Motivation thread

What motivates you to keep going user? It sounds pretty cliche, but for me the idea of raising a son of my own and teaching him how to be a better man than I ever was keeps me going

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Raising myself to be a better man than I have been keeps me going.

How do you about achieving this user? I usually focus on fitness and conquering my fears, but it's different for everyone

thats wholesome user i hope it works out for you

mostly amphetamines

Thank you frendo originally

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A higher purpose is a great meme.

When did you first start taking them user? How effective are they?

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The idea of being so successful that everybody from my highschool knows I'm doing better than them

I'm going to be able to use a gun to kil myself one day

Maybe, but believing in a future I can create for myself is much better than accepting my shit reality for what it is

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Amphetamines are effective as shit but there are some fucked up side-effects and they also cause you to get high and perceive yourself as doing more than you actually are.

Mum and Dad.
Money. Becoming rich.
Other than that, mirtazapine and zolpidem.

May your eventually passing into the unknown be a peaceful one, user

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I Just said "fuck it" one day, man.

I try to get rid of my ego, no use being shy and introvert as I'm not in a fucking anime. I am no main character, but I can try to be an valuable side character by getting fit, getting a degree for a well paying job, and getting with someone I want to share my life with and make sure both our lives get better because of it.

And when I lose my motivation, I go here to vent or talk with some people, then I listen to some Nat King Cole, and I get back on track.

>raising a son of my own and teaching him how to be a better man
>implying you won't give up after a few years
>implying you won't turn into an abusive or deadbeat dad who doesn't give a shit about his children
>implying you won't make the same mistakes your dad did while raising you

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I'm not one to judge, but I'd suggest that you quit if you want to live a longer life user. I wish you a peaceful existence either way

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I know it would take great effort to raise a son correctly, but I am willing to make all the sacrifices necessary. I would rather die than to become my father

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You have the right mindset user. Just never lose sight of your mission, and remember that you are in control of yourself

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That's misguided. Your child is an individual, not some kind of putty that you can mold into something like toy or a doll. That and you have no control over how he or she will turn out. Maybe they'll get leukemia at age 12. You have no control over that.

There is no good reason to bring another soul on this overcrowded dying planet.

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I guess so, but at the end of the day I would want my son to be able to make his own decisions and fight for what he believed is right, and if he dies at an early age from something I couldn't prevent, then that is the cruel reality of life

user I don't want to live a longer life. I just want to succeed before I die.

I got a good job once. There was some fucking intense shift work. I slept less than 6 hours a night. I varied in how long I slept an average of almost 3 hours a night. I wouldn't sleep some nights and sleep 11 hours other nights. Amphetamines made this issue worse.

I took a LOT of those good adhd drugs to get me through and keep me awake and working. When I strated my job it was tough because I was disabled and it was the first job like it so I just didn't pick up on everything right away. So I worked really hard, stayed late, did horrible shifts, and took a fuckton of stimulents. I lost a lot of weight. People found out personal information about me and spread it around the office. I was treated fairly abusively. I ended up with severe depression and regular fits of suicidal urges from the effects of the amphetamines, sleep deprivation, hostile workplace, and general stress.

Yet I managed to keep that job and now I live a much higher quality of life. Healthier food, better home, money for a social life. I also managed to get the retarded shifts worked out and job became easier with time. It's a hard world and sometimes its in your best interests to work so hard that you are literally hurting yourself.

All I can say is that you should go with what you truly want. You shouldn't feel compelled to succeed just because of societal expectations. Life is hard, but as men we harden accordingly. Godspeed user

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I was on disability assistance for awhile. I just started to realize that if I didn't make my life better that I was going to kill myself. For some reason I wanted to live.

I read berzerk during that time for the first time actually. I was doing massive 4 hour round trip commutes. Lots of time to read. If you're in a mood like I was it's the perfect mood to read that manga. One where I felt like I was running from death. You'll emphasize with guts on a deeper level.

Today I'm not doing any of that amphetamine shit because it makes me feel like shit and lose weight. It's Saturday. Things are easier now. Amphetamines can enable you to do some pretty insane shit. Yet they're some devils bargain where you sacrifice your health.

Almost like a minor version of the behlit? Sacrificing your humanity for your ambitions? Also
>I've read berserk too
Be my friend now

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Right down to how amphetamines and the side-effects make you an irritable dick.

Can't wait until Guts skull fucks Griffith

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A better analogy is the Berzerker Armor.

I do this by improving my response-ability. When I get a craving for something carnal and base, I observe the craving and let it pass. A sage watches things come and go.

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