Good Evening, Fellow Robots

Good Evening, Fellow Robots

Tonight I would like to share with you some information regarding the discord trannies which have raiding our board and site for the last several years. A number of different groups have joined and then disbanded since the inception of the trannies starting in 2013, bu tone of the newest and most active groups, the which I will be covering tonight, is known as "The Cute Room", and they are directly responsible for a non-insignificant amount of spam that board has experienced. ITT, I will be covering a short list of their mods, the shills, a large number of trannies that post in their discord, and I will all be covering some of the tactics and methods they use in their overall strategy of shitting up this board with gay bullshit.

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By no means is this list comprehensive, but pic related are the current moderators and shills of this particular group, with the exception of the User called Crusader. To give you some context for the formation of this group, the server began in late August, after which links and thread spamming using stock images and pasta originating from a pink pill pastebin began. The content of that pastebin can be found here. Later, I will post some of the images that they use to make threads and shill on this board and /soc/.

Back to the topic at hand, however, there initiation of the shilling was apparently done by a user called Crusader, wherein he collected some like-minded trannies and gave them a special server role called "pink pilled", which likely gave them ability to see a role-exclusive channel wherein they coordinated the board flooding and spamming. Some of that evidence will be poster later in the thread.

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Link above is the previously referenced pastebin.

Moving on, picture related is, again, not necessarily all comprehensive, but it is worth noting none the less. As you can see, picture related is a list of trannies that have been given roles within the server. When you see someone say that the discord trannies are shitting up the board, look to this list, as there is quite a high chance that it is one of these users who are responsible for posting gay bullshit.

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The following posts will be supporting evidence. Specifically, when the start of the shilling began and when the raiding began in earnest. Pic related is the beginning of the role assignment as established by Crusader.

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lmfao go outside man

Join the 40% orignigi

This is a small collection of the typical tranny avatar they use in their OP and in their subsequent replies in their shilling threads. If you see similar posting style, these particular three words in in close proximity, or images extremely similar to these, you are looking at Trannie Propaganda

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It should be relatively easy to doxx this trannies. Maybe larping as tranny or trannylover and engaging them in private conversations (what's their adress, name, where they live) is a good way to solve the trannyfag problem

Stop spamming my board. Go back to /lgbt/.

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Picture related is Crusader discussing Reiko, who is still unfortunately alive and well. What's amusing is that his "gf" apparently tried to join, meaning he is a trannie fucker. Not surprising, but amusing none the less.

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Imagine actually taking your time to post all of this shit

dont listen to this faggot you're doing god's work , keep exposing these freaks

Here is an example of the sort of person a typical tranny is. They sell themselves for cash and deal in drugs. Not the sort of personalities you want to get involved with.

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Appreciated OP. People should save this information that cannot cope with these invaders.

Don't let a maverick find you in real life.

Imagine being such a shit person that you have to aim directly at the bottom of the barrel to troll people on the Jow Forums.

Sup Cerberus are you still mad that you got muted?

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Yeah outing them as faggots to their family and being disowned will get rid of them.

>tfw no mention of me whatsoever
>friends with everyone on that list
It hurts.

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I always report tranny posts for trolling outside of b.

Good thread, brobot. Mods should sticky this.

We seriously need to do something about this. The janitors dont ever do their jobs

Here will be a list of a good deal of their server members. Obviously some will be missed due to the nature of the online/offline list, but this is a great deal of them. If you have no interest in interacting with trannies or trannie supporters, be sure to delete or block them if you encounter them. The second half of the list will follow shortly.

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Biggest faggot of all origanlio

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Of course we arent going to interact with them. Why would we even use discord? Its for zoomer normalfags

Crusader here i left that shithole of a server as its cancer and i didnt mod it after the fiest few days

Fuck yes I made it
Thanks man
I appreciate ya

First* and also i shilled the server like 3 times and after the admins started to promote cutting and shit i left

That person lives in australia

>tfw on the list
I relevant now.

For years jannies have deleted you telling them off in their own generals. The mods have always hated robots. Why do you think nu male s o y meme is filtered?

Come on now.

It's a jewgle captcha website.

Youre missing a mod called valk

shut up , tranny , go dilate

I don't care for your excuses. You're directly responsible for initiating shilling on Jow Forums. Far as I'm concerned, you can get axe-murdered for fucking up the only place I enjoy.

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>15 X 14 = 210
Worse than I thought to be honest. People always blame 50 or so or even less. No wonder it's so bad. They don't even need to try with that organization's size.

you're cancer and your tranny "community" is cancer , fuck off and stop shitting the board

Tfw don't even post or lurk r9k and still end up on some tards list

Damn dude if this is the only play you enjoy you might as well kill yourself.

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this. before this link got spammed all over said discord i've never touched r9k in my life.

Jow Forums kinda cringe

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>no mention of the worst fucker in the tranny circles, Bahatmaan
Fucking obsessed poo in loo tranny chaser.

Yet here you are. That makes you all the more hated to oldfaggots.

Most did but the ones left alive now want to kill the ones that forced their brothers to the edge you realize. You're all getting marked by a new-age application that doesn't keep your information safe. There's a reason people have always hated discord even BEFORE this tranny shit all over the nice places of the Internet.

discord is owned by the cia

dial 8, faggot. fuck off

i don't care what some oldfag cares about on a board i don't even lurk, let alone post on.

No single tranny is worth a solid shit. Narcissism is why things like Reiko tried to pretend he was in control over that one furry that died. Neither were worth a shit, the furry nor the narcissist(s). You're supposed to be anonymous.

