me and my friend took turns touching each others cocks.

We dosed up again and then took things to the bedroom where we paired up to fuck. My mate couldn't get hard, even though his friend was trying desperately to get him off. She started watching me and my girlfriend fuck instead, touching herself while I choked her.

It was so fucking hot, I was pounding my girlfriend while the other girl looked on submissively, she kept mouthing "I want to fuck you" while my girlfriend was face down and couldn't see. My girlfriend and I had already made a deal that I couldn't fuck this girl so I had settle for teasing her.

My girlfriend came a few times and then went to sleep. I teased the other girl with my cock a bit, shoving it in front of her face and asking her how badly she wants it. I denied her whenever she tried to lean in and suck it. This just made her hornier, so I fingered her and stuck my dick in her mouth while my mate watched, as he was still struggling to get hard from the speed.

It was really hot being in the dominant role, my mate jerking himself silly but being helpless to do anything else but look on while I messed around with his girl.

Pic related.

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Took 10gs of red borneo kratom, smoked some weed and I'm feeling GOOOOOD

I feel jealous if anything. Your post makes me so sad that i just want to down 60mg of 4-AcO-DMT.

Wish i just got laid. sigh.

>in a discord
>say I've done heroin and smoked weed before but I don't really know anything about opiates
>some late twenties chick repeatedly starts typing "I call BS"
>keeps going after me
Holy shit I hate not being able to tell the singular female of the server to fuck off
I'm not some fucking normal faggot who knows all the drug terminology I've just done heroin and smoked weed before I hate drug culture what the fuck is this shit
People are stingy as fuck with bud too

Are these generals comfy? I see them but I never participate

what a bitch desu
i assume she gets the special treatment cos she has a pussy?
i hate when other girls abuse the face theyre female to be assholes
i avoid any "druggie" discords cos of that
these threads are pretty comfy imo
ive been posting in them for over a year now
hope you find it comfy too
what kinda drugs you like?

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How are you not puking your guts out? I've been using kratom daily for the past year and I get nauseous as hell above 7g

yeah basically user, she's the one female of the server and my friend is friends with her, and gave her mod
think I might just stop participating there instead of leaving
thanks user I really appreciate the reply glad to know this place is max comf
I don't mind weed, gives me too much brain fog though, I used to sell water pipes online and at my dorm to make cash on the side, smoked a lot. Like a quarter a week minimum.
Then I tried hydrocodone after I got my wisdom teeth removed, best feeling ever.
Finally my friend got me into black tar heroin, he filtered it and did some other stuff idk how to prep it but I injected it between my toes and after a bit I felt like an angel was hugging me, did it again a few times and wanted to try again
also had a klonopin prescription for a while shit was cash.

So I guess the heroin and the opiates did it for me but I don't really know much about either.

How about you? Got any favorites or stories to share?

fuck those girls and the guys that encourage them
heroins my baby aha
ive got a few tales, including a lucky dea encounter
ive only shot heroin twice but im scared of needles and need my bf to do it for me but he doesnt wanna so i just smoke
havent had powder in forever
think i like tar better desu
its fun to smoke and i love simply smoking it

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you can smoke tar? tell me more user
tell me about the dea encounter if youre up to it
tfw no gf to shoot up with
I don't mind the needles I just miss cause I'm retarded

you just put the tar or gunpowder on a piece of foil and smoke it on that
its fun to chase the blob of dope over the foil
"chasing the dragon" its called
really comfy and an addictive ritual
so i used to order from the darknet markets and i would use bitcoin without converting it to monero
they were going after the vendor, caught my package and traced the bitcoin back to my exchange and bank account, proving it was mine
they came to my ma's house where i used to live and questioned me
asked some stuff and said theyd leave me alone if i handed over the dope and my login info
gave them permission to keep the stuff and signed a form with my login info and they left, telling me theyd probably be back to collect my electronics for the keys i used
got super nervous desu
but they never called or came back and as far as i know im not charged with anything and nothing came of it
was super nerve wracking and my bf spent many nights calming me down and helping me through withdrawal until i found an irl plug
idc if people call me a snitch or whatever for giving up my market logon info
im a tiny 21 yr old chick vs 3 huge DEA guys
didnt want to take a vacation to the local prison either

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not really much they could use your account for unless some dumb vendor doesn't trust "new" buyers

as long as it got them off my ma's front porch i dont care lmao
they told me that i must be good with computers cos "the dark web is a really complicated tool"
so i dont think they really know too much about it
they were just the big guys sent to intimidate and get my stuff i think

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Guys. Please listen to my advice.
Do not take psychedelics.
I'm 26 now. In the past I experimented with DMT, shrooms, LSD, 2cb, MDMA, lots of weed and has.
It ruined me. It took me so long to restore myself to the point of being able to function properly.
Also avoid sex and masturbation at all costs.
Coffee, fine. Red wine in the evenings, fine. Everything else, stay away.
Song related.

damn thats fucking scary fuck that shit, snitch if you need to
chasing the dragon sounds fun, right now I don't have knowledge of opsec to make a safe buy, its been five years since I've done anything so I'm gonna put it off for a bit
Im glad you didnt get charged or anything, I dont know why the DEA just wont leave druggies be they don't cause harm unless they're murdering and stealing from people
I feel you though, I'm 23 shits been rough lately just want some relief and I don't have a plug anywhere so I'm just getting drunk frequently
half the time the grunts dont know much they just try to intimidate anons and shit
they'll do the "we just want the big guys" routine then when you stay quiet they switch to "you're facing 25 years in prison"
how else am I supposed to keep the crippling depression at bay user

No clue. At work I dose at 1, then 2 hours later I dose again. 9 grams each time

I was led to Christ and he mended my depression. He showed me some suffering is necessary for my growth and not to be afraid or resentful for it.
The majority of depressed people are deeply indulging in sin. They masturbate, warp their minds with drugs that open the doors for evil spirits to degrade your soul, they never meditate or pray.
Psychedelics injure the nervous system and make it harder to experience bliss and epiphanies. Weed destroys your mind and dopamine levels.
Literally all you need to do is stop masturbating, stop watching porn, stop smoking weed, and accept Jesus Christ. Start to learn from him, ask him to be your friend as well as your teacher.
Coffee in the morning is a blessing, red wine in the evening is a blessing, but use them wisely.

tame impala are pretty good

thanks user, God bless, originae

yea like they were armed and shit too
as if im gonna open fire at my poor ma's house
thankfully i was home alone
so my family never knew what happened
i couldnt do that to my ma
shed have a heart attack if i told her the feds were investigating me
and in my state any amount of dope is an immediate felony and a lot of time in the slammer
so i was pretty scared desu
there is no singular god user
Mother Universe made all of us and we're all gods in this world
She loves us all and is waiting for us when we pass so She can thank us and welcome us into our new life
so stop spreading lies, dont let them brainwash you

Attached: 1499358916331.png (536x428, 144K)

>I was led to Christ and he mended my depression.

Attached: 335345553.png (400x562, 77K)

These are the types of lies I'm talking about.
Demons are so good at tricking you into believing delusions in your weakened states under the influence of drugs they they can literally convince you God is a woman.

Mother Universe introduced Herself to me long before I used drugs user
She reveals Herself to those with evolved eyes like me and my friend
People call me a "schizo" but im actually blessed by Mother!
I can see all of Her creations, peacefully living among us!
She is not upset that youve been lied to or deceived
She just wants you happy user
the doctors said i could never have a baby but Mother granted me my own child!
ive posted a picture of my sweet baby Holly here before
Mothers beautiful gift to me

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>Anime photo
Seek the Lord Jesus Christ before you end up cutting your dick off.

So you replaced one mental illness with another, congratulations.

