I just turned down sex from a girl

I just turned down sex from a girl

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wow, are you gay or something? How did you in heaven's name manage that?

I'm worth more than just some cheap sex

I hope the girl is crying and depressed, females in general deserve the emotional trauma.

BASED BASED BASED!!!!!!!!!!!! BASED BASED BASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BASED OP!!!! OP IS BASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Then you should have taken her out to a nice restaurant so it was expensive sex

post story and detail how hot was the girl to judge how based it was

my condolences, but also you probably just saved yourself a world of pain, so, congrats!

I jumped out of the fucking window once when a girl tried to fuck me
I also stole a bottle of vodka from her grandpa on the way out
I feel kinda bad about the last part because gramps didn't like that one bit

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>Meet girl from mutual friends
>fat ass and ok tits, has a really cute face
>tell my friends after that that girl was really cute
>dont think anything of it, just a simple compliment
>few days afterwards, get a message from my friend that she is really interested in me and wants to meet up
>he gives me her snap
>few days pass and i message her if she wants to meet up and come to my house
>she tells me yes but later in the afternoon
>think nothing of it, continue studying
>get really into studying when she messages me that shes ready and wants me to come pick her up
>think about it for a little bit and decide me getting a 4.0 gpa is more important
>''not interested anymore''
>sends me a pic of her wearing lingerie and a ''are you sure ;)''
>''yes, please stop bothering me''
>''Message read one hour ago''
Feels good, I hope i do this again in the future

based OP
i have a similar story

>at walmart
>girl approaches behind me in line
>talking to my stepdad who i was with
>she was showing him pics of her kids
>he introduces me to her
>stand by awkwardly while she tries flirting with me
>pay for stuff and leave
>forgot a bag, go back to get it, girl is running out the door with it
>"see its meant to be!" she says and gives me her number
>text for 2 minutes then she calls me
>says she's going to a pool party and wants me to come
>says her tubes are tied
>she's really wanting me to go to this pool party
>tell her i hate kids
>"it's okay they're like little people!"
>that's exactly why i hate them, little humans creep me out
>tell her i'm not available
>"okay ttyl"
>delete her number and avoid that walmart to this day

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based dubs


I decided I'm asexual years ago, I turn down sex as I find it gross and inefficient use of time when I could just quick fap then continue day.

It is strange to me that women will reject guys or obsess about problems based on their dick game. Seems like such a tiny part of the whole relationship

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There's a girl with a gross body and a man face trying to get me to stir her guts but I'm stalling because I don't want to have my first time with her

>tfw never had to turn down sex because i'm not a fucking normalfag

when i was 21 i started working out because a friend started working out. i was working at a grocery store bagging girls would flirt with me. it went over my head, i had a cockblocking co-worker. she would tell on me if i tried getting girl's numbers.

I lost my virginity to a donkey and since then every bit of puss I've had has been inferior to that. If I could get away with it I'd have a beautiful donkey waifu I could feed carrots every day and pound that beautiful vag. Shame I live in the city.

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what the fuck is wrong with you people? You're SUPPOSED to decline sex from people you don't like and don't want to form a proper relationship with.
Jesus christ, you robots are just as disgustingly impure as the sluts you hate so much if you think some enlightened state of mind is what it takes to turn down easy pussy.
There is ZERO point in being with a woman you have no intention of marrying. Masturbation feels better and you're not using someone to make yourself not feel like a piece of shit.

checkd but rekt
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This is unironically the redpill. Putting your pp in a girl is a form of mental illness.

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>implying robots don't get approached if they're attractive

I'm 26, faggot, only mentally retarded children see sex as something you need to have as soon as possible. The orgasm is a gift, don't abuse it.

>I can't have sex
>I want sex
>I turn down sex
The reason OP is making a joke of enlightenment is the fact of how sex crazed this generation is. A guy turning down a women is unheard of in norman circles

>Be me, 34.
>Have had sex with 60 different women on thousands of separate occasions.

I'm bored of sex now and when girls offer me their pussy, I tell them they can suck my cock but I'm not interested in fucking.

>TFW 60% still offer to suck my cock knowing there's nothing in it for them.

Thots be gone!

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>>I can't have sex
no, you fucking idiot that's an incel
robots =/= incels
robots do not care about sex or relationships
fucking newfaggots

literally how

>robots don't care about sex when 90% of the threads on Jow Forums are sex related
ok kiddo, just remember this board started off as a /b/ replacement years ago

because fucking redditor normalfaggots invaded and won't go away
go back and stay there retard

oh shit we have an edgelord. my edgemeter is going up to 100,000 right now!!

I did tonight too.
Feels good. Semen retention is the true redpill. Cheap sex is never worth it.
Every time I've had sex with a girl I wasn't in love with, I regret it immediately.

I was handsome and had great social skills from ages of 16 to 28.

You're just contradicting yourself to make ad hominems. I think you might be projecting a bit user.

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>smug laughing anime girl collage gif
alright faggot that's it
where the fuck do you live?
i'm gonna stomp a SERIES of new mudholes in your ass motherfucker

you better call the avengers, the justice league, and the navy seals because only they can stop me from i'm going to do to you faggot

check your mums room, we're having a fun while youre jerking it to moeshit

i'm gonna fuck you up kiddo
get ready you sad little sack of shit
i was the top of my assassination classroom faggot there's no way you could take me

that's why your mom stepped on my face faggot
she called me a bad boy and kicked me in the balls while i was tied up in a plastic chair
she made me bend over and spanked me with a wooden paddle
afterwards she squeezed my balls so hard i started crying
what now motherfucker?

yeah that's what i thought
your mom stepped on my balls faggot
damn near popped them
i was crying like a bitch

calm down and go outside

i can't go outside your mom still has her foot on my balls
and she's pressing harder and it hurts
its not fun anymore

>girl from work has a thing for me
>stalks me at my other job
>asks me to hang out with her at mall
>make her cry at mall
>she texts me 2 days later to be fwb
>tell her I dont want too have sex with her

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wow you fucking faggot queer go kill yourself you cocksmoking shitlord

kmon now if yr gona larp as a chad at least do it on some board with more retards this is just insulting

find something better to do than make up these fake stories on Jow Forums

24 year old virgin here, turned down sex from 3 girls in my lifetime, all of them super hot

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>delete her number and avoid that walmart to this day

absolutely fucking based.

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