i have been playing runescape for a week and im really proud of my stats
its an ironman
post your stats or whatever i just wanted to flex

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very implessive

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Is this game even worth it?

its free why not try it yourself

Well that's not exactly true is it now.

it was fun when it wasn't full of efficiency autists

its free to TRY
if you dont like the start i doubt you will invest in membership for more content

very very nice user
if i was a girl i'd orbit U

good news:
you don't have to be a girl...

now its time to beg for attention

some ironman roasted me because my agility and firemaking was so low. to be fair i did call him a loser

Sure. Just play it casually and take the grind as far as you want to. Dont become too focused on efficiency just take it easy.

haven't played in over a year, was fun while it lasted though

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nice stats user
very cool
i like it

some one be my friend pls, we can do in game stuff

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>sold my rs account
>sudden urge to get back in
this happens EVERY TIME

>we can do in game stuff
what do you want to do?

Nice numbers my guy

>1 rc
>59 magic
I call bullshit

thank you my anonymous friend

nope it's slowly dying and ridden with more bots than ever before

you can buy runes in mage shops you silly billy

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>playing on mobile

im poor ok!?
thanks for the reminder

I'll never get a 99. It's hard to stay motivated when I have no one to play with.

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can't be that poor to run that on mobile

I grind tedious tasks while watching x files or doing accounting homework. Do you all multitask while you play or are you genuinely invested?

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i usually play with one hand in my pants wanking it all day

youre right im not that poor
just in a sticky situation that involves no computer for now
the phone is to send resumes and applications for jobs
i found one so maybe ill be able to play on a computer

The last thing I did was get 99 mining and quit. If you play enough, you will see how dead the game really is and the numbers Jagex boast are not totally true (mostly bots).

thats good! the early/mid game is the funnest

I've played osrs ever since it came out. Here is my main. My EOC account is maxed

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Whoever finds my F2P 99 smithing alt wins 100m gp. If you find me write when next to me: Jow Forums

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no friends in this game

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here was my EOC bank at its maximum

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>feel that runescape itch
>log in for the first time in a year or two
>account was hacked and used for botting
>permabanned with no chance of appeal


Still there, user?

im taking a wow classic break. When I come back late october ima get 90 smithing and continue on my gwd grind

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You guys should check out wurm. I have over 5000 hours in runescape and love wurm as well.

i found this user and he ignored me it was really mean

Me too user, I can't believe we've been wronged like this

does anyone here enjoy pvp? as soon as i get my stats ready on my 13 def pure im heading out to the wilderness to slay some nubs, me being a nub myself haha! ebin!

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Runescape died a long time ago and osrs will never even replace the real 2007 experience. Runescape peaked in 2006/2007 and then they took away free trade which ruined the game.

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its pretty much alive and kicking at this point you pessimist fag

>Runescape died a long time ago and osrs will never even replace the real 2007 experience.
OSRS is dead too. It's literally thousands upon thousands of bots with a few sad fucks who threw their lives away grinding (you realize it if you talk to them, because they openly all tell you how depressed they are, so they use the game to cope).

>osrs is now a suicide prevention scheme

OSRS unironically has more bots than players, it's fucking bizarre. The community cheers about having such a high playercount but if you go to any f2p world and rightclick a fishing spot you'll see over a dozen bots just sitting on one tile, in multiple places, on multiple worlds.

Not to mention most of the people that play the game are helplessly addicted and play on multiple accounts at once for the sake of efficiency. Playercount supposedly peaked at 100,000 but it's more like 30,000 imo.

>most of the people that play the game are helplessly addicted and play on multiple accounts at once for the sake of efficiency.

>Playercount supposedly peaked at 100,000 but it's more like 30,000 imo.
Most likely bots going in hard to profit and sell gold back when mobile hit, besides a bit of new players who quit within a week when they realized how much of a grindfest OSRS is.

My absolute favorite of all time is when dumbasses say OSRS is not a pay to win game and it 100% is. Even top players have stated it (Hey Jase) and people tell them they're retarded. You can drop thousands on bonds to convert to in game gold directly from Jagex if you wanted, but everyone just buys gold the cheaper way instead. You can see how many people are buying gold if you look at world 301. Brand new accounts fully pimped out with 20m+ items (no unreal stats just base 40's F2P).

>Playercount supposedly peaked at 100,000 but it's more like 30,000 imo.
I think Jagex counts an alt as another account, instead of the same person as well on the same IP.

This is a based thread I will post my stats when I get up

Ready to slay some cerberus all day. 2180 total.

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I've been playing for just over a month and a half.
I need to do mage training arena for Bones to Peaches and to boost magic to 59 for Family Crest for Barrows, but mage makes me suicidal so I'm taking a break while fishing

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I failed at the fight caves four times, then tried runecrafting for 10 minutes to get the req for fremennik exiles, and now I've basically quit the game because it just makes me feel bad.

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you have a constant weekly gain of 7k rc xp and can just lamp the rest of it to 50? Through diaries or even just quests you haven't done. Then at 50 you can do devious minds and then continue on that way of 7k per week/xp lamps from tasks into it then bang it out in a day

I know I could just mostly get it via diaries and devious minds and it wouldn't even be hard, I'm just not motivated to play the game rn due to the aforementioned failure at the fight caves. And also I don't want to renew my membership if I'm not gonna enjoy the game.

I'll get a fire cape for you

What's the deal with 13 def pures?

going for max by the end of the year. currently training slayer.

PS ban all 3rd party clients

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imagine playing a shitty game that copies ultima online and failed in every way lmfao

you can wear xerican robes , adamant gloves, and the slayer helmet. but those things kinda suck, i wish it was a normal 1 def pure. But the adamant gloves gives me 1 more max hit than normal pures with some weapons, like the anchor and the saradomin sword.

only money pits and rc grind left

good luck user

dudes just make your own private server and have your friends join... it's way more fun and less time consuming than grinding hours non stop in OSRS.

anyone upto play, i play f2p my username is Iceblaed474 Yuki#4165

what friends?

>PS ban all 3rd party clients
>please jamflex my savior save my secret clubhouse

ha what a sad fucking loser

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