You are kidnapped and forced to live like a baby by a group of girls

>you are kidnapped and forced to live like a baby by a group of girls
>force fed HRT and drugs to weaken your body
>they will breast feed you and put you in cute dresses, sometimes giving you handjobs if you've been a good baby
>they will always pat and kisss you all over, making sure you stay happy and comfy in your crib and diaper
>your entertainment will be mostly dolls and teddie bears, nothing to grown up for little baby

Would you be interested in something like this? What would you do?

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I would punch every single one of them into a bloody pulp, burn the dresses, call the police and have the estrogen replaced with good ol' testosterone.

rape all the girls cuz its my fucking right

OP, stop trying to push your shitty fetish on everyone else. Go back to whatever degenerate diaper forum you crawled out of

Only if they are cute and when we hug, our skin touches.

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Lots of punching. Maybe some deaths before the night is up

why not accept the cozy lifestyle while they flood you with female attention? sure you lose your independence but you get so much more in return.

because it's in my nature to dominate things and make them mine.

I feel I would vacillate between indulgence and incredulity. Apart from the hrt, so many of my buttons are going to be getting pushed in the best way, but the trivializing of it would probably make me act out like a brat from time to time even if I don't mean it.

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Diapers are god tier but sissy shit is shit tier.

no fuck off diapernigger

On the same page bro, it is ridiculous how quickly Male protagonist ends up child beauty pageant levels of altered when diapers start to get involved. The only thing that I'll say in sissy shit favor, it's easier to check and change under a skirt or dress, that's the only ground I concede.

I don't want handjobs, I want comfy prostate massages and getting fucked by mommy with a huge strap-on (no lube) and pimped out to her friends.

Fucking Sissies.

I'd love it, but also hate myself for it. I could never be content with this life.

Yes, minus the handjobs.

Lock my little dinky up in chastity 24/7.

Maybe surgically remove my testicles.

Force me to watch endless hours of whatever show 2-3 year old girls watch now.

Adult life is shit and repetitive. Even vidya and most anime are garbage now.

Regress me for good so i can live in ignorant bliss as a dumb widdle baby girl.

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how broken are you niggas to fantasize about this? jeeze there must be something you enjoy doing in real life that would prevent you wanting to become a sissy baby.

I am not into sissy shit.
But society is the only thing that holds most of us back from 24/7 life

maybe for a little while but not permanently, sounds comforting
maybe not with the HRT and drugs part

I would like to see some bitches try to weaken me. I would break their necks like twigs.

It's tempting but I'm more interested in moksha instead these days.

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