Why are all women such BBC addicted sluts?

why are all women such BBC addicted sluts?
they just can't resist the superior race.

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i think you mean boys

>they just can't resist the superior race.
So where does black people fit into the equation?

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>"Superior Race"
>still believe in wich doctors and magic.
>Are native to the most technologically inferior countries
>Bitch and moan about society in every other country
>Are literally the poorest and dumbest people in our current age because of life choices.

Nice racebait thread tho.

gee i wonder who is behind this cuck thread....

Probably Joe.

lmaoing at aII the insecure white boys in this thread.

He obviously meant physically superior

The first gf I ever had dumped me because she discovered I watched BBC porn. Another was more open to my degenerate cuck fetish shit, but explicitly told me she'd rather get knotted than fuck niggers. Everything you wrote is a pack of lies. Fuck you.

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Literally not though, white faggots just don't work out as much. Literally anyone could be hench, blacks are just more active than whites generally. All people are marginally the same academically and physically. The main things we should go off of is achievements. And unfortunately black niggas haven't really achieved much.

Also real life isn't the porn industry, cumbrains are a cancer.

Were they both white?

Yes. And they both went on to only date other white guys. I think one is married now and has multiple white children. I HATE IT ATHHHGGHHJHHHH

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Im a transgirl and i hate nigs

This isn't reddit. Your identity won't get you extra upvotes attention whore.

you're a dickIess man.

Op is saying all women love niggers and im proving him wrong
Im a girl with a penis

I don't see any niggers there. Where are all the niggers?

Pretty based, but also not pretty based

Im not attracted to black men at all.
They are terrible human beings and all violent beta males.
Since they are so stupid, they all seem to think that masculinity and male pride = violence, so they just act like little babies constantly losing their tempers and its embarrassing to be around them because they are so insecure about everything and theyre constantly offended by everything and thats extremely unsexy in a guy. Its the exact opposite of a confident intelligent guy and only trash women who were molested or psychologically abused by some male person in their life attach themselves to that beta male black boy mentality. On top of that they stink. None of the other races seem to have any of these problems, nor do they stink.

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>None of the other races seem to have any of these problems, nor do they stink.
>nor do they stink.
Pajeet would like to have a word with you, femanon.

>I think one is married now and has multiple white children.
Yes! Fucking based! At least for once, the kikes couldn't win this time around! Feels good man!

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Ikr, fucking finally!

Is that pic from a manhwa hentai comic? If so, which one?

Fucking alt-reich cuckistani troll.

are any women actually into black guys?

t. Blaire White

More like his dick was (or will be, if he continues down this path of utter and absolute degenerate perversion, that could almost put the dark prince slaanesh himself to shame) turned inside out and made into a soiboibussy "bagina." I think it's akin to surgical origami, not just straight up excision.

Wow its like you want me to hate niggers or something

>Superior race
>Having to became a real life meme

It's the kikes!

Hello, shlomo.

t. nigger ape porch-monkey slave
Go back to whichever zoo or plantation you came from. How did you even learn how to operate a computer in the first place? Daily reminder that male negro slaves were cucked daily by their huwyatt masters, and were sometimes even forced to watch the action. Why do you think that so many American negroes are still up to 10% white even today?

Despite my best efforts to fight them, sometimes all the demoralisation threads get me down. It's post like yours that keep me sane

Thank you femanon

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You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was too low in content (0.00% content).
You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.

Wow, I had no idea that that phrase was so popular here. This board really is becoming a little like Jow Forumslite, huh?

>Thank you femanon
serious question, are you mentally retarded?

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Frogs are ducking living meme animals, I swear.

Leave this place now, and take your gook womyn comic image with you, you fucking normalcuck faggot, RRREEEEEEEEE!1!!

t. "femanon"

u wut?

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Yeah, that fucking happened irl, you fucking negroid bot.

People tend to forget that White men racemix more than white women

Delusional nigger worshipping white cuck kikeslave! The semites reward you with a shekel for the good goy, and a check has been deposited into your (((bank account))) you fucking pathetic faggot nigger's bitch.

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Yes, I think that WMAF couples are by far the worst offenders when it comes to the stats and numbers on how many miscegenated couples there are. It's far from the worst pairing though, even though WMWF and no racemixing at all is far more preferable to it.

It is not about race mixing, is about filling the world with people that are stupid, that apport nothing positive to society and that none of their countries is developed, white males mix with Asians but Asians do not have worthless societies, white women race mix with black men, in the future our countries will be full of crime and poverty and only the elite will be able to have a good life.

White is right, as it always was and always will be, and don't you dare forget it, you fucking nigger orc.

>women are BBC addicted
Please substantiate your statement.

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Hang yourself kike

This is really true, even though hapas do have some problems of their own, like a tendency towards depression and similar ailments and other issues, they are far superior and more preferable to mulattoes, in general. I couldn't have said it better myself user.

The day of the rope can't come soon enough you fucking nigger. None of you "people" (read: porch-monkey apes) will survive through it on that glorious day.

Why are whiteboys so easily baited? Are they just naturally insecure?

Huwyatt Aryan Euro womynn are actually worth defending, protecting and saving, to salvage and fight for what few of them are left and have not yet been brainwashed by the constant and unending kike propaganda, unlike overly loud and obnoxious ultramasculine uggo negresses. Niggers have literally nothing to lose when it comes to their women, as no one even wants them in the first place anyway, even their own "men."

