Would you date a NEET who has no passions in life but to eat and browse the internet all day...

Would you date a NEET who has no passions in life but to eat and browse the internet all day? She likes to go out every once in awhile.

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no i wouldnt date any real girls because theyre all evil and dumb. now please go

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Sure why not. But she would have to let me massage her feet every night.

if she is not obese or getting close then yeah
but even hikkiNEET girls don't like niggers, even if they're hikkiNEET

I wouldn't mind that, that actually sounds kinda comfy.
She's not like, slobby or dirty or anything, is she?
So long as she takes care of herself and her home that sounds fine.
What does she browse?

yes but we would never meet exactly because we're too alike.

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Yes but only if she's into girls

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The vast majority of Western women are neets or have some minimum wage part time job and have no passion in life other then social media

this is so annoying. Their only passion is socializing in person or on media

Wait, how would you actually date such a girl?
Would one just go over to their house with food and browse the internet together?
Or would you go on conventional dates but then live with NEET gf after things get more serious?

If she was cute sure, especially if she was Asian. All I want for a gf is someone who is cute and is ok with my only hobbies being anime and video games. In fact, if she only likes to go out every once in a while that's even better because I'm the same way. I think it'd be tough if she didn't have a job, I make good money and all but still but if she was cute enough I'd over look it.

As long as she fucks regularly and does basic housekeeping

white supremacist hikkineet girl here
begone nword :3c

Are you slightly overweight but well groomed?
This might sound like a silly question

Pretty much the girl ive been with for 7 years. Cept a major pot head.

Yeah, I would if she wasn't a whore, a tranny, or smelly.

Depends on her personality and our chemistry together. I'd certainly be interested, especially if she would let me drag her out occasionally.

Yeah I would, that's all I do anyway but she'd have to not be so clingy. I don't go out often although if she goes out even less than I do it'll have to be ok with her that I leave her alone sometimes. Mostly just cuddling, watching anime together and shitposting all day would be comfy

Yeah, that doesn't sound bad. I'm into femdom so taking care of a NEET girl, serving her and doing her chores, sounds like it would be fun.

Sounds like she'd be too passive to boss you around though

You are my dream girl if you really are a wn hikkineet girl

As long as you don't smell like shit. That's a dealbreaker for me

So would I date myself? Possibly, but I can't be in 2 places at once

Fucking cucks
Pay your part of the rent bitch

That sounds like a comfy relationship, so yes.

yep, as long as the eating wasn't making her too fat and she at least has some future ambitions

>Pay your part of the rent bitch
It's called sex and affection.

What if her ambition is to get fat?
tfw no feedee neet gf

sounds really boring but if she was somewhat cute and not fat then i guess cuddling would be nice.

no, i dont want a parasitic womanchild to take care of especially one i cant go out and have fun with

Yeah, only if you're a cuck

Please stop role playing, faggot OP

No, fuck this: try being a functional human being for once. And this doesn't mean bring a normie, Just trying to not bring pathetic for some stupid reason as "I'm lady" or "I Just can't do it".
>Inb4 where do you think we are
Fuck you, being a ugly depressed robot didn't stop me from being a decent human being

As long as she takes care of the house while I'm at work.

>it's another bait thread where OP never replies

Yes and I will eat your ass

Sure, if she's fat and very hairy.

Yeah she sounds like my soulmate

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>bandwagon hopping thot trying to attract orbiters here

no, they're all ugly as shit

you're ugly as shit

not as ugly as you

lt's not nice to talk about yourself that way.

your mom is even uglier than you


Projecting your mommy issues onto a stranger. I hope you get over your ugliness, user.

I was referring to your biological mom

in fact your entire family are genetic abominations

You're going to have my babies

OP is describing the perfect woman.

>calling me a genetic abomination when he browses r9k
k tiny dick

>Would you date a NEET who has no passions in life but to eat and browse the internet all day?
no, she would get boring of her existence and try to find excitement somewhere else while I'm busting my ass off. In other words she would most likely try to seek validation through her looks and getting attention from others, making it more likely she cheats on you.

Yes, I would squeeze her soft body when I get home from work every day.

Only if she is good at sex and lets me fuck other girls.

You want your children to be half loser?

You're not special, that's almost every woman.

I'm not a loser by any reasonable standard, I just don't get along with normies.

Snow #9593

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