Post in this thread and I will pray for you and love you unconditionally

Post in this thread and I will pray for you and love you unconditionally.

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Plis dooo

Would be great, Thanks

Are you a Buddhist? asdagsgdas

Spread the love, brother

I want to raise my vibrations if I could do that. Can you send some energy my way? You dont have to, Im just taking your offer.

Wait, what religion are you?

Still figuring that one out brother.
Sending it your way.

Thanks user, wish you reach enlightment in this life time.
Also, sweet digits.

im counting on you OP

Send prayers pls

Namaste, peace be with you.


I could use some of that.

Thanks for the support OP

You got it.
Supported unconditionally

yur a good guy op

What a lovely post op,

You should talk about your beliefs, maybe we can put a pin on what you believe.

How can you love someone you don't know, OP?

Meditation's pretty great.
Don't really know much else.
Well why not tell me about yourself first?

I meant in general. But about me, um, I'm a Comp Sci major in uni, i play smash bros melee, and enjoy chess

Meditation isn't really religious, we are all should be able to be more than we are. Its just how we never really be our true selves.

Meditation is a nice exercise if you're into that sort of thing though.

love yourself first nigga. you're the most important thing to you. without you everything else you love crumbles.
ily tho

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user I love you but I know it's tough working with computers.
I really worry.
Tell me you're doing all right.

Nigga, you better not be praying for me in some shit faith.

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Love you too! I wish you all the best.

I'm actually not doing all that well. I appreciate the kind words though, thanks user

Cheers user, love you too

I could really use some love right now, thanks.

thnk u frenn ^_ ^

Hope it's not too late to make a post.

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Unconditional, universal love is a false revelation. It's not too late to turn back from the delusion that your in-group is infinite.

Pray please I'm feeling not good

Unconditional love sounds great but I couldn't care less if you prayed for me.

Im in pain all the time. I understand that I dont have it that bad and that simple fact makes it even worse. Im sad and alone and I want nothing more than real purpose in life. I want friendship and I want roots and I want real accomplishments and to know that Im making an impact on others. I want to be loved. It hurts.

Grug wish for original painter good suns like he do for me. Grug use friend to bring good future. Little grugs and grugette praise original painter

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Who says OP doesn't love himself?

Could definitely use some good energy sent my way, right now

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