Is she autistic or just stupid?

Is she autistic or just stupid? Video starts at the question at t=50

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This is just a sad example of how this society worships women, imagine being so empty and pathetic that you have to forego enjoying your own childhood in order to go on some stupid and meaningless crusade just so you can feel morally superior, be self-righteous and grandstand like a fucking clown.

Their solution to climate change is going to the fucking government as if a bunch of corrupt and sleazy politicians are gonna wave a magic wand and solve whatever vacuous grievances they have.

She's already prepping herself to be another polithot just so she can make some money and leave like that cunt Lauren Southern.

I'm really disappoint, I was not buying everything but at least I was buying the innocent, hardworking angel, faithful to her cause.
What an amateur.
And no this is not autism.

>Why do you believe in this theory?
It's not a theory, it's science!
>Why do you believe in that particular piece of science?
Why wouldn't I believe in the Current Best Available United Science?

This is superstition, not science.
At least she could have said "because it's proven, read the proofs"

fuck, the comments pissed me off more.
They legit don't give any information or evidence, or argue why. they're just blaming God, Trump, or something they hate. like holy fuck, how are you calling a retarded little girl "smart" when all she says >hur dur it's real!!
I am mad, OP, I kinda blame you cause I haven't watched that video. I believe in God, so at least I come to some peace knowing half that comment section is going to Hell.

She actually has autism, case closed

both. why is this dumb bitch on tv?

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she's just a kid who protested and now has been propped up as being even much more of an activist, she really should be a nobody and i kind of hate that using children to spread this message is a thing, i feel like she's being exploited, i don't like it

Everyone in this thread is a Cock brothers shill. Real 4channers would make her their loli queen.


>the Current Best Available United Science

you make it sound like an accident, didn't her rich, connected parents have a lot to do with this?

Do we want to stop global warming? Yes. Does everything nowadays have to be about stupid hollywoodesque marketing campaigns that have no substance? Yes.

Stupid shit like her is our only hope left.

Probably both OP.

>big eyes

>"H-hey dont forget about me guise!"

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Did this guy become a tranny and win a track race?
I can't remember his deal.

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this bitch is so dumb lol

this is..... the /science/... (corner smile) so... yeah.

>how are you calling a retarded little girl "smart" when all she says >hur dur it's real
Because that's smart by American standards. Do you not realize that a good chunk of Americans deny that climate change exists? The president thinks it's a Chinese trick.

yep the USA are a madhouse. Not sure Europe is quite better though.

Yes for stupid.

The fuck is this retarded shit? There's literally a panel full of children wasting Congress's time.

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This is the invasion of European cute (weird) children.

Why does this make the robot so mad?

Because they're wasting tax dollars that should be going towards my neetbux.

She's going to go the way of david hogg and be forgotten about in 15 minutes kek

I believe climate change is a real thing, just not as bad as people say.
because politicians are PAID to say it's worse. and this retard is prolly paid as well.
I do feel bad for America if this is "smart", it's like ignoring science saying it was HOTTER in different centuries, oh, but it's hotter now.



this is what politics has regressed too

she's a puppet with a soros handler pulling the strings

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Shes a woman.

Fascists always wear cool shirts.

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This guy
/gets it

I'm automatically suspicious of anyone who advertises their movement by letting a young girl get in front of a camera as though she's a spokeswoman on her own.

Yeah dude we get it you're an old fag cause you talk like a know your meme retard
We don't care

Actually she seemed like an intelligent, well-spoken young woman. Sure she was a little nervous, but who wouldn't be in the given situation? You go girl!

>You go girl!
Kill yourself.

>Three years later she became depressed and lethargic, stopped talking and eating, and was eventually diagnosed with Asperger syndrome,[12] obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),[12] and selective mutism.[12][13] While acknowledging that her diagnosis "has limited me before", she does not view her autism as an illness and has instead called it her "superpower".[13]

>It's not a theory, it's science!
Science and theories go together like bread and butter. :|

>You go girl!
Please self-terminate.

She is a literal sperg I think it is really fucked up to use an aspie child as a mouth piece for propaganda

>is she autistic
She's a legit aspie

no she isn't autistic just a retard

Do some fucking research next time you doofus. Her diagnosis isn't exactly a well kept secret. She's genuinely autistic.

looks like she has downs

Yes I saw the same face in other autistic people.

i'm autistic and don't do stuff like that

she acts like an autist

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autistic and stupid

she is 15, she is just nervous obviously plus english is not her native

I want her to be queen of the planet
I would kiss her

Where I live, a lot of the conservatives tend to forget this and just slam her for this or that. She's still just a kid, and we're all only human.

You know you've won the argument when people insult your appearance or character and cant disprove your arguments. Why does the right not like climate preservation anyway? Is it because the alt-right overlords have the oil-lobbies dick in their asses? It couldnt be that could it?

She is actually autistic but also a dumb tool for propaganda.

