Tell me about your day user

How are you feeling? Did anything productive today? Enjoyed yourself, had a nice meal or just laid back and enjoyed vidya or whatever? Whatever it is, share your day activities here, I'm interested

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I'm alone. My dog just died.

I walked the dog, went to the gym, washed my car, and tidied up the house before my parents came home from their vacation. Now I am laying out and listening to some ASMR hopefully fall asleep soon. What did other anons do today?

I did 1 hour of kick boxing and 2 hours of BJJ. I studied some Japanese after that. It's been fun - I love being home and comfy after all that.

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How was your day though friend?

someone ive been talking to friendzoned me last night. so its been a rough day.

I just want a qt gf to spend my days with

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Sorry to hear that friend, I've had that happen as well. You won't forget, but you will move on eventually.

what did she say? how long have you had feelings for her?

I have to see them every day, although we had never actually talked irl

Sorry user, you lost your childhood pup? I have been there before. Take some time to rest

washed the car before winter hits here and salt hits the road, polish and everything.
After that I've just been drinking, trying to figure out what to say and do on my next appointment with my psychologist which is this Monday. Currently trying to evaluate if I have alphabetical disorder .. personally I believe in ADD, but results will tell me if I'm right or not

"user I need to tell you something... I really like being friends with you, and I want it to stay that way. I don't think I am ready for a relationship and I just wanted to let you know that because I don't want you to feel like I'm leading you on. That's the truth. :("

That was miles better than it could have been, count your blessings lad

this, it sucks still but it couldve been worse.

okay but consider this:
>ask is she's looking for a boyfriend, says "maybe, I want to get to know you better"
>implying that she got to know me better and didn't quite like what she saw

Been there as well, except I just continued to keep being one of her best friends through highschool, and even today we chat. It kinda feels surreal continuing to talk to the person when you know there's no chance it'll go the way you actually want it to.
I will friend

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>I don't think I am ready for a relationship
should add, its only a good way to say it IF this is actually true.
next week if shes eating chad dick, then you can ghost her

>Did anything productive today?
med school interview.
on a state on the other side of the cunt where I'm originally from.
not to hyped about coming here, which i think showed during it, I just don't see myself living here for the next 4 years, ffs there is a call to prayer every single afternoon at 3

Well user, I *should be* doing well, doing mostly enjoyable classes, have a qt3.14 that i can actually talk to for almost 2 years now, and as usual when everything is going well i want to string myself up from a fucking ceiling fan

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There is nothing to consider here m8, she said she isn't interested which means you shouldn't be so hung up on one chick. Why would you be interested in someone you know isn't interested in you?

Like said, count your blessings and improve yourself. 90 percent of friend zones are because the girl thinks she could do better but likes the personality of the guy, just not the looks. Go to the gym fren.

she told me she liked me and that she wanted to go out to dinner with me, told me she noticed me like two years ago.

what do you think goes for the opposite? like when a guy friendzones a girl?

Drinked some petroni (liquor) and talked with friends about soros (es un amo en fiestas)

Not the fren you replied to, but then why did she reject you when you opened up. I have a sneaking suspicion she want to have a few crazy years of whoring before she "settles down" and starts taking actual interest on you. Like said, if she dates anyone other than you you can forget her. She's using you for her endgame.

Are we talking about this same girl who said she didn't want to lead you on? She isn't interested though, believe me user you are doing better than I am making your intentions known and taking the shot at least. I am not saying anything negative about you I am just judging the situation from an outside perspective with the limited info you have provided. But sounds like it won't work out with this one user, sorry

A girl told me that she thinks of me when she masturbates.

it was so funny when i told my parents that i'd found a girl who goes to my college and my age, which i haven't since 7th grade. i showed them pictures and all my friends said that she was the most attractive one I'd ever shown them

I smoked weed with my sister and his boyfriend, we ate a lot and played video games, it was a good day

Usually it doesn't happen the other way around, but I've done this myself a couple times. (Which was unheard of in my school) When I did friend zone a girl I just genuinely avoided them and stopped talking to them altogether (I was a coward) because I didn't think they were attractive. I liked who they were as a friend.