Christianity is the truth and everybody knows it deep down.
Everything the bible warned us would happen is now coming true. Everything God said is perfect and true, and the teachings of Jesus Christ are extremely important especially in modern times.

i dont have a dick
and i dont believe in violence so id never do something like that anyway
why are you so hateful user?
im sorry for getting riled up
i just want the comfy thread back

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Fuck I don't have the brain to buy online and I don't have the social skill to safely buy irl I just want to get high and take opiates fuuuuuuuuck
>You have a kid
Dude I'm not saying God hasnt blessed me but when I told my parents I had mental issues they said the demon of gluttony was possessing me and causing me to over eat to deal with it
I should be on meds just to help me deal with the mental disorders I think? I don't know
I just want to be comfy I love my parents but when they said that I wasn't sure how to feel anymore

Seek the Lord Jesus Christ. Actually talk to him, ask him for guidance and wisdom. Ask him for healing. Pay attention to what happens. Listen to what he says.
I won't tell you not to get on pills, but I think they should be a last resort that you try out after an "oh shit" moment occurs that severely impacts your life or strikes you that your condition is a severe safety risk.
Fasting is also important and good for your health. You actually become closer to God when fasting. Try fasting.
A good way to fast is a one day fast, 24 hours. So if you eat at 7 PM on a Monday, don't eat again until 7 PM on Tuesday. 24 hours of zero food.
Fasting combined with prayer and mediation is extremely powerful.

Bible shit is the same sort of confirmation bias riddled crap as zodiac signs. What makes your religion different from the thousands of others? Billions of other humans throughout history have believed that their religion was the "one true one" along with claiming that they have proof. Why is yours special?

You're my favorite drug poster I love your schizo ramblings for real.

Just hire an escort, user.

good girl!
daddy says im a good girl
he says Mother is nice
i love you anons
nini sleep well!

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Hey everyone. Hope your sunday is nice and relaxing. My night trip went well and I'm going to put some furniture together when the sun comes up.

Attached: 1560600880814.gif (220x220, 121K)

What you trip with?
Planning on doing 200ug next weekend

200ug of L, actually. Pretty chill. Kinda sucks because I'm all out but that's probably for the best right now

>friends come over to smoke some weed
>smoke two cones and feel the muscle "jolts" I usually get when baked
>muscles in my thighs and asscheeks start moving on their own and pushing me forward like I'm some magnet
>my legs immediately heat up so much it literally feels like I'm dipping them into lava but without the pain
>ask for water and place a bottle between my legs to keep cool
>heart beat goes apeshit and it feels like I'm having a fucking seizure
>see some cream-colored splotch at the very top of my vision like there's a spotlight shining into my eyes from above
>start seeing memories from the previous night's clubbing being displayed on my long fringe like my eyes are projectors
>hallucinating hearing my Dad arguing with my friends and all my thoughts start turning incredibly negative
>panicking because I feel like I'm about to blackout and all the shit people will say about me if I'm hospitalized and how fucked everyone's lives will be if I come out brain damaged
>so legitimately terrified of what's going on that I start meditating and breathing deeply to lower my heart rate, which worked pretty well but my heart was still too fast
>start making peace with myself and accept my death
>end up stumbling to bed feeling like my soul is being drained from me while my friends kept an eye out for me
>struggle to fall asleep for an hour because I keep seeing silhouettes of stuff in my room shapeshifting and the jolts keep making my limbs move
>wake up feeling pretty great but kinda tired
To think I was going to grow mushrooms soon afterwards. I think it was a combination of being cold, having no sleep for 36 hours, and having to lift heavy shit 30 minutes before smoking that just culminated into that fucking hellscape. Fucking hell bros, and I'm not even new to smoking. I've literally never felt so close to dying before than last night

Attached: 1556320227591.png (540x543, 266K)

>I think it was a combination of...

Set and setting, bro

Only drugs I've been on for the past couple days have been some pills to help my cold, shit sucks man. Turned down smoking with a buddy of mine last night because I want to get over this illness the right way. If things haven't improved by halfway through the week though, I might just go for it regardless.

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I just quit weed so I could focus on school, it's going to be dope smoking a year from now and getting high from one puff. Good times.

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I dreamed about the only girl I loved. Time to take more drugs

fuck off zoomer retard

That baggy of MDMA is calling me bros...

try reading a book or two, getting yourself to engage with a coherent narrative can get your other thought processes back into a groove