Tfw when no bf with a cute british/aus/nz accent

>tfw when no bf with a cute british/aus/nz accent
pic unrelated

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>tfw OP intentionally leaves out his gender to play with anons' hopes

oh sorry user i'm a female (bio)

>tfw OP lies about his gender to play with an user's hopes

>tfw user won't shut up and give me a kiss ^.^

>wanting someone with an aus accent.

So I shut up for a bit. Where's my kiss?

here's your kiss :* now lets talk business. what accent do you have?

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tfw OP is literally baiting (real moid would post discord)

That's a dumb image. I don't want to kiss you anymore.

tfw i just made an alt
add me loops#2775

well if you think that's a dumb image i don't want to kiss you either

u suck, australia best country : (

where are you from though user? og commento

lmao, you lost a war to birds and cheat in sports. Go do some nangs like the rest of your brain dead citizens

im op and im from the states

oh rip, too far away

im from australia, and people on tf2 tell me i have a nice voice

add me on discord loops#2775

why would i do that? do i look retarded to you?

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yes u do. either way i only want you for your voice.

You're Australian, so yes you do

what's your fetishes? Your answer determines whether or not I will chat with you.

seething yank mad that aussie and brit accents steal his women easily
worthless yank slut i wouldnt touch with a 30ft pole

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You fucking wish mate, i'm across the ditch ya kanagroo fucker

well i am not a degenerate if that's what u are wondering
im a qt and a great listener fuck off cunt

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>im a qt
you will never be a real woman
get off my board and go dilate, freak

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>well i am not a degenerate if that's what u are wondering
no that's not what I'm wondering I'm wondering what you're into

im a switch is all im disclosing

>im a switch is all im disclosing
so you're extremely normal?

sure thing, stop fucking with robots and go back to your containment board

then fuck off back to /soc/ with the rest of the attention whores you pathetic failed stacy

ouch!!!!!!!!1111 that hurt!

i guess r9k really does still hate women, i mean this one didnt really didnt do anything wrong but okay