Better a tankie than a degenerate

Better a tankie than a degenerate

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Is this the reason Asians are sociopaths? The communist ideology bleeding into social programs that force them into being extremely productive members of society? Crushing women into cogs and bits of a machine?

Wow I have to sit around and get laid to make money. Sure must be hard being a woman. Let's instead waste insane amount of resources to educate women even though men are responsible for like 98-99% of all scientific, literary, artistic, and cultural achievements.

Oh so you agree with capitalism faults and seek to roll in it's shit

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Huh? Be more specific.

All tankies are weeb sissy cocksuckers
your point?

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I wish I lived in an authoritarian country.
Not one with conscription, then I'd just suicide, but to be given a small number of strict options and a clear path to follow, that'd be nice.
I'm a 27y.o undergraduate and I feel like I should be a lot further alone in life than I am now.

Tankies are literally not human.

>haha sure showed him

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Yeah I feels at a lost in this world.
They say there's so many paths but they're all locked off because I don't know the right people or have the right money.
We need guidance to help us

I'd rather this guy date my sister than literally anyone in the commie pic.

>nazis are real me-

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So you can imagine yourself fucking her probably

>if you think authoritarian government full of purges, corruption, incompetence, and oppression are bad, you must be le silly man or a nazi
No, it's called not being a retard.

Ah yes because mega corporations having unlimited power is good

At least they don't encourage it. Can't say the same for other systems.

>So you can imagine yourself fucking her probably
Kek. You have something you want to share with the class?

>a one time thing hans

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Let me guess, in your next breath you will complain about Nazis putting homosexuals in labor amusements parks or some other bullshit.

>Better a tankie than a degenerate
At least in the West, I have yet to meet a tankie who ISN'T a degenerate.

just pointing out hypocrisy
Look at how women in former Warsaw pact countries used to be

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>can't come up with any arguments other than "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER EXTREME
rethink your life choices. Also, last time I checked, McDonald's doesn't go around killing people for having religion, or send people to gulags for questioning the Party. So no, they don't actually have unlimited power, they have less than the savages that you worship.

Well have fun with water no longer being a human right chud

>just pointing out hypocrisy
There is none but whatever. Most of these pictures were likely jokes and if they were real, they were relocated to the Auschwitz vacation camp
>Look at how women in former Warsaw pact countries used to be
Ok? What about them? They were like real trad dude and stuff....yea okay whatever, they were probably all worthless whores with 5 abortions each anyway.

ok chud

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Die like your leader, in a pool of your own piss, so reviled no one would dare come in and try and save you.

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Tell me, do you even know what a tankie is? From the way you act, I can only reasonably conclude that either you don't actually know, or you're genuinely a savage.


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>genuinely a savage
yeah you know it bud

Go back to CNN you commie faggot.

It's good to know that tankies are their own single biggest enemy, purely because of how retarded and tactless you guys are.

This thread is reminding me why I got out of politics.
Can't we just have a mixed economy that regulates corruption and big business but doesn't turn into a top heavy bureaucracy?

Sorry but even I hate CNN
Ah yes because calling everyone you hate a kike, nigger or subhuman is full of taste

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I just called you a subhuman, and a savage, which you are. You literally support massacres, oppression, and subjugation. Seriously, where do you think the "tank" in "tankie" comes from? Hint: It doesn't come from water tanks.



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same thing for Jow Forums tards pal

I preferred Gabbard, not that I'm American so my opinion doesn't really matter.

Alright, take a seat and get ready, because this is going to blow your mind: The world consists of more than just tankies and "Jow Forumstards". Mayter of fact, the vast vast majority of people are neither of those.
This also might blow your mind: People (actual people, not edgy children like you) in general hate tyrannical and oppressive regimes built on subjugation and fear.

ma - i mean yang's great leap forward WHEN?

Has he said anything about busting monopolies and oligopolies and shit? If not he's a total joke and won't actually achieve anything.

Reminder of who the evil one is

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>the evil one is

oh sweet child of mine

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That's not really 'killed by capitalism', that's more like 'not saved by capitalism'.
Communism's death toll was largely intentional murder or the consequences of mismanagement.
These people dying under capitalism weren't productive, she they didn't really matter anyway.

Not surprising that OP stopped replying and started posting his meme infographs. To be expected really.

More like companies came in and commodified natural resources leading to easily preventable deaths had those companies not taken resources

Well then the issue sounds more like a lack of regulation.
You see, this is the problem; rather than just say 'we should prevent deaths by regulating how corporations do business here', communists say 'full socialism, nationalise everything!' and you end up with so much public opposition that nothing is achieved.
Maybe you are right, but you'll never convince everyone of that so you should aim for something more realistic.

thats career sui and not a very smart thing to do.

Massacres reported by greedy fucks in the west are as real as unicorns

>tfw tankie gf

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rollin originalipo