I put a bunch of pistachios in my blender and now i have no idea what to do with them

i put a bunch of pistachios in my blender and now i have no idea what to do with them

any suggestions?

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Uh eat them.

make like a pistachio paste and spread it on some toast then report back

put milk in it

im not just going to eat them in a powdered form, i need some kind of food item i can mix them into

hey that sounds pretty good. how do i go about turning this into a paste?

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try mixing it with butter

water and like...some sort of thickener or binding agent. idk how they make peanut butter but i imagine it starts with powder stuff like that

snort it and post results.

yeah what they said. try adding butter and sugar and then inform if its like some sort of pistachio butter

Make pistachio ice cream

coat a food you enjoy with it such as a steak or chicken. coat in small layer of butter then dust them with your blended nuts. post results if you do. you just inspired me to either way

Peanut butter is made of peanuts, littlebit of some oil and some salt. Nothing else. The oil can be skipped. You just put that in a really powerful food processor and blend it until smooth. It takes a while and the peanuts will heat up quite a bit by the friction, but eventually it will turn into smooth paste.

Peanut + butter = peanut butter. Like yeah jif they do weird shit to it to make it thar cementy consistency(not talking shit ita what i buy) but if you get the natural stuff, thats it cheif

you could put them on yogurt or ice cream, that would be good

Peanut butter is usually peanut oil and peanuts. If you have any peanut oil on hand I imagine that would work. I wouldn't use, like, olive oil or butter or something, though.

i'm still here just lurking and weighing my options

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dude we get it you smoke weed

why did you blend them with no plan

Because OP wanted to make a thread

Make pistachio pesto.