Is it a good idea to lose your virginity to a chubby girl?

Is it a good idea to lose your virginity to a chubby girl?

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If she looks like that yes

Gods yes. Chubby girls will do practically anything for you in bed, and because they're hungry all the time, the suck cock like your cum is oxygen.

Better than losing it to a skater slut you met in freshman year.

chubby yes, obese no

Feminizing men by using term describing anatomical condition in women. I do not how stupid people can get. Liberal brainwashing does its job.

I drink myself to sleep regretting it, but I guess whatever yeah if you have to.

I would jank a wank in her

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Just fuck a girl you like and that likes you back idiot. What's this virgin obsession with "This female body type is better, hurr durr, I kiss my mother on the mouth", just fuck a girl you like and shut your retard mouth like the rest of us

Only if you make her pregnant.

Lose your virginity to your wife on your wedding night.

its a great idea. if shes ugly its easier to get with her and there is only one possibility for the next girl, that shes skinnier and cuter.
also they all have big tits so if you like that then fuck the shit out of her user.

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There's just something off with white girls' bodies that I can't get over. They never look right, so pale and shapeless

Weird how you guys think that chubby girls are somehow desperate, especially with the pics attached.
From what i've experienced they're the same difficulty to get with as any other girl in their league, chubby or not.

Chubby yes, obese no. Either way, fat chicks almost always swallow (or at least won't protest if you motion to cum in her mouth), so enjoy that.

Con include:
they often stink (or don't clean well)
they can't be manhandled (obviously)
they're super self conscious about having their ass eaten
they can be immaturely obnoxious during or after sex
they're clingy

Fuck yes, chubby girls are great.

literally who care, if you are attracted to her then yeah it sounds like a great idea

You definitely want to lose your virginity as soon as possible. The only downside to losing it to a chubby girl is that the experience itself will probably be pretty unpleasant, so there's a chance you'll trick yourself into thinking you don't really like sex that much.

You see that on this board occasionally: some robot turns up and says "I finally had sex and it wasn't that great - damn you guys for making me think it was a big deal blah blah blah". Yeah, sex with a PIG isn't that great. Sex with someone you're actually attracted to is. So as long as you keep in mind that you shouldn't judge your own sexuality by how sex with a fat pig goes, you should be OK.

She is a goddess fagggot.

Love the hair on her cunt. Beautiful

If only she wouldnt have these nipple piercings, she'd be so high tier

Yes, its the best idea.
Only downside is that you will never, ever, ever find sticks/pre-pubescent boys body having "women" attractive ever again.

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it's not a good idea to fuck a girl you're not dating, and it's not a good idea to date unless you're mature/mentally stable enough to deal with all of her bullshit. that said, if you can deal with all of that, then yeah chubby girls are the best

Most women only stay "chubby" until their mid 20s at the latest. Then they turn into gross hamplanets.

So this is what people on here mean when they say "my thicc gf," a literal rectangle.

Seeing as i am a single entity and not a group of thousand random people all i can say is
>suck my dick
Oh wait, i have someone to do that. Nevermind.

>Oh wait, i have someone to do that. Nevermind.
Yeah, and at least my Tenga cup has feminine curves lmao

Yes, yes, i bet using a piece of plastic manufactured by slave children in China to fuck yourself with is just like having intellectual, emotional and sexual stimuli on demand 24/7 from another breathing, living being.

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Jesus. Fat yet somehow curveless and without any ass. How???

Jesus. Grown ADULT man fucking himself with his little chinese toy like a pubescent boy. How???

Damn, you're mad as fuck.

So you noticed yourself in that mirror i set up, yeah? Good thing you understand now how your shitposts come across.

Happy to oblige my man, hit me up anytime.

Come man, don't be so square like your gf

cringing at your meltdown redditfag, enjoy your ugly fat girlfriend

I will, thanks. Enjoy whatever cold, dead piece of plastic you prefer to literally fuck yourself with.
Kinda funny, would be a lot funnier if it was based on actual observation and not jaded incel spitting venom tho

>tfw a girl like pic related but with shorter hair took my virginity in hs by getting me super drunk and high
somewhat relieved that i managed to lose my virginity at 18 before becomming a wizard but also somewhat mad that i lost it to a pig and barely remember anything anyways. fug.

In the race to the bottom you sure won first place.

Fun fact: the only good outcome of losing virginity is being able to start a pathetic "Just lost it, see ya virgins" thread here. Everything else is a meme every faggot falls for.

A man is only defined by his independence: does he own a decent house? does he own a decent car? is his steady income enough to get married and support wife+children? If the answer is Yes+Yes+Yes, then you're a real man. Otherwise, you're a grown ass leech.

That's still true today, yet only gold diggers (and baggage ridden wasted skanks) seem to understand. You faggots strongly delude yourselves by opposing virginity to manhood. You should instead ask yourselves: am I independent?

Being independent means you don't have to lower your standards, even you're a fat balding virgin at 49. Being independent means you've got full right to ask a woman "what exactly do you bring on the table?" You're the prize - a financially solid marriage -, what's she giving in return? Her stinky used holes? Her failing at getting a $100k/year job? Her differently colored kids from unnamed Chads?

You just drove your brand new BMW to some Apple Store and wasted two grands in the latest iPhone and iWatch and accessories. When you handed them cash, literally every vajayjay-owner in a mile radius was staring at you in full shock & awe. Even if you preemptively turned down the non-virgin ones, there would still be a line of the virgin ones craving to date "the BMW dude shelling out a couple grands on a whim".

Well, then: do you want to be the oxymoronic (not much oxy, definitely moronic) non-virgin Jow Forums robot loser with crippling depression and zero girls asking him out, or some uglier BMW dude constantly being flirted & asked out and only willing to settle for a virgin cute girl?

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Absolutely based user. I am almost in the same boat as you. Wish me luck.