It's rare because dating is a game of cat and mouse where the guy is the cat. The cat usually doesn't take any interest in the mouse it doesn't want. Girls however have many guys to pick from and choose the one they like best at that point.

I'm a nice guy and chat with everyone so generally a couple of the nerdy girls get a crush because they think I'm chasing them. They choose me because no one else is chasing them in their world. I don't want to sound like I'm gloating because I'm really not attractive, I'm just open and that's all it takes for some girls to get interested when their options are limited.

user I was ghosted by the last girl I exchanged numbers with. And the current crush I have had greets me by name when I enter the gym, but I am too much a faggot to engage her anymore than that. Gearing up to flameout again this week on girl #3 thug life

I see, my eyes have been opened.

my day was shit, i was supposed to study for a test but masturbated to incest porn for 3 hours and played some dumb mobile phones. my pc is broken.
also i went jogging at 1 pm again. i live in a semi desertic place and hope to die from skin cancer soon (so i dont have to kill myself and take the risk of being sent to hell)
how about you robots?

I,slept from 6pm,to 6am. I got up ate breakfast sat at pc for like 3 hours until i got sad and bored so then slrept for like 10 more hours and here i am now

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So, what kind of situation do you think you are in? Rate her looks out of 10 (be honest) and then rate your looks out of 10. If she is higher on the scale then you then you need to start working out seriously so that in a couple months she might notice you senpai.

Sounds comfy friend

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Slept till noon took dog on a walk and then played dying light all day. I am so sick of being alone might kill myself soon

ive been told im a 8 across the board, so that gives you an idea.

i think she's an eight as well, shes not athletic like i am, but soft hair goes down to her waist, pleasant face, smart and actually funny. flat ass but the best smile.

>tfw today found out that a girl that is really pretty, hot and rich has low self steem and is unhappy with her body
we really are all blessed and cursed like the book says

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>the same things that make us laugh, make us cry.
Havent heard of a better way to explain hating yourself and using it as a joke.

>went out for pizza on my own for the 3rd time this month
>now my parents think that i have a gf
>they look happy
w-wat to do ;_;

I feel very lonely since I left University, the days cold and rainy which I enjoyed while I watched a movie with my mom and my dogs.
I just want someone who wouldn't mind having me around.

Hung out with friends, watched highschool soccer game, and hung out here

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datamining shill fuck off back to the JIDF faggot

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I spent most of the day posting on various Jow Forums boards. I also spent some time listening to music. Earlier today I bought a Spotify premium subscription. But still my internet is not fast enough. Today was my day off, I ordered breakfast for dinner and had it delivered.

I broke up with my gf because I'm seeing someone else and it was fucking horrible.
It's been a long time since the last stress-induced migraine.

sounds like a catch! Go for her, tiger

>woke up at 3
>lied in bed for 30 minutes
>got up and cut the grass because my dad told me too
>came inside and watched anime
>ate dinner
>watched more anime
>browsed 4channel
>saw something that reminded me of my ex-gf and sat in silence for holding my head for 30 minutes
>browsed 4channel
Now I'm going to shower, go to mcdonalds, get home and watch anime, get in bed and watch anime, and try to fall asleep before 6am because I'm on call for work tomorrow from 9-am-3pm and if I get called in I'd like to have at least some decent sleep.

And before anyone calls me a normie for having a gf, I'm not. I've been a friendless loser since 7th grade. I only got a gf because when I was 21 I met her on league of legends and we started a long distance relationship for 3 years and we recently broke up. I'd still be a kissless virgin at age 24 if I didn't get lucky to meet her on league of legends.

helped long time fren with his homework, even though I'm a NEET, felt good to do some work again... sadly I can't take back my choices and I'm stuck in neetdom. I also did charity in the morning, went and cleaned up some parks, you'd be surprised how many tossed cigarettes you can find. Anyways, got pizza and fruit from that event, worth it.
Most eventful day I've had in a month or so, kinda getting bored of neetdom, what do?