When your character has 0 qualification about the subject and you are a literal, diagnosed retard, it's safe to assume you have no arguments to begin with.

I'm not sure I'm convinced climate change itself is a man-made phenomenon or a cyclical change in Earth's climate but I am in support of alternative energy sources and reducing pollution, in general.

However, I think this little bitch needs to fuck out of my country and shut her mouth.

So who has qualification? The scientific community that has been warning us for decades?

The scientific community hasn't been warning anyone at all, it's a theory disputed among scientists and there's no general consensus beside the one empirically proven by history and that is climate naturally changes over the years for a fuck ton of natural reasons.

>there's no general consensus
this source likes to disagree

jeez all these sources warning us about climate change
and when did that al gore movie come out? 13 Years ago?

so your source is an article from 2003 where the six editors that published the source had to resign because of how poorly conducted the study was, and the unbiased scientific journal "frontiers of freedom"?

fax dont care about your feelings bro


They sent out an online survery to 10000 scientists and only 3000 of them answered, I'd hardly call that a consensus among the general scientific community, though it's 80/20 in favor of climate change for them, still 20% of those 3000 scientists have good reasons to think it's not man made.

>and when did that al gore movie come out? 13 Years ago?

Ah yes, but wait...what was it called? Oh right it was "global warming" back then, now it's climate change since some zones of the earth stood stable or have been getting colder rather than hotter.

>imagine unrionically denying man-made climate change
>Imagine getting unironically triggered (as a grown ass man) by a 16 year old run-of-the-mill "environment girl"
>Imagine unironically arguing against scientific consensus while being a pathetic basement dwelling neet

> though it's 80/20 in favor of climate change for them
97% of the scientists who answered the survey and actually published papers on climate change are of the opinion that climate change is man made.
>I'd hardly call that a consensus among the general scientific community
I gotta give you that, its questionable how representative that survey really is but that is a problem every survey faces. I guess in science you accept a theory until its falsified. As soon as there is a reputable source telling me the scientific community is actually not in consensus I'll rethink.

never heard her talk before but holy shit did i cringe
>this is the science, so we should listen to it... so um yeah

She's fucking autistic, ofcourse she exhibits stupid behaviour.

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Umm... Yes? Or would you rather listen to a lobbying politician, retard? Or maybe the kiddy diddling priest?

Some other 16 year old who knows how to fucking speak without breaking down to a retarded mumble

>What a retarded sentence
>No it's not
>Maybe, but she speaks it in the wrong way

You've missed the point, retard. What she said isn't a freestanding argument. She could've said something like
>science is based on accurate models of reality and is therefore reliable
>science has predicted poor outcomes and disasters in the past, so we should listen in this case too
Most 16 year olds could recognize that her point here is completely null and void. Why does she have to be the face of this activism?

Because she kick-started the movement again retard
You couldn't even comprehend the impact she had on general politics here in euroland, but you're soon going to, considering how fast she's gaining momentum in burgerland despite being there like only 20 days so far lmao
>Most 16 year olds could recognize that her point here is completely null and void
Except it isn't. Your only complaint is that she didn't expand on the statement and wasnt eloquent enough

very much originally this.

She needs to ascend and awaken her vishvaruppa, then lead a holy war. I'd fight and die for her if she contested the jews' rule of this planet.

As long as your god drump and ben fagpiro tells them right? Fucking Jow Forumstarded cunts

>You couldn't even comprehend the impact she had on general politics here in euroland
What impact? I live in Europe. She's had zero impact. Only people who want to signal how much the "fucking love science" care about her, and even those people have made zero lifestyle compromises to reduce their carbon footprint.

She has Asperger's apparently

Thats the problem she shouldn't be there.

She's doing great. She's a kid. I doubt you'd do better, you delusional moron.

ITT: seething incels who apparently have never met children, and can't see that she's doing a very good job. You losers would lose your spaghetti upon seeing more than 2 people at once, and here you are shitting on a child talking internationally.

Have some self-awareness, you pitiful idiots.

>Is she autistic or just stupid?

>heh yea, don't forget about me too bro! i-im still relevant right?

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OP is a dumbass who probably supported Trump and is now Yang Gang

yes, she's actually autistic.
however she's a swede so if you were making fun of the way she talks, mind you her english is better than thatof about 50% of americans.
intrumentaliing a child like this is howeer as tasteless as making fun of her.

Her whole presence unnerves me for some reason. She's 16, yet has all the proportions of an 8yo. Everything about her seems somewhat off.

>16 year old sw*dish roastoid
>loli queen
fucking newfags

She's doing the same shit a bunch of over teenagers have already
>spouting mainstream politics and expecting the world to bow to them
It's absolutely ridiculous, and it's even more ridiculous that I, living in a fucking third world country, have to see stories about that piece of shit in my local media. Fucking Europeans.

>Is she autistic
She actually is.

He's coming back Jow Forumsbros....

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