Have you ever gotten into a physical confrontation with someone? You didn't lose, right?

Have you ever gotten into a physical confrontation with someone? You didn't lose, right?

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I like that they gave the black guy white shoes. Even in Japan they know this meme.
To answer your question, I used to get in a lot fights as a kid to the point where the school made me attend counseling every weekend. I distinctly remember losing 1 fight, thats it. As an adult I have learned better strategies for conflict resolution.

I've never gotten into a fight because I know I'd lose

With my dad, twice: once when I was 17 and I got suspended from school for fucking up a bully, and another time when I was 24 and he caught me crossdressing and fapping to sissy porn. The first time he kicked my ass, and the second time I thoroughly returned the favor. That was the last time the old nigger ever again came into my room without knocking.

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Last time I got in a fight was in 8th grade. I wasn't a outcast really but still an outsider. I was one year older than most, taller and bigger than anyone else in the school. Some manlet who was still pretty popular with girls for some reason, was bothering me and I punched him once in the head and sent him straight to the ground. That was the end of the fight.

A lot of the time in primary school, it was year 6 vs year 7 mob fights galore, never lost a fight though. Recent fight wasn't even a proper fight, I was drunk on a train and misread signals and a guy got up and started punching me in the head, I was too disorientated and didn't punch back. He eventually stopped and I got off the train and called him out for a fight when I was ready, the guy didn't want to get off the train because it wasn't his stop, so that was the end of it

won 3
other 2 i ignored them and didn't get hurt other than small bruisers
ignored because of extreme punishment for standing up for myself
wish i would have done it anyway
oh and i got beat up my older group of kids twice

Yes a guy in middle school was asked by his gf to beat up random guys to prove how much of a man he was. It ended up being me he choose to pick a fight with and all it was me shoving him to the ground until a teacher approached us. Not wanting to get in trouble I gave up the fight and fled. He goes back and brags about winning even though she and a few others saw it was a one sided fight.

bruh is this from a ntr doujin.

>With my dad, twice: once when I was 17 and I got suspended from school for fucking up a bully, and another time when I was 24 and he caught me crossdressing and fapping to sissy porn. The first time he kicked my ass, and the second time I thoroughly returned the favor. That was the last time the old nigger ever again came into my room without knocking.
kek based
did he just never speak of it again?

A few times. In 5th grade with a friend, just for fun. Chipped a tooth, he got a black eye. No one really "lost", it was friendly and the teachers broke us up.
In 7th I had to fight with some chad from 9th, turns out he was a kickbox champion. Almost knocked my lights out, but I fought dirty and tried to choke him. Again, they broke us up, and it didn't resume because he would have career problems and I could get expelled. We were very friendly after that, until he graduated, turns out he was a legend that would regularly do school-wide pranks.
8th grade some psycho from 11th had sneaked up on me and throat punched me for no reason, got a swollen throat and a small asthma attack. A week later I fought with him, ripped his designer jacket by accident. He got mega pissed, tried to charge me, hit his face on one of those large AC fan boxes. I grabbed his hair and hit his head on it again. Teacher walks out, I get in trouble, but he never talked to me again.

Would you ever want to remember your son beating you up dressed like an anime girl?

>bruh is this from a ntr doujin.

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damn this nigga beat him up in front of his girl AND took his pants

My older brother countless times where I've lost.

Otherwise, only high school where I ended up supplexing someone for punching a friend of mine. Usually avoided confrontation, and people didn't really mess with me.

Is this why you really made this thread?

I really don't want to read this but my curiosity is peaked.
Fuck ntr so god damn much I hate cucks

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We seem to have an unspoken agreement between us that its in both of our best interests that everything about that incident remains undiscussed.

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In middle school this blonde football chad used to pick on me in math class. The teacher fucking hated him. I picked him up and threw him over a desk when a substitute was teaching one day so I wouldn't get the teacher in trouble, because he was cool and listened to Pink Floyd with me after class once.

Everyone heard that I kicked his ass even though all I did was throw him. I was shorter than him and nobody could believe it. More people tried to fight me after that and I was in the office at least once every week. It came to an end when some kid who would openly make fun of me in class pissed me off. He was really popular and even the teacher liked him, but they knew he would pick on me and that pissed me off even worse.
I took a pretty heavy textbook, came up behind him during sort of a free time when nobody was really paying attention, and whacked him in the back of the head with the spine of the book. They suspended me for a week. I whacked him so bad he's cross-eyed now.

whats with all this cuck "uuuhhhhhhhhhhhgg show me i'm inferior!" shit as of late? IT's obvious there is something going on in the public's unconscious thats pushing this and incest. What gives?

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You know, when I think about it I got bullied but never got beaten up, even when the bully was unironically a big black muscular guy like OP.

Looking back I think they just wanted to get a reaction out of me, since I was the typical shy, silent and awkward guy with good grades in the back of the classroom.
I'm the kind of guy that don't want to fight but would if left with no other choices, and I think they saw that which is why they didn't bother.

Actually wait, there is one person that legit tried to beat me up. It was a girl in elementary school, and I completely forgot why she was mad at me. The only thing I can remember is that one day she started kicking my legs a lot enough that I got pissed and kicked her back in the guts. Ran away immediately after she fell on her butt and started crying. She wanted to be my girlfriend the next day, go figure.

From "My Dinner With Andre" (1981):
>Things don't affect people the way they used to. I mean it may very well be that 10 years from now, people will pay $10,000 in cash to be castrated just in order to be affected by *something*.

