How is my tinder profile?

How is my tinder profile?

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>is on Jow Forums
This ain't your profile and I know it

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Idk Karl, it's in German.

Are you trying to scare the women away?

why are you fat and asian

Don't listen to people saying to remove anime, manga, programming etc.
They will say this because those things aren't considered traditionally attractive but look at it this way.
Do you want to remove those things and make yourself more appealing to a wider array of people that don't have those shared interest? Or would you rather appeal to a niche group of people that do share the same interests?

You'll get less people swiping right but the people that will, are doing it because of genuine interest.

It's over for you. I'm sorry

what you list isn't too big an issue but it's very categorical and sorta boring.

I hate to be this user to tell you but...

the unworthy ones, yes

Even though you blacked out your face I can still tell you're ugly

Also anime is cool but don't have it at the top

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>anime is cool
spot the incel coksucker sissy

You are shaped like a potato, so all girls will ignore you, even before they get to your list of "don't touch me" interests

are you the mkultravictim guy on twitter? your hair looks similiair

no u you fucking homo

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>n-no y-you
so this is the power of.. weebism homosexual sissy agp?

>Anime and Manga
>shitty haircut

You deserve to get cucked by some Turkish chad

Still no argument you fag

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what argument?
you are a gay weeb
dk what the issue is
did u take the tism pills today?

why are you wearing a hoodie over a collared, button down shirt?

man, that place looks so comfy
I wish I didn't live in a 3rd world shithole

jesus christ this is so shit, im sorry.
Cut your hair please i can see your face is kinda large already and you're just making it worse.
Throw out manga and anime please, video games can stay i guess but normies wil be scared about cartoons, same with politics you are on a hookup app cmon dude...
Also that song jesus, germans are truly the biggest autists on the continent.

user what the fuck is that shit haircut!?

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