Is it true that Jason Myers a.k.a the infamous coomer guy is dead ?...

Is it true that Jason Myers a.k.a the infamous coomer guy is dead ?, or is he faking his death just so he can escape the cringe ?.

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That would imply that faking his death would somehow end the meme

>9000 reviews
this can't be fucking real

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It amazed me how someone just forced him so much and turn out he was really mental, it has to be instinct
oh hoho It is

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god make it stop. LOL!!!! Why am I fucking crying in laughter right now. I can't breathe.

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did he really kill himself?
roringiniall post

>coomer guy is dead?
Well where did this rumour come from?

you have to be 18 to post here user. Should i alert the jannies?

>20 September 2019
He keeps reviewing PORN
He is totally Bateman on this

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w-well at least he is still alive...

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he took so much zinc and supplement pills the night prior so that on his 1st morning coom sesh he shot a load so thick and powerful that it had the trajectory and speed compared to that of a pump action shot gun leading him to fall off the bird watching tree and fractured his skull on the pavement. crazy how shit like that goes. says a lot about this world. people come and go, and he came and went.

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man those videos are amazing

what's that song in the background?

Proof he is dead?

its so fucking funny to me that Jow Forums somehow found out his identity. this shit is hilarious

ANTONIO VIVALDI Le quattro stagioni

silver lights by the coconuts

winter.allegro non molto/by vivaldi

Nah he is still alive and cooming more than ever

He's going to get hired for a porno video or even multiple maybe if he's going to get more popular. Quote me on this.

He'll get PAID to coom. Living the life.

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Never underestimate the power of Jow Forums.

I would do coke with this guy and go party in Las Vegas, he seems like an alright lad. Imagine having a bunch of incel Nazis obsess over you because you're actually going out and enjoying life while they rot at home dreaming of one day holding hands with a girl, just lol

All it takes is just 1 person to spam your image non stop here and force meme it for you to be wide spread shamed online. Imagine if this was you.

Does anyone from Jow Forums ever visit porn meetings?

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