Why do fat black women have egos like this?

Why do fat black women have egos like this?

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Because men who don't value their time put them on a pedestal.

Why not? If they can get more, it makes more sense. Seller's market

American black women are the most materialistic and mercenary out of all women except Japs, Russians, Germans and Chinks.

but coffee is nice

why are they like that when they are literally the least desirable race of women

Most women are like that, black girls have to work extra hard with the shit hand of being a nigger. They try to spin it and exuberate so much confidence that they themselves believe their delusions

why the fuck do you care about niggers

Low IQ so they're too stupid to see what they're really worth. Those that aren't low IQ have massive egos and superiority complexes because they grew up surrounded by retarded apes and think they're better than they really are.

They still have vaginas. Least desirable women still means desirable.

Because they're not, all women are desirable, even Abos.

Imagine being proud of the ability to squeeze a free dinner out of a man that you have made no commitment of any sort to.

yea there's some pathetic faggots jumping at the chance to be a paypig so they can sit across a table from this bitch and receive concentrated attention from her.

Because even the fattest ugliest nigger gal has swarms of desperate orbiters just because she has a pussy

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ITT: I said the N-word

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Why don't you use the real word? Saying "n word" instead doesn't make it any better. Fucking idiot.

I had a women try this shit with me. I replied "alright, np"
Two days later, she said she was free for coffee If I wanted. Never replied and she texted me AGAIN to get drinks. Silly bitch.

Coffee dates are the best for the first date. It lets you weed out gold diggers and cunts who will only use you so you can buy them food. If a woman ever denies you a coffee date when she wanted to meet up, it's most likely because she wanted a free meal out of you and nothing more.

What the hell does she even mean

She's misinterpreting every interaction as a conceited effort of aggression and hostility against her. In that respect she'd fit right in on our lovely burning garbage fire of a board.

The same reason limpdick incels talk about muh wall. Its called coping

Not true for me. My job is full of nerdy s0i men so their peepees only respond to pale cutesy innocent-looking white/asian women.

how many times are women going to use this joke? i swear to god every living female who has tried to be funny has a bit about forcing a man to bring them a nice free dinner

The dating game is a joke.
Either look good and tell women to sleep with you, or be ugly and rape someone.
That or just remain an angry incel for the rest of your life. But don't be the kind of loser who pays for women's dinners.

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Lowball? Is she implying she won't pay for herself?

Your list is invalid because it leaves out Jews. I can't trust what you say as a result of that omission.

>My job is full of nerdy s0i men so their peepees only respond to pale cutesy innocent-looking white/asian women.

If you're seeing them at your job, that means those men have jobs. You're a nigger, your orbiters are supposed to NOT have jobs.

Go down to the corner and find your orbiters.