Girl asks me what I think about her and where I see our friendship going

>girl asks me what I think about her and where I see our friendship going
>asks me to be honest
>tell her I see her as a toy I use to sharpen my social skills so when l finally find a girl I actually want I have the experience necessary to woo her
>she stops talking to me


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im hoping you're not larping

>Where is this friendship going
Why are women always doing this shit

Nobody likes being used. That's fucking basic.
If her response to you telling her to her face you're just using her really surprises you your social skills aren't just in need of sharpening, they're practically nonexistent.

This 100 fucking percent

>I see her as a toy I use to sharpen my social skills


a girl asking that question is fucking retarded, shes gambling your entire friendship on a coin flip even with good answers for each

ah yes, the female 'be honest'. also known as the tell me what i want to hear.

this u autist
you really have no social skills if you admitted to this without thinking it would end negatively

you could've just said you weren't interested in dating. it's not exactly the most immoral/harmful thing to talk to someone casually with the intent of honing ur social skills. no need to be a smug sperg about it in ur head.

OP, you'll never get a girl you want because you're just a straight ass and no one will want to put up with your shitty attitude/behaviour. This is why you're on r9k and not out having a normal social life.

all she heard is you see her as a toy, an object you will possess, and you are sharpening your blade waiting for the right opportunity to attack and force her to do things against her will.

don't feel bad, she is probably playing with you as well.
it's a never ending game.

So when I was in HS and worked a part time fast food job there was this guy that would come in near closing and hang around and hang around to talk to me.

I did talk to him some but kept asking him why he kept coming in and he said "to be friends"

Well, I quit the job and got another so I didn't have to close every weekend night. A week later the same guy comes in my new job and started hanging around telling coworkers we were good friends as I hid in the back. He caught me out front days later and was trying to talk to me and was mad I didn't tell him I was going to quit the other job and where I was going since "we are friends". "No" I said, "we've never been friends" and he persisted until the assistant manager had to threaten to call the cops and then the guy sat in his car in the parking lot. I had to call my dad to come pick me up and never went back to work there.

"Friends", guys don't want to be friends, they are just loitering about ready to pounce.

Why are you really hot or something femanon?

fuck of rebbit betas
OP is chad and based

I didn't think so. Just a too thin girl in an oversized fastfood shirt and cap and greasy hair. I was lucky not to have acne and my boobs were kinda big and got attention usually because of those.

They don't want male friends

>"Friends", guys don't want to be friends, they are just loitering about ready to pounce.
I was kind of just ripping on you for this statement. I'd turn that around and say bitches don't want to be friends, they just want validation and errand boys. I've been "friends" with women before but realized no matter if we talked practically every day soon as "out of sight out of mind" I might as well have not existed. Like going from talking everyday, to no contact for awhile after we stopped going to school together, hit them up again and it's like: "Who the fuck are you?" I won't even generalize all women though because I can think of one nice girl I knew who wasn't like that and actually seemed happy that I still existed and had contacted her again after some time.

Why are you working fast food? Are you retarded? Why not retail?

Guys need to understand there is a huge difference between a true friend and an acquaintance

The mall was too far away for retail and when I worked there didn't have a car so my parents took me to a job closer. I hated working fastfood, the smell, puke and got a lot of mean people come in but at least I was working.

so is everyone with a bad attitude single? this is a dead serious question.

Depends on what kind of bad attitude, how well you hide it, what other positive factors you have going for yourself. Look at these mentally ill e-thots. They have no shortage of dick.

>where I see our friendship going
Down the hall to the left right by the metal door and then 2 flights of stairs and fourth door on the right

Jesus, i hope people are not actually that retarded to ask bullshit questions like that.

Well to be honest that is almost exactly like someone asking you how you are going to treat them and you say "Someday I am going to punch you in the face and take whatever money you have in your pockets at the time"

The answer is not "be honest" the answer is "don't treat people in a way you would not want to be treated yourself"

thanks for the non answer.

i'll never actually know.

>so is everyone with a bad attitude single? this is a dead serious question.
No but if you are OP you have crossed the line from "bad attitude" to "really doing something harmful to someone to the extent that any normal well adjusted person would not be your friend anymore if that's what you were going to do to them"

see A bad attitude might be something like going around always thinking negative things will happen or focusing on the negative such as focuing on the flat tire you got last week for a long time vs. looking at all the good things going on in your life (having plenty of food to eat, free time to shitpost, probably other good shit"

that's a bad attitude, it's not your "attitude" is the way you use other people like objects

Cringe. OP would be chad if she still talked to him after saying that because he's that charismatic and hot. OP is just a awkward incel.

OP, if you can contrive it so you are somehow "accidentally" in the same place as this girl, she will no joke immediately suck your dick. IMMEDIATELY. It burns her up inside that you think you're too good for her and the only way she will be able to dull that burning sensation is to drench it with your cum.

If this is true then your social skills still need a LOT of sharpening. Learn what a white lie is you autist