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tfw not opening up a sissy pussy with my cock

Sissy pussy is for breeding!

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ugh fuck that's pretty. i love sissy ass, i wish i had a sissy fucktoy to empty my nuts into like that, watch my warm load leak out of his pussy and down onto his balls

Then lick them up and cum swap with them.

Mmh that does sound pretty good, lick their ass clean. It'd be nice and loose after our breeding session too, ideal for sloppy tongue fucking.

How do I turn my boyfriend into a sissy? He's cute and he REALLY loves me, but he's resistant and insists that he's a regular boy. We've started him on crossdressing and he's naturally submissive. Should I try to get him into chastity so I have more control over his behavior and sexuality?

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that's a discriminatory word

Yes. Also, spike his food with birth control pills or, preferably, HRT drugs to make him more feminineand subservient

Chastity is the best for sissies. Good bois stay locked and plugged. Once you control when and how he can cum, he'll submit to you further and you can sissify him even more!

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Jesus christ those hips

She is just so smooth wtf

>tfw no sissy to vent my sexual frustration on in discord

This is hot as an idea, but in reality it's dangerous and immoral. Consent is super important. As OP of this thread I'm going to have to ask you to "delet this" lol.

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why do so many people on Jow Forums have a sissy fetish? is it something to do with low self worth?

Also we have a discord for sissies and sissy-lovers. No HRT shilling or "pinkpilling" allowed. Trans girls are welcome, but don't try to force hormones on other people.

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Whoops here's the link:

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>so many

they're just a few middle-aged balding fat men spamming their sissy shit daily hoping to attract vulnerable, weak-minded robots, r9k is the perfect ground for perverted predators like these

For the sissies yes. For the real men, also sometimes yes. By feminizing and fucking another 'man' you're dominating him in a way that women can never touch. His femininity highlights your own masculinity by contrast. It's perfectly straight too. Fucking dads has its own appeal but that's clearly gay. You can fuck sissies and women and be perfectly straight, but such a fucking stud that you'll fuck anything with a girly looking hole.

reminder: sissy pussy is made for black cock

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I resent this accusation. I'm not middle-aged!

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I bet you go crazy for the Widows peak.

sissies look repugnant past the age of 22 without HRT

either transition or keep it as a fantasy

and i say this as a dissapointed crossdresser

Bestiality is disgusting user. Even moreso because sissies are supposed to know better. They aren't just braindead females.

Memes aside sexualizing race in that way is portraying niggers as hypermasculine gorillas with huge dicks. It's dehumanizing and portraying them as nothing more than mindless animals who want to rape everyone they see. It's completely racist.

Again it's portraying niggers as animals and promoting bestiality. That's disgusting.

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if i join this will i get horny sissy sluts to dm me

Some guys like the more masculine look that comes as sissies age, I know I do.

Yes until they realize you aren't Chad. Sissies are just the same as girls. Nobody could love us robots.

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what is wrong with fags

>ywn be force feminized and made to cum from just your prostate

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that's fine, tho most chasers here would be disgusted if they saw a manly face and even openly mock the sissy

nah the idea of crossdressing interests me more than the idea of dressing as a woman to have sex as one, if i was going to have sex with a man or a trap i wouldn't make that effort i'd just pretend to be a women in my head and tell them to treat me like one,
any crossdressing i ever do will be to just to turn me on, but i have better things to waste my money on than womens clothes

better to leave it all a fantasy cause the reality might ruin it anyway

Fair point, but #Notallchasers
t. chaser that likes boys

I want to dump my load in a sloppy sissy pussy.

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I want to caress them and feel every inch of their body.


>mom always calls my sister "sissy" when talking about her to me
How do I tell her that a sissy is a gay, feminine man without sounding like I know too much about sissies?

Hmm search the image and it comes from REDDIT. Congrats faggots you all have proven that Jow Forums is being raided by you stupid fucks.

sissy is also a person regarded as effeminate or cowardly.