Is it morally wrong for a guy in his 30s to marry a (legal) 16 year old?

Is it morally wrong for a guy in his 30s to marry a (legal) 16 year old?

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wtf no the legal age of consent should be raised to 25 due to perverts like you

No. Impregnate her ASAP.

does someone have the crying (woman) wojak?

Not at all desu senpai

Remember OP, devide by 2 plus 7

I always thought it was divide by 7 and add 2!

No, it's been that way for many thousands of years. Young girls are always attracted to settled, older men. The only one who has a major issue with it are used up roastie spinsters who can't handle competition and noone wanting their used up bodies

Depends on the people involved, she might cuck you out of a house and money in divorce 5-10 years down the line, where she will still be young enough to rebuild a life on your dime.

With the right people, any age gap can work.

men stay younger longer, and age better

Is this how mgtow cope?

Marrying a 16 year old will be viewed by many is inappropriate. However, marrying a 20 year old will be seen as fair game (if a bit unusual).

If you can wait, wait.

I guess yea if her parents approve

No, if she's legal over there don't wait, slap a ring on her and pump her full of your children before some other man does.

Women, especially dependent women, can absolutely ruin a man in court should they separate.
Sure physically and even mentally a teenager and a guy in their 30s can work great, they can compliment each other well but its basically all or nothing for the guy.

Men have a wall aswell, like women there will be a range of ages it could happen, the difference is that rather than being 27-32ish like it is for women, its about 27-45 for men. Some men go bald and get fat as fuck in their 20s and 30s, youll know when youve hit the wall when you start finding it harder to workout even before the visible signs hit.

>Is it morally wrong for a guy in his 30s to marry a (legal) 16 year old?
no, its the only people 30year olds should marry.

I'd say that the immoral aspect of it would be marrying someone that can't have the same level of life experiences and insight as you, but seeing as how many women stay at like a mental age of 13, fucking shoot.

It's immoral not to.

Yes it is. Her brain isn't developed enough yet to know what's happening in her life and if someone is getting married at age 16, is probably being taken advantage by someone

as a fellow 30 year old, yes, yes it is

>is it morally wrong for a 30-year-old man to marry a 16 year old girl?

are you fucking retarded? the AoC is 18 years old in most civilized places, of course it's morally wrong considering even some 16 year olds are developementally stupid fucking idiots that don't understand the ramifications of sexual acts.

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>the AoC is 18 years old in most civilized places
Nope. 18 is a minority, 16 is the majority.

doesn't make it not morally wrong, and 18 is actually the majority. 16 is the aoc in some us states and canadian provinces, but for the vast majority of places it's 18.

It's so weird, to find someone sane in here

If you add them up 15 and 14 are the most common range in Europe. Then comes 16. 18 is an absolute minority.
In South America 14 and 15 are the norm as well.
Minimum age for MARRIAGE is usually 18 though.

16 is the majority in the world, including the US and UK.

16 is the majority in the US, by far. 17 a close second, very few are 18.

Who gives a fuck about a third world shithole?

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Disgusting, if anything it should be raised to 21 worldwide. Men need to stop being fucking creeps.

Nah, things are fine just the way the are.

>T. Roastie
Women peak earlier and age much worse than men. Women are most fertile without issues at 18-19. A women in her 20's is increasingly likely to have a kid with down syndrome or autism.
This is why men don't want a 'career woman' because she's too old to spawn a kid who isn't a waste of biomass