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Late night cuddles edition.

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>tfw southern us boi and bfless
Kind of a bad feel to be quite honest

>tfw smegma user never messaged me

>tfw realized that love doesn't exist
>tfw every guy seems to want a dom daddy and wants to be like a living play toy
>tfw will never find a nerdy bottom who wants a fellow nerdy top to be together with as a wholesome couple

I know you're trying to bait the several nerdy bottoms seeking wholesome love that exist within this thread into replying to you
But it worked, hi user

Not baiting, it's the truth. And it feels bad. Also heya.

R9gay without normalfags when

got drunk on my 19th birthday and hooked up with someone on grindr
he was tested and came in my ass
that was my first time having sex, am i a piece of shit for doing this?
for reference im ugly af and this is my only shot at human attention

did it while very drunk btw so ill see how i feel about it in the mornining
he was very nice about it

Gays wanting relationships are so picky and shallow when it comes to looks that i cant blame you

We can fix both our problems with one solution fren.

>tfw no little brother bf that sleeps in my bed because he had a nightmare

>tfw no big brother bf who takes me with him to the gym to get fit like him

>still no London bf who plays csgo

Oh hey, you responded to me, hi

Hi big brother user, how're you?

>tmw nyo as fat as meow meow bf

Doing pretty good! How about you?

I'm ok big bro, what kind of stuff do you like?

>tfw meow still has not dropped a way to talk to him personally

I like playing vidya and I also like lifting, but ironically. What about you?

>tfw no meow bf to cum inside everyday

Meow has posted meow discord a couple of times

I like vidya, movies, some anime, reading. You sound pretty cool big bro, please post your discord or email

Do it again for me meow I dont have it.

[email protected]
Drop me a line!

Post here please:
Thank you.

>Do it again for me meow I dont have it.
Lio Meowotia#1032

What state
North Alabama here

email sent big bro!

>North Alabama
Cant be true, I'm in Huntsville.

have you ever fingered yourself in a movie theater?

Summer and short pants season are over, should I keep shaving my legs?

i have never in my life been inside of a movie theatre

For me, yes please. Send some legs for me buddy.

who /paleleghair/ here

meeeeeee mine is mostly pale

>tfw no taser bf

>tfw no bf to take to the movies for the first time in his life

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>movie theater
>in almost 2020

based yeet those grandmas yall dumb af it's cinema

W-Where do you live? I want to go on a movietrip.

south of rimdis

Tfw no cutie boi to tuck into bed and we could ask how each others day was and have a little vent sess

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>south of rimdis
Where is that :o?

rimdis ass ;)

>rimdis ass ;)
Aha I see haha so you didn't really want to do the movies :(

probably not even close

Damn sadly not :(

Where are you from, user-friend fuck the robot?

I just got a really nice sweater and oh my gosssh its so cuddly! I love sweaters, you just want to create a clone of yourself to hug you because its so snuggly, I bet when I go into work all the waitresses will be like "God, I wish I could BE him so I could hug myself while wearing that sweater". Its so soft, so warm, so marginaly thicker than a long-sleeved shirt that it almost turns me on. I want to lick this sweater and would do but I just drunk a slushie and don't want to make the white lines on it blue. You seriously do not know how cuddly this thing is, I want to break into one of your houses, into your room and then pin you against a wall and force you to kneel down like my freaking slave, then I'd lift my sweater up and over your head, putting your head between my inside of my sweater and my tummy, you'd nearly die from the softness, a softness employed from multiple sides like the Greek phalanx against foreign opposition. Do you have comfy sweaters anons?

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i'm going to break into your house and steal your sweater while you're sleeping and give you a secret kiss on the cheek so you won't be pure anymore!!

I have a comfy sweater user, I bet yours is not as comfy as mine!

please consult the closest psychiatrist

you can't just say that without posting it

Where's my bf Where's my bf WHERE'S MY BF

over here! now the question is there my bf is

>tfw no late 20's/early 30's bf to take a walk along the beach on a rainy day with

Why is rain so comfy?

last time I got high on edibles it was raining and hearing it made me feel really nice
tfw no stoner bf

oof yikes yikeroonis

cumming in my coffee right now uwu

>tfw fell asleep and forgot to add smegma cock user

I'm still here user, not like I want to talk to you or anything

>tfw no classic wow playing bf


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i forgot to add send your discord to [email protected]

L I T E R A L L Y me. Please be the nerdy top counterpart to me

>tfw no bf to ironically watch all of the MCU movies with

N-no!!! Don't steal my precious newfound life-source!! Also I sleep with the duvet covering my face when I'm not like pic related because I love being enveloped in the softness, try kissing my now!!

No, mine is the ultimate source of comfyness, even the colours of comfy and look like something you'd see a cute bishi white-haired anime character wear.


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Fuck off, zoomer normalcunt.

lets go cutie

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i'm not a cutie
you're a cutie ;)

are you depressed?
talk to me, i'll make you feel even worse :D

You sound super cute, the best thing about the fall is all of the cute clothes like flannel and big sweaters

I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but where did the other cuteboys all migrate too after the 8ch debacle? I miss being a /cuteboys/ ethot

>tfw no boring coomer bf that only looks forward to cuddling and comfy lewd times
it hurts

why wont you be a thot here?

>tfw no bf to waterboard with piss

user! why would you torture them?? why not just let me happily drink your piss?

because you're not my bf and only he will get to drink it if he wants to

well, may I please be your piss drinking bf?

it depends where you are pissboy :3

I'm in Aus user, you?

australia or austria? sadly either way, unreasonably far away

Australia. Thats a shame user, hopefully you find a piss drinking bf

>tfw no hairy skinnyfat upstate NY bf

>tfw no hairy skinny Euro bf

>tfw no hairy chubby euro bf

>Tfw no northeast Ohio cutie to snug and play Switch games with

I need to get out of this state, brehs

>tfw in Australia
>Tfw this subby slut doesn't have his throat wrapped around you while you relieve yourself
y liv

live to drive over to him
australia has like 3 cities, so you're probably not too far away

I'm near buffalo so northeast Ohio isn't *that* far not sure if I'm a cutie though

and I'm in the sw near cinci, shame.

You guys should care more about being handsome than being cute

i'm neither, so i don't really have to worry
lucky me

>tfw no Aus dom who pisses in my mouth

90 percent of us are bottoms, handsomeness is for tops and straighties

I happen to love a cute top. So don't throw away cute.

>>tfw no Aus dom who pisses in my mouth
Heh, so far everyone who's spoken to me like this has liked the idea of it more than the reality. Most 'subs' tned to get pretty damn shy when they're on their knees confronted with being pissluts.

yeah well I'm different user, I'm actually sub.
>tfw no bf who wakes you up by pissing on you