Anime makes you gay

Anime makes you gay

prove me wrong

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you posted the wrong image dude

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You would have to understand what a comedian God is to know something like that. For Americans anything that is strange is called gay which coincides with the sodom and ghemorah story according to Jordan Peterson

Even the word queer means strange

What doesn't kill you makes you stranger

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>anything that is strange is called gay
what year did you fall out of.

Anime only turns you gay if you're a zoomer.

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nah bro anime did not make me gay

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I don't know g gundam turn me super gay; the g is for gay after all.

>anything you do makes you autistic
he's from the current year

>i might be a borderline pedo but at least i'm not homosexual
the worst thing is that i think like this sometimes

God is such a comedian that hell is just one big roast session

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Peer pressure doesn't exist.At most they were on the fence already and that was a reconfirmation

>borderline pedo
yea right due I believe you

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If anime "made you gay"its because you were already gay to begin with. You dont consciously decide what or who you are attracted to. Its all chemicals and stuff.

Being socially isolated and/or maladjusted makes you prison gay. Desperate for any intimacy.

This is what turns you gay more or less

The people who hate gays turn you gay by making you believe you're gay

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I only became bi after I stopped watching it. Check and mate.

>You dont consciously decide what or who you are attracted to
>implying shit can't influence your unconscious
geez dude, guess you should tell all those billion dollar companies that they're wasting hundreds of millions on ads for no reason at all

Anime is the only thing keeping me interested in any shape of women. I like fucking men but I love fapping to anime girls. Real women are irrelevant.

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Otoko no ko characters existed long before this tranny shit. It's funny seeing people complain about the girl (male) added to Catherine being tranny shit when there's already a literal transsexual character in the game.

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I want to disagree but judging by the catalog you're right. That, or faggots are rail-roaded into spamming anime in the hopes that some retards think they look like the anime girls (or men crossdressing) they're posting rather than the hideously deformed fat old men they actually are.

anime did not make me gay. it did made me a hebephile however.

idk why this makes me so sad the image of chad thinking he is trap

>have a 19 year old wife
>have a daughter on the way

I still watch anime.

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Go die off you autistic child beater. I know you're still here!

posting pic related because it should help the thread
godspeed OP

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I watch anime and have sex with my female
>pic related
for proof, all I have on me. You can see the lil heart. That represents all the times we've fucked, obviously.

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