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>she started kicking my legs a lot enough that I got pissed
That's cute, she's too autistic to get your attention any other way so she resorted to annoying you until you gave a response

in that case people just have it too good as it is. Normie's degeneracy never ceases to repulse me.

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>tfw fag cuck son beat up the dad
idk who the bigger fag is

Tch... only four pages. At least there's a sequel, with Hiroki's older sister being piped by the same black guy.

Yeah the last one was back in HS in 2011.
>Days ends and head to bike rack
>meet with two of my friends
>start to head home with them
>going down hill
So you know we were hauling
To left of us is the sidewalk and tons of kids are on it walking down
>call my friend ahead of me a faggot out loud
>feel something wet like a sprinkler was turned on
>pull on my brakes and feel my face
>it is spit
Kid on the sidewalk is talking mad shit
At this point my friends ride back and tell me it is not worth it
>I push the guy down and start wailing
>his friend pulls me off
>jab him in the gut and hes on the ground
>get on top of kid that spit on me
>parents are getting out of their cars pulling me off
>explain to them what happened before
>they did not care and just wanted the fight to end
I did not get hit once but got in trouble the very next day. Bitch started it thinking I called him gay with that bs biological warfare spit shit. Blog over OP

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>guy hits me in the solar plexus
>hurts like fuck
>with all my effort pretend it didnt hurt
>give him a look
>walk away
Happened first year of High School and never got in any tussle until I graduated. Still don't know if I handled it well. Was actually hard to fucking breathe the rest of the day, too.

I did once and I lost. To be fair the guy was like 18 and i was 14 so..

I have and no I never lost. I have always been naturally strong, fit and gifted at wrestling

I have never won nor lost a battle. My warrior's code dictates I must only dirty my blade with the blood of weaklings when there is deemed no other option

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i'd imagine if that happened that your dad wouldn't speak to you about anything again

>get really drunk
>waving my arms around
>hit some dude's girlfriend
>he tells me off
>say "nah she loves it"
>he stands up
>stand up
>taller than him by a head
>he didn't realise this and is now looking a little concerned
>attempt to defuse situation by going for a hug
>trip over and fucking floor him with 250lb of bodyweight
>his girlfriend screams and hits me with her handbag
>gtfo before someone calls the cops or whatever
technically speaking it was a win, but if it had been NTR I would have fucked his girlfriend and that definitely didn't happen

absolute fucking chad, he stood no chance

I've been in about thirty or so fights in my life and I've 'lost' one. That one was actually a pull-apart if you want to be technical, but he was getting in three hits for every one I got. I'm durable so he didn't really do much damage, but I'm sure if we'd have kept going he would have eventually gotten the better of me.

I'm good at wrestling. Probably wouldn't do good against someone who actually trained in wrestling though, but dumb untrained faggots are easy to get into submission. Looking go to a Brazilian jiu jitsu place eventually. Getting people on the ground is easy, and so is wailing on them, because most people still expect to be standing and striking. I know basic striking anyhow and hoping to go to dutch kickboxing place too.

Otherwise I've won most of my 1v1 fights. Anything with multiple people and I get restrained quick.

I've been in 2 fights. One was instigated by my bully, he won, but that fight made him respect me more, so i won in the end. the other one I started and I won, dude was being an asshole. or I was the asshole, i can't remember.

When I was in elementary school, I was harassed / bullied by this other kid. Eventually he hit me and I attacked him back with my metal lunchbox. I don't really know how bad I hurt him (probably worse than my bloody nose) but he was pulled out of the school or expelled afterward so it worked out for me.

I got in a fight with a fembot and she whooped my ass.

Source? You made me curious you cunt and i don't even like ntr or cuck shit.

Reverse image search, same artist.

It's pretty terrible though, exactly what you'd expect of an NTR doujin artist. I wouldn't be surprised if he made yet another eventually about the beat-up dude's mom with the guy.

I was raised in a shitty neighbourhood with parents who didn't give a fuck about what I did. Used to fight a lot, did get beat up a few times but beat up a lot of people aswell. Last fight was in 4th grade of high school when I almost killed some guy after getting drunk, he barely survived I got in trouble with the police and after that never fought again. Fighting is retarded, even if you win you'll get fucked over.

>Fighting is retarded, even if you win you'll get fucked over.
dont let them castrate you user

Used to get bullied as a kid by older kids so yeah I lost a lot of unfair fights.
Strive forces someone to either grow or accept their place, and I didn't accept my place. Have not being in a real confrontation since middle school as I learned to be more diplomatic, a more useful skill in today's world.
It's an art. People react within certain parameters, get a feel for these parameters and you can know exactly what to say and more importantly, how to say it, to get a certain outcome. E.g. not getting your ass beat while saving face.

in elementary school there was this guy that kept trying to fuck with me, he was about my age so I fought back constantly. It got to a point where I actively tried to look for him to kick his ass.

On the flipside there was a guy about high school age that just whooped my ass

>Tch... only four pages.

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Exactly 2 fights in hs. First got me diagnosed with conduct disorder since I was 16 at the time. 2nd aspd. Personally know people who have gotten in 10+ fights but no diagnosis...

2/2 wins btw

seriously guy should write a tank already

>beat up at 8 by some older kids for reasons I never found out
>sent a girl to hospital at 9 and got detention
>got in fight with nigger at 11 and both of us suspended
>got sucker punched at 13, that kid was suspended
>accidentally gave some guy a black eye at 15 and got detention
>shoved a teacher to ground at 16 and was suspended
>sent a guy to the hospital at 17 and was expelled
I haven't gotten in any physical confrontations since then