I've browsed Jow Forums from before you were born, zoomer.

>doesnt post on
>posts anyway
I can hear the cogs trying to turn in your dumb tranny brain

Yeah i regret joining that server and shilling it

>the cia exist to keep you safe
>the government wouldn't sell your information
>plz don't kill me
pic related due to your associations

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I just did and it felt really good. Wanna try it?

Good job OP.
If there is any truth to the stories I've heard about these pits of degeneracy, please be careful not to get doxxed.

>be careful not to pay for your blatant invasion of the Jow Forums

They should say their sorry then leave.

Post the User and Profile number and I'll add it to the list. The more that fellow anons are informed of the trannie menace the better

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as i said i got linked here.

lol >>plz don't kill me
i don't give a single shit what anyone from r9k says or does as it stands rn, this is just empty talk on a vietnamese basket weaving forum.

I still have the right to shit on jannies.

I should link you to reddit where you belong. Faggot

What? The only thing OP invaded is the faggot discord, and now he redpills us on their jewish trickery.

Ay ay ser!

they filtered k c u c as well

Of course you don't care. You're shitting on someone else's doorstep, so it stands to reason you don't care. You're not a robot, you're not part of the board. You're a usurper. And yes, I am a fucking loser. I have nothing to live for, really, but also nothing to lose, except this place and my browsing.

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Appreciate the effort but cuteroom is definitely not what you should be concerned about. Not only has there been more /trapan/ shilling, the server is amassing a record of some fucked up things happening. To list some:
1. Arbitrarily banning someone for an accusation of being underaged, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY leaving a gray area around actual cp (pic related), which HAS resulted in there being CP posted on numerous occasions.
2. Mods that don't agree with each other but because they are mods they allow other mods to do what ever the fuck they want to. Case in point, the mod in the picture above posts disgusting pictures of his self harm scars and brags about doing hard drugs, encouraging some pretty fucked up shit for some people who are already mentally ill.
3. General mismanagement. Most of the people I ever see get banned from this server are because they have some form of gripe with who ever has the power to ban someone, and it turns out a certain amount of those with that power are eager and willing to use it. Spammers will get banned maybe, sometimes trolls, but the server doesn't have sound rules and you'll notice it's just a bit like the wild fucking west. Fairly recently all the channels in the server were deleted because a genius of an admin, who's name is purposely not being disclosed, gave everyone the admin privilege.
Cuteroom isn't shit. It feels more dead than anything else these days, this shilling is just an attempt to revive it. /trapan/ though, I would highly reccommend you look into them the next time you make this post. Fucking diabolical.

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Being pinkpilled is the highest stage of robothood my dude. Sorry that you're not a real robot like us.

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I've lurked your server. You post shit about fucking other men for money and have group of orbiters around some hypergamous drugged up trannie, You're 5 times worse than normies in your wanton hedonism and depravity. You're a cult.

I get the feeling all of these servers are connected. That tranny is also on the list I gave above, meaning that the community is pretty insular and close-knit. Apparently they enjoy encouraging people to self harm.

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y am I not in the member list!!

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There's literally nothing wrong with fucking men for money.

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>Being pinkpilled is the highest stage of robothood my dude. Sorry that you're not a real robot like us.
the highest stage if robothood for you would be the leadpill

problem OP? discord thread

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Ranma was straight, not him but you're sick.

You seem really upset about the server bud. Nothing actually happens, you've fallen for a meme 2 years old now.

There is low-key a pedo ring circle jerking each other consisting of mods in this chat too. Caroline is one of the biggest offenders. They enable pedophiles.

If even one person ends up avoiding these faggots, my job will be done. The cocksuckers have ruined this board with their constant shilling, and this is just the first step in the escalation of belligerence on either side.


God's work user, good job

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It's really fucking crazy to see all of those copypastas; NO ONE who posted about trannies in a positive light is not a shill. God damn it, those faggots are gonna try to kill the thread

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he explained what happens
don't worry, you can defeat the sunk cost fallacy by joining the ever increasing 40%, tranny

mfw I see a tranny in person

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None of it happens though. It's all a boogeyman. None of it's real. It's a meme and you've fallen for it.

Aeromatic is such a good person

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isn't that old as shit?
has he killed himself yet?

we see everything, cope more
p.s. you don't pass ,':^)

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3
you know what to do, trannies

well? dial it you fuckin' faggot, DIAL IT
dial EIGHT

Hideous. You don't pass and you won't ever; I recommend joining the ever increasing 40%.

It is I, the frenchiest fry, the Divine God empress of Trapan prepared to answer you questions, my beloved ones.

Oh the years have been so long,
As I dreamed forever ~

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Your autism is admirable yet terrifying. Why spend your time on this? You have some killer detective skills. Become a glownigger user.

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Are you talking about the trannies in the picture? I do agree. Their autism is quite terrifying.


I often sage every fucking thread, but this is the only one that deserve a bump. great thread OP

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Great, holy work is being done. Trannies got to go.

You're super cringe

You wish, meme Lord.

Actually... war. I'm sleepy.

I'm disappointed in myself that I know three people who are in this discord, thank you for shedding light on this situation. You're doing gods work autistic user.

baawahahaha all the anime avatars, every single one. Are trannys NPCs?

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Cool, cool. Can you give us the names and pictures of all nametags and avatarfags on this board? Like pic related iste or whatever tf his name is

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Hab Secks

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what fuck did just happen there

An ugly incel became a cute anime girl! Don't you want it too?


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Dial8 originally

jesus christ cringe