Anyone still have hope?

Anyone still have hope?
For some reason, I still do. I've never lost it.

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What is your story dude?

I'm in med school. Mid 20s. Ex-NEET. Tfw no gf.

I've never really lost all hope. Its just that the pain is so much worse then the pleasure in my life.

Im not sure, sometimes im hopeless, sometimes im almost hopeless. Maybe im just losing it slowly..

The girl I really like but, probably doesn't like me is just applying for med school right about now.

>probably doesn't like me
Tell her you like her and ask her out.
Either she says no and nothing changes, or you do nothing and she finds some other guy.

How did you get into Med School as a NEET? That seems impossible to begin with.

he didn't fuck around in school that's how.

Got borderlines. Probably won't ever feel emotion like I used to. Late 20s, no profession. At least got bf. It's pretty damned but we all are going to die at some point. y we still here

I do in a sense yet I do not, if that makes any sense.
I want it to be a specific way and I believe it yet I know it's not possible so I don't believe it will ever happen, thus I have no hope

I stopped being NEET and did a pre-med degree.

Yeah I know and I literally gave that exact advice to a friend like two or three months ago. I just don't have many friends (t. Literally autistic) and I know if she turned me down it wouldn't be the same. She also is an efriend so it would be ldr, I mean she has expressed some interest in an ldr previously but, still.

I think I've recently found hope in hopelessness, nothing matters, I don't enjoy anything and nothing helps. Might as well ride a long and try to enjoy the view while I'm here

Yes. As long as I have Jesus Christ as my savior.

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Taking a gap year is not really the same thing as being NEET.

I do, I think loosing hope is loosing part of being human as cheesy as it sounds

>Anyone still have hope?
sure, w/e happens, happens, no regrets, I gave it my all. Plan B will have to do.

Hope for what?

That I'll get a gf?

A job and career that I like?

Material wealth?

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Nothing wrong with having hope. Hope isn't a lie, it's more like fuel.

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fuck off, you're probably not even 25. you have no real problems faggot.

nobody who "lost hope" can have the willpower to go from """""being a NEET"""" to doing a pre-med degree you absolute meme depression normalfaggot

such disillusionment

Well, I still live at home. I'm 24 and gonna move out within the next 6 months. Part of me tells me that when I move out, I can cure my loneliness and find happiness, I've decided I'll just get on dating apps/websites and try to find another gf. I figure with my own place, a good job, and nice car I might have a shot. I'm ok looking, nothing special, I'm only 5'8 and a bit baby faced, but it's not like my looks are the reason I'm so lonely. So maybe if I just put myself out there which I've never really done before because I'm an insecure pussy I can find a gf.

However, part of me knows that I'm a friendless lonely loser at age 24 for a reason. I'm introverted, boring, and my only hobbies are video games (which I'm bored of because I have no one to play them with), anime, watching football, and twitch. So I know if I do put myself out there my chances finding someone I can actually connect with and have a relationship are slim to none. So it's whatever.

So I guess my only hope is that when I move out and try to meet people I'll have a chance and that my thoughts that I won't succeed are just me being pessimistic, even though they're probably just me being realistic. But it's whatever, I'm kind of at the point where I can see I'm running out of time to find happiness and it's ok, I'll just kill myself when I lose all hope I guess.

>Med school
>Muh depression
Probably comes from a rich family
IQ good enough to do med
Gap year not even real neet has his wealthy family to fall back to
Some of us literally broke shitless
Real neets are scared for our futures knowing we have nothing just think before you post

Yeah, its all gone for me. Im 43, neet, virgin. No friends or hobbies . The candle has gone out, the flame has been extinguished, however you want to say it.. I dont even try or care about anything. Just twiddling my thumbs , waiting to die

kek this. fuck you OP you spoiled little mopey shitbag

how do you survive if you don't work?

I lost hope many time ago. I just spent the last years trying to enjoy what I had. Until I lost all my friends.

I feel like I could cash out restart in a worst case scenario
so I guess theres still some hope but no plan

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Same thing. Being lonely sucks, but I guess having bigger aspirations allows one to "justify" themselves a bit.

Working on a degree in Computer Science to ultimately work in education and social software, because that's where I think we can make the most impact in improving the world.

Perhaps more than that is that I do genuinely believe in civilization, and a exploration of cities always gets my spirits up in one way or another. It's easy to think that pessimism is "right", but honestly I got tired of that and am I an idealist for that.

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People keep loving and helping me for some reason.
Somehow, the same names keep reappearing in my life, and it's like the people who have them always have some similarity or connection even if they've never met. Serendipity keeps happening and bringing the same names and souls into my life in the same roles.
So many people I've met have sacrificed immensely for me or gone to bat for me on a very personal level, and so many of them have said they do it because they know I'm going to do something great.
Tons of people have been nothing but willing to give me their hands and treat me like family and really and truly help and care for me, unconditionally, every step of the way.
Every time I've asked for help I've gotten it, every time I've fallen someone has helped me up, complete strangers have gone out of their way to help me more than once, and I always fail at first and then wind up succeeding in the end, and it's always because someone has helped me.

Mom. I still wake up , eat corn flakes , watch cartoons, same as when i was 12

depressed fags cant realte

That's a good sign OP. As long as you can maintain that hope and keep pushing forward through the flames you'll come out the other side as something you never thought you could be. Never lose hope OP, keep pushing through you got this.

>People keep loving and helping me for some reason.
Are you a woman? Coz that explains it.

she doesn't care or say anything about being neet?