One chance at life

>one chance at life
>born a roastie
>physically weak and can be attacked/raped even by weak men
>never taken seriously in the world of work
>have to deal with periods
>child birth
>literally property in most parts of the world

but yeah you guys are mad about your penis being hard so it's so much harder for you. fuck off

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Shut up Daria you fucking faggot.

do you really claim to be a female?
Post tits with a timestamp.

You can always become FtM.
You'll be a manlet but at least you can become swole.

Being a man is fucking great. We are much less controlled by our physical bodies and don't go fucking insane after 30

nothing is expected of you tho
just exisitng gives you a leg up in nearly every job field dominated by men. pretty pretty pretty good to be a woman in this day and age

>>physically weak and can be attacked/raped even by weak men
you can also make false rape claims and literally ruin any guys life
>>never taken seriously in the world of work
entirely your own genders fault. you stupid shits know you can get away with not actually working hard
>>have to deal with periods
yeah that sucks
>>child birth
you can choose not to do this. you also have the final say in a child's life. you could have an abortion
>>literally property in most parts of the world
for pretty good reason. for some reason you roasties cant think logically

>implying being able to bear kids is not a plus

I personally cannot wait to put all types of weird shit into my own kid's head. It's going to rule. YEAH!

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Most men aren't given special attention or respect. The top 10% of males are the most privileged, but if you aren't in the top 10% as a man you deal with all the responsibilities of being a man without any of the benefits.

Nope can confirm being a male sucks
Especially if your arnt masculine

Just let a guy mash ur gash, OP
you'll feel better

Obvious troll but this retardation needs to be logically bitchslapped.

>physically weak and can be attacked/raped even by weak men

Which is illegal. Any woman can buy a gun and make up for her lack of strength. Furthermore, any illegal shit a woman does comes with lighter sentencing in court due to the pussy pass. So complaining about problems that are against the law as a women is just fucking retarded since you can literally do the same thing with less risk attached to it.

>never taken seriously in the world of work

A single women who never marries or has kids makes more than men on average. Women under 30 also fall under this.

If workplace discrimination was real this would not be possible. The reason you aren't taken seriously at work is because you are an entitled brat with a low IQ, not because of your vagina.

>have to deal with periods

This is your closest thing to a valid point and literally the only shitty thing about being a women. But even then, it has been proven that periods are extremely subjective.

>child birth

Any women who thinks this is a downside is severely retarded. Child birth is not only a miracle of nature, but being able to do it also means that your life is inherently more valuable to society. It's not just because men are stronger that they are the ones sent off to fight and die for their countries, women are legitimately considered a permanently protected class.

Seriously, imagine being too fucking dumb to figure this one out on your own.

>literally property in most parts of the world

Islam is right about women.

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If you and many young men would put Islamic laws on women if not for the current government this proves feminism is right.

What would prove that feminism is not right?

faggots would still jack off to that pic, trap lovers are so gay lole

Wow cool it with the Islamaphobia.

You know you could work out.
And at least it's not normal in one of the biggest countries in the world to just chop up your sex organ for no reason at all, all that happens while a feminist is screaming about how comparing genital mutilation of men and women is horrible because it's much worse for women because they're more fragile and essentially confirming when women are left on their own their conclusions only benefit them.

women can buy guns too. ever notice the women raped never take personal protection into account

lmao you fucking dumbass.

"Islam is right about women" is Jow Forumss latest trigger phrase. It calls out the hypocrisy of cultural marxism as it's impossible to answer without appearing either misogynistic or Islamophobic.

It's a perfect response to you pretending that women are oppressed in the first world due to oppression that exists in the third world. Your logic is based on the absurd idea that we live in some global singular cultural pot and "oppression points" are thus to be handed out evenly, instead of just admitting that equality is a lie.

>you can also make false rape claims and literally ruin any guys life
kek tell that to the President or Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. cope harder

fuck off with your whole haha im so misogynistic and not like other girls shtick

t. a femanon that can see how being a female definitely gives you many advantages in life

>the female community doesn't fucking claim her

This is easy mode: