Onision: is he finished?

Onision, the ultimate Chad, is being canceled.

Him and Kai/Lainey (his wife), apparently got caught sending naughty pics to minors, and now those women are coming forward. One has even turned evidence over to police.

Is this the end of Onision? What will be the most likely outcome? Do you feel bad for him?

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this fag blocked me years ago on twitter cos i sent him and his wife anti abortion memes. he then screenshotted my tweet and sicced his niggers on me and tried to get me banned

The best thing about the internet is that it is easier to catch predators like him. I hope he kills himself as a way of getting out of the mortal punishment. I know he cant handle it. He is mentally ill in a most literal sense.

I don't even know who this fag is but it seems lots of "e-celebs" are all fucked in the head

uh, got any source on that?

i want to believe he is but i doubt it, he seems to be immune to severe punishment despite doing so many wrong things

Someone compiled a google doc docs.google.com/document/d/1BYAd4lkcm4pkjhgjILwquUB-5g5CQd7YoF2S-y8r3Lo/edit
Some of the info is hearsay, but much of it is damning. For example, Sarah has turned over evidence to the police, and she lived with Onision for quite a while.

Just a warning: the document is literally 92 pages detailing every instance of abuse and shitty behavior, but you can easily find the allegations (and texts/emails/documents backing it up)in question by following the timeline to 2018-2019

Can you upload that good document into something other than google docs?
It's sketch

I'm not sure, I don't have editing priviledges, but I assume anyone can download it and open it up with word or make it into a PDF. I'm not positive though.

At the end of the doc, it sums oup every allegation. Kai/Lainey is actually in deeper shit than Onision.

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let me guess, a bunch of underage e-thots sent him porn and/or slept with him, now they're throwing him under the bus for clout years later?
>emotional abuse

literally who and why we should care?

Onision is a sociopathic douchebag... so he'd fit right in here. That being said, he hates channers, anyone that isn't an SJW, Vegetarian or Feminist. Despite this, he has abused countless women. In essence, his hypocrisy makes him notable.Plus, he's clashed with the chans many times. I'm surprised many of you don't know of him.

I think his sjw politics is all a front to get girls. I doubt he believes 90% of the shit that he says.

Real life Eric Cartman

I can't believe this boring and annoying cunt with literally nothing to offer as a youtuber managed to last this long in the first place.

The fuck timeline is this, I remember him being a beta closet emo fag and never had sex with his wife.
Clown world helps people nao ........

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>a beta closet emo fag and never had sex with his wife.
He always had an army of teenage girls ready to fuck his brains out. The problem is, he did fuck some of them, and now that they don't like him anymore, they are going to the police and to Twitter.

Found the redditor. Go back to your safespace you Quinn enabler.

Is anyone else jealous of how handsome he is? My God. How can we judge him? Imagine the poon that would just get thrown at you if you looked like him. He is also incredibly intelligent. His IQ has been tested to be genius-level.

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Onision is like a good TV show that should have finished in the 5th season but instead went on for 20 more and now nobody really gives a shit

Yeah but he's dead inside and he still makes narcissistic emo YouTube videos at the age of 36. Not a very happy life if you want my humble opinion

why are femanons so obsessed with this guy
do you secretly like him?
i don't get it

>ultimate chad

hahaahaa seriously thanks for the laugh op

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Imagine white knighting for someone who is,without a doubt,a sexual predator and vegan.

he's actually quite disgusting looking and his IQ is below average

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nigga looks like chucky

>Onision is like a good TV show that should have finished in the 5th season
Was there a time when Onision was good? Genuinely curious, since he only came to my attention in 2013 when my teenage cousin became a "fangirl" and posted his videos to Facebook constantly, and I thought he was a boring Narcissist even then.

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I'm not a femanon, and I hate the guy... but I can't lie, the drama surrounding his hilarious, so I pay attention to his controversies. This particular controversy may well be his ending, though. I know some of the victims have sent emails with reciepts to Patreon to get his ass taken down.

Most of the people calling for his head are obsessed females, but from what I gather, they are ex-fans who now think he is evil personified. They aren't completely wrong, he is exhibiting the "dark triad".

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