JBW is a myth

People say that women want white guys but this doesn't make any sense when you scrutinize it under a lens.
women are universally turned on by
> 6'0 and above height
>dark hair
>dark eyes
>dark skin
>high muscled bodies
>7+ penis
Whereas we know women are universally turned off by
>5'10 abd lower height
>fair hair
>fair eyes
>pale skin
>thin or fat frame
>4- penis.
In all four out of those five categories, white men are in the gross out spectrum so being white has nothing to do with attracting a women. If the unique traits of a race are naturally abhorrent to the opposite sex then how can they be the most desired? Its like saying asians are smart for being asian yet their yellow skin, slanted eyes and weird pubes make them objectively dumber. It makes no sense whatsoever.

So whats the dea? Why do women from, say, latin america would fawn over a white guy when all their unique attributes repulse them and they are far far far more attracted to the men in their own countries? Money, green card, that sort of deal. JBW should now hensforth be buried and destroyed while JHM (just have money) and JBA (just be American) will be used from no on.

Pic related, its the womans ideal man.

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If he had dark skin, what do black folk have

Who or what the fuck is "JBW?"

im pretty sure blonde hair and blue eyes are absolutely lionized in asia you fucking mongrel sympathizer piece of dogshit. be quiet. stop trying to spew your "mongrels rise up" bullshit. this world is our world and you just live in it. stay mad you fucking beady eyed rodent

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he is white passing...so just be white holds...make him indian and he wont be as popular as he is

you have to be rich

if you are white and poor it's unironically over. at least poor nogs and poor spics have a shot with their own women in their own socio economic strata. but if you're a poor white forget it. every time you see some mediocre white guy punching above his weight and dating an attractive asian or ethnic girl I guarantee you he's no poor

>women dont like light eyes
lol no. i have brown eyes but im not a retarded coper like you. EVERYONE likes blue/green/grey/hazel eyes better than brown. brown is common boring and looks like shit literally. also white men are by the tallest men on the planet on average.

whiteness is universally desirable

who cares you virgin lmao

eat my entire dick you fucking faggot. millions of our people charged beaches and got slaughtered so even if we were complete and abject failures we STILL have inherent value. every other shit colored species on this planet has to CLAW their way to the top like some stray dog bitch off the street. god bless the radiant ones; that illuminate this world. god bless the ones who light up this world and stop it from descending into the darkness of the beady eyed mongrel people

very radiant of you to shitpost on an incel image board while letting your race go extinct

Nazi Germany should've won. England should've sided with Hitler, as he so wanted. 'Tis a shame that kikes rein supreme thanks to the English...

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nobody's race is going extinct. when our backs are against the wall you'll see true atrocity that only white people can orchestrate. everyone else only knows how to be subjugated, flee (in futility), and be colonized

>millions of our people charged beaches and got slaughtered so even if we were complete and abject failures we STILL have inherent value
What the fuck does getting gunned down by the dozens of dozens have to do with value?
>Nazi Germany should've won
Nah, they were cucks. Bongs were based in telling them to fuck off.

to protect our global supremacy. fucking monkey

They do want white guys, just not average or below average ones. When ethnic women fantasize about white guys they are envisioning white movie stars

>our global supremacy
our what? I don't think we live in the same planet.

You've been saying this for 15 years and only become weaker over that time. Its over. There isn't a single mainland European country that doesn't have a significant nonwhite population.You will continue to do nothing and you will be gone in a century

>7.7 inch pp
>dark blonde hair
>blue eyes
>pale skin

Will I make it?

>Will I make it?
That depends on if you can actually meet women and chat them up and all that.

white men and asian women are the most sought after races. It doesn't mean being that race will means you can get anyone you want.

If you start using melanotan 2 and work on your social skills, you might have a slight chance.