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I had a long day today. My parents are my rep payees so they give me money once a week.
>Wake up at 9
>Get money and 4 energy drinks at 10
>I Finished a 10 pack in 3 days last week so they're giving me 4 at a time
>Get smokes
>Drink 2 energy drinks
>Miss first bus to Walmart
>Get second
>Walk a mile to Walmart
>Get the Monster 10 pack
>Carry it all the way back to the bus stop
>Take bus back to parent's to drop off it off
>Take bus back to my apartment
>Have a cup of coffee
>Get some groceries and 2 Rock Stars
>Drink the Rock Stars
>Do laundry
>Have a cup of coffee
>Eat dinner
>Browse Jow Forums
>Watch an episode of Workaholics
>Resume browsing Jow Forums

I ate pizza today!
other than that day was just normal I guess...
I'm going to move out on Wednesday so yeah

hahahaha, yeah, I know part of the feeling.

application denied, played vidya, shopping

careful of the heart attack dude

crippling anxiety / panic attack for 3 hours straight

played a boring drawing game

tired as hell and broken

I'm 18 and afraid of losing hair, any tips?

use shampoo without sulfates and parabens in it, dont scrub your head hard when showering, dont shower too often, take biotin/b vitamins if hair starts thinning out

Called out from work today because I was feeling really ill. Played a round of Company of Heroes and have been watching youtube videos all day while thinking about ordering a new model kit. Its been off and on rainy today, so its been rather comfy. Feeling better, figuring calling out was definitely the right decision.

really tired and sad so I spent a sunny sunday indoors playing videogames

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my shoulder is in constant pain and has been so for the last month or two but i can still do 19 pullups so i guess i haven't lost too much strength. strength doesn't really matter to me anymore though. besides that i watched the "special books by special kids" youtube channel and a mario maker stream. life sucks but i can still enjoy it at some level i guess.

stop caring about losing your hair, that sort of vanity is just so idiotic.

My day started okay getting home from work, getting finishing up a uni assignment. But my parents have started fighting over nothing again, so its pretty much gone to shit. Its only 4.30pm here

Pretty awful. Made a few threads and got told to kill myself in each. Went outside to a cultural event happening downtown, but got stared at a lot because I was by myself. Some even filmed me. I think this is my cue to start withdrawing even further.

Recently been having erratic mood swings, seems to be no reason for them.

Just woke up. Remembered some amateur porn video of a couple having sex and the >no gf feels came right back.

go fuck yourself OP, I do nothing all day. I don't want a job, because I'm horrible at jobs. At my last job, I didn't want to ask customers for donations because it's fucking gay and social interaction makes me nervous as heck and I hate it. I need money.

Sorry to samefag but I just need to vent. Really happens all the time, even when they don't fight there is always tension in the room, palpable. Home never feels like Home. sorry for samefagging

I really don't want Male Baldness Pattern to kick in, I would lose a significant level of attractiveness

Before some looney tune decides to tell you to make a tulpa, consider chatting with an ai about it. Who knows, chatting about the character of your dog might bring some closure

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Hang in there bud. I'd say try to find a way to live in another place, avoid the tension so you could live and study well. These things can hurt you in the long run emotionally too. Try to find an exit.

just woke up and i feel like shit. not really big news because i always feel like shit but today i also have a cold and a hangover so the sucidial tendencies are stronger than usual

Pretty boring. My back hurt from trying to exercise. I played witcher 3 for some hours and then I went for a walk on the evening. Pic related

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Why are you drinking so much energy drink? Eat proper food instead

Just woke up, weather is nice so i'll try going to the forest with my frens, since i'm going away for uni soon,together with one of them.

went on a 2 hour walk
will have a beer and lurk Jow Forums for a bit
maybe go on another walk later

I just need to fucking die, there is no fixing me, I can't speak of my own problems

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Gonna be a looong day, flying back home.

>How are you feeling?
I feel like shit
>Did anything productive today?
Just finished masturbating for 36 hours

I did a group draw with /sthg/, worked a bit on a statue that's meant to get cast soon at some point, didn't get any of the study I was meant to done, sort of just existed today. Yesterday and the day before I made pancakes and I've got 3 exams in a row for the next 3 days which I'm nearly unprepared for.