Post what you're listening to

post what you're listening to

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sabbath fucking rules

say no to suicide, don't die on me
say no to suicide, don't die on me
say no to suicide, don't die on me
say no to suicide, don't die on me

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Just some classy lounge music with good vibes

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Havent listened to these songs in ages. Thanks for the nostalgia guys.
Never heard this song or this band at all but I really enjoyed it, eurobro.
Niggershit begone
Sounds like something my sister would listen to.
This band name sounds really familiar and I dont know why
Very beautiful anony. I liked that a lot.

Here's what I'm currently jamming to bros!

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actually i'm a leaf

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>calls my post niggershit
>posts cringy weaboo trash

Ahh Shuraba, what a good song. I like the single version too, it's more electronic and sounds a bit edgier. Another supreme track from the Adult album is Keshou Naoshi.

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based kingu crimsonu

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I sure hope things get better one day.

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200+ hours of music
just added 250 songs

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>love how you disappear when I need you

comfy electro lounge

sounds like niggerbop for kids

well he was right about being all the things i hate

literally every sad canned anime death background music ever


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not him but you posted like the gayest wannabe gangster poser shit for white boys that pretend to be black and into hiphop song possible

boring and the singer sounds like a country bumpkin boomer

doesnt even work in my country what a piece of garbage

that was pretty good i wish there was more instruments in the song and it wasnt so empty

What I am listening to right now.

Tony Iommi is the ultimate introverted badass. He overcame so much, he made some of the most fucking awesome and groundbreaking music of all time, and he's such a down-to-earth, honest guy. Going to the End tour was literally THE best decision I made in my life.

Now here's mine.

screaming vocals might not be everyones taste but this metal band makes up for that with nice melodies and riffs. heres children of bodom :

i would suggest skipping the whole song if its not your thing and go to the last 41 seconds to hear the solo atleast, it's pretty nice

>The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Currently on repeat:


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Hellenic black metal

wait I linked the wrong song. Nevermind that's good too