This woman was killed by her pedophile ex-con fuckbuddy who had 4 different white women all as his fuckholes at the same time and had them bring him around to the other and pay him money. He got one of her friends pregnant. This was in Utah too, one of the whitest states in America. All white women go black at least once, and they all lust after and fantasize it. It's well known in the black community that white women can't help themselves around black men.

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I have some pretty chill friends that are strong of mind and body that would flip your entire worldview upside down.

I see what you're getting at though. But you've got to understand that the powers that be want us to stay dumb, broke, and reliant on their handouts till the day the Earth implodes. Shit sucks

The original artist drew the cock lightskinned, signifying the guy as either white or asian. Stop stealing and editing stuff and then reselling/reposting it, like your kind always tends to do, you fucking nigger coper. Try to cope harder next time, bitch faggot.

Definently yes, as it can be seen above


>It isn't our violent, incredibly low iq, gangster worshiping, blatantly and explicitly anti-intellectual culture's fault, nothing ever is, we dindu nuffin! It be whitey, da huwyatt mann who be tryin' to keep us down!
Don't question the predominant narrative, goy!

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Sorry that you have so much hate in your heart, user

Lol I love when Jow Forumstards post this shit. Weird how all the desperate post-wall roasties using dating sites want a white beta to settle down with after riding the bbc carousel

t. smelly stinking niggers
Get off of this board now you fucking subhuman apes, or else the day of the rope will come even sooner than it is already planned. Know your place you fucking porch-monkeys, lest you must be reminded of it by force. Go back to your african nigger ghettos now and stay there forever, and there will be no problems. Otherwise...

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I guess that answered my questions

I bet you're also real sorry that you're a nigger ape when you could've been born a huwyatt mann, huh porchmonkey? Tell your nigger, kike, and soicuck friends to stop making troll bait threads on this board if you don't want to read any more "mean and hateful" comments, nigger.

Fucking kek, what a fucking joke all of you people are. In your whole entire existence, you have collectively contributed almost nothing to the world, even your oft cited fucking peanut butter was invented by the fucking Incas.
>inb4 what about rap "music"
That shitty incoherent direct successor to jungle tribe chanting isn't considered a form of music by any civilized sources.

How are the sissification brainwashing attempts going so far, shlomo? You should get a radio channel for yourself where you can do this all the time you fucking kike joo semite.

I eat Jow Forums for breakfast, user. Your words do not hit any chords within me. I only feel pity that there are humans who spend a significant amount of their time thinking about and posting the things you're posting now. But it's all love, brother. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday

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Why don't you try to cope harder, you obviously envious fucking niggers.

Why don't you post more of your Jow Forums folder to btfo me with FACTS and LOGIC. That'd be a real good way to prove how not insecure you are

Actual reason: White men are the demographic that have fallen the hardest for the feminist meme and too many of them have turney into beta soiboys. Black men for the most part are still masculine.

I don't have any problems with, and won't say anything to, niggers who don't commit crimes and don't racemix or try to "troll" people by posting bait threads on a vietnamese shoe fabrication forum, darkie tinydick. We all know that the true place of the black man is on his knees in front of the huwyatt mann's cock anyway you total faggot.

13/50, faggot.

That's just because there are way more whites than blacks in the states, so white soibois get way more visibility than any other race or ethnicity of soichuggers.

No, I'm talking in percentages.

You can go ahead and ban me now you fucking faggy nigger mods and tranny jannies.

Well, there's really no way to definitively prove that, is there now?

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You might be onto something here now user...

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How did that nigger get ahold of a nintendo switch while he was in prison? Must just be the box or sumfin.

Why do black women love to get colonized by strong superior white men? Because deep down a black woman knows that to have offspring with someone of a higher race is the best thing that could possibly happen to her

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When you go out and decide to talk to actual real girls you'll discover none of them like niggers

NIggers dont even like niggers that's why they kill eachother

Prostitutes dont even like niggers thats why they all say "no blacks" you gotta be real disgusting to have nasty hookers hate you

Go to any feminist activism shit and count the males of each race.

Fucking faggy niggerloving kikeworshiping white soicuck race traitor bitches, I swear.

>he says as he posts interracial gay porn

Tits or GTFO


Many of those are probably just predators pretending to care about whatever fucking diarrhea comes out of those thots' mouths so that they can hope to get some of that hairy, unwashed, feminist brapper poontang at the end of the day. It almost never happens irl, but still.

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That "fembot" is likely long gone by now user.

Did you like it? Did you cooom? It has actual niggerfaggots in it, and there's much more where that came from!

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It's kind of hard to imagine what the genesis of this meme must have looked like. Did someone just think "hey, let's make the most retarded, closest-to-apes race look like they are superior to caucasians. How are we gonna do that? I know! The average black dick is half an inch longer than the average white dick! That's all we need!"

On one hand it's sad that some white people actually fall for this but on the other hand it's also kinda nice to have the gene pool cleansed of all the cucks that will now be even less likely to reproduce and all the roasties whose offspring will now be identifiable by skin color.

The premise of the penis length thing isn't even true in the first place anyway